My Akashic Journey

I began reading my own Akashic Records in January of 2010. Once I became comfortable with the records, I began reading them for close friends. Over the years, I have witnessed how these readings have helped change my friends and myself for the better. On this page, I will share some of our story, to show others who are curious how the records can help them better connect in a world that was once so separated, but is now finding its way back toward the light and unity consciousness.

What ARE the Akashic Records?

I first learned the term Akashic Record in 2006, when I began studying crystal healing. The term kept appearing in the properties of various crystals to which I found myself attracted. So, in 2008, when a friend asked me about the Akashic Records, I knew what they were, but I didn’t know how to access them, or why, exactly, I would want to. Shortly after she mentioned the Akashic Records, I began having dreams of my mother (who had crossed into the spirit world in February 2007) traveling with me through tunnels, down long corridors, through watery channels and long stretches of open highway. Eventually we ended up crossing a glass skywalk into a large, open glass room where the clear walls were actually enormous screens filled with the stars of the night sky that read as data. And she spoke for the first time in ALL of these traveling dreams. She said: “THESE are the Akashic Records.” I figured this was my cue to figure out a way to access my personal records, but I didn’t really get serious until the summer of 2009 when my niece handed me a Sounds True catalog and said, “I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling I’m supposed to give this to you.” I immediately flipped through the catalog and found Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records. It was then that I knew this was my spiritual calling.

Before I begin sharing my journey through my Akashic Records, I thought it may be helpful to first explain what they are in the very simplest of terms.

What they are

Maybe it’s best to start with what the Akashic Records are NOT. First, there is no physical place that holds these records. It’s a lot like cyberspace. There’s all this information floating around in cyberspace, but there is no physical place to find it. The only difference is that the records are not kept in online databases. I can’t even tell you where they’re kept. That’s, apparently, spiritually classified information.

In all seriousness, the records are most likely kept with your higher self. (That would be, basically, your “true self,” also known as the light being that you are outside of your physical body, which some folks may refer to as your “soul.”)

So, in the quickest summary possible, the Akashic Records are the archives of every individual soul and every thought, emotion, action, interaction and experience of every physical life of that soul. The Lords of the Akashic Records and your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) are there to help guide you from where they reside. Think of them as your personal Yodas, young Skywalker.

How to access the records

Personally, I use the Pathway Prayer that is provided in the book How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. However, I have read that we are bumping into our records all the time. Especially in our dreams. This is why we have those “deja vu” moments. Usually, we’ve had a precognition dream (accessed from our records) that has shown us a quick preview of those mind-blowing moments where we swear this has happened before, but it hasn’t. Sound familiar? I’m sure there are other ways to access the Akashic Records, as well, since more and more books and guides are becoming readily available as the levels of consciousness for everyone on the planet are rapidly rising. So, the choice is yours. Howe’s method works wonderfully for me, so I have not tried any other way.

How you know you’re “in”

The first time you open your records, it is recommended you just sit and feel the energy around you. You will notice a subtle, but definite change. For me, it’s like being in a lightly pressurized cabin. Not at all uncomfortable, but definitely noticeable. The first time I opened my personal records, I noticed  a vibration that felt something like a deep fog horn sounds, if that makes any sense. It was a gentle, slow, soothing vibration. I felt like I was being swaddled by the most loving, caring beings in the world. You may also notice colors or a light show, similar to the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) while you’re in your records. The communication you receive at first may be by feeling only. Or, if your MTLOs are especially eager to talk to you, (as I have witnessed on more than one occasion while in the records of others) they may speak to you right away. I’ve found, with the records of others, that my timid clients have records that are slow to open and super gentle loved ones come forward. My clients who are excited are often greeted by lively loved ones. I’ve even had to wait while three of them had to come to an agreement on who would speak first, while a fourth tried to skip process and bust on through.

The rules

Though it’s not a game, accessing the Akashic Records does come with a set of rules. For example, records for anyone under the age of 18 may not be accessed. By anyone. There are also rules about what kinds of questions you can ask. For example, “should I,” “when” and yes/no questions are not allowed. That is not to say that recommendations won’t be made, dates won’t be given or that a yes/no question won’t be addressed within the context of the answer of another question that is properly posed according to the rules. I have heard from others and read on blog sites that questions about the future are also prohibited, but this has not stopped me from asking my MTLOs what I can expect from time to time. Or sometimes they just tell me what I can expect, even if I have not asked. It is, however, important to always remember how free will plays a part, moment by moment, and can change everything. This is why it’s important to keep checking in with your MTLOs.

The proper formatting for your questions should begin with one of the following words: why, how, what, where, who, or which.

Although the possibilities are endless (and it is best to provide some detailed background as to why you are asking in order to get more specific answers) here are some samples of how to format questions for an Akashic Reading (they don’t have to exactly match these; they are just generalizations):

Why do I feel like I can’t move forward/onward?
How can I heal this situation?
What is the lesson I need to learn from this?
Where can I find my soul group mates here on Earth?
Who can I count on most to help me with this project? (Provide names and DOBs of possible people you are contemplating, otherwise answers may be general.)
Which healing modalities are best for me to learn/practice? (Provide your interests/options and state whether it’s to heal yourself or others.)

What the records can do for us

The Akashic Records can answer a variety of questions for us, that is true. Questions about past lives or current issues. Whatever causes you the most struggle or strife. Many feel that having these questions answered by their MTLOs has literally changed their lives. It is true that the Akashic Records can bring us great peace. They can also help us remember who we are, why we chose to be here, who we’re in soul contracts with and for what reason, and what we incarnated to accomplish in this life. Our records can offer us comfort and boost confidence and even bring immeasurable amounts of peace to our lives.

If you have any more questions about the Akashic Records, please feel free to ask them below, or send an email to: I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

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Chapter Seven: Timeline Whores of the Multiverse

Chapter Eight: Multiple Timelines and Simultaneous Lives, Oh My!


51 thoughts on “My Akashic Journey

    • Thank you for your wonderful site. I also like the Linda Howe method. How is accessing the askashic records different from channeling? Thank you

      • Hi Shelley. Good question! The Akashic Records are held in 6D vibration. Saying the Pathway Prayer to access them moves you into this 6D vibration. How you experience the records may be through vision, clairsentience (feeling) or clairaudience (hearing) or any combination of these, which is similar to channeling, but with a guaranteed 6D vibration. Most channels don’t bother to move into this protective vibration before channeling, leaving themselves open to 4D beings who are not always benevolent beings or beings of light. Hope this helps answer your question! Your own Akashic Records are located in your high-heart chakra, so if you are wanting to look within or connect with your higher self and access your records, they’re already encoded into your chakra system. Hope this helps answer your question. 🙂

  1. Hi Jen – New to your writing. Navigated over here after reading a message by Peter on the Steve Beckow site: 2012 Scenario. Question for you: what / who are MTLOs? Thanks!

  2. Hi
    I was shown a ‘scroll’ that was imprinted with DNA strands whilst on pill, by my deceased father. It wasn’t until speaking to a close spritual friend that I learned that it could off been my Akashic Records, my friend also told me the importance of these records and how fortunate I am to see mine without meditation or any information.
    I would just like to know why this was shown to me, and what it means? It has greatly changed my way of thinking as I believed I had a brief insight to every connection ever made by every human being that has ever existed.
    Does anyone have any insight or ideas as to a possible reason for my father to show me this?


    • Thank you for compiling all of this lovely information! I am currently 54 and been reading everything I could find for the past thirty years. I do have my own gifts but do not know the answer to the question I wish to ask. Almost four years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and told I would not live another year and yet it has been over 3 1/2 years and I am still going strong. I refused any treatment. My question is this: I believe we are here to learn lessons and that I haven’t learned all that I was supposed to in this life. I can not figure out why I am still here or why. Can you give me some ideas or guide me in the proper direction? I would appreciate any guidance so much.

  3. I just read your journey.
    When I read it I recognized myself in so many situations, feelings, questions etc.(except the chapter with Sarah:).I could feel exactly what you felt that times. Somehow strange or not? I am so amazed and so greatefull to you that you wrote and you had the courage to share this.
    Some days ago I didn’t know anything about akashic records.
    Thank you.

  4. Jen,

    I’m impressed! At first I was a bit skeptical (and nervous), but there were too many things that were spot on to be a coincidence. Thank you so much. I will definitely return with more questions, when the right time comes.

  5. This was an excellent read and has given me a good insight to a recent experience. I had went into a meditative state about 3 weeks ago that actually winded up lasting 3 days at an art festival. Thank god I had good friends with me that kept forcing me to drink/eat while I was out. It began by me tuning into these frequencies, and wanting to travel back to the beginning of it all out of curiosity. The frequencies would come and I would feel myself tuning in so deep it felt as if I was vibrating. I was seeing intricate symbols and colors with each frequency. It began with this dualistic vibe almost like I knew this story of how the two sides were in love but I forgot. Then I opened my eyes and seen a woman sitting in a body of water staring at me as she was washing a baby that had just been born, she almost wanted to show me how to do it. She looked indigenous and very familiar. Then things got creepy. As soon as I layed back down to think about what I just saw I was in the arms of a woman looking at me, and below us was a lake of fire and she wanted to feed me to this lochness/dragon type being that was in the lake of fire. It scared me so badly that I snapped myself right back into my nice vibrational meditation state. Then as soon as I was comfortable again I felt as if I was being spoken to by family members but when I opened my eyes they were beings with big indigo eyes living in bliss, speaking in these strange tongues (alot of ‘brrr’ and ‘blrrrp’ noises and doing that native American thing with their hand and mouth, lol). They were chanting in harmony and had a bluish purple color skin. It was this literal web of energy and information that these beings lived in.. The one being told me that I had to let go of and stop returning back to the earth and its comforts after this life..that they want me to come home and have been waiting many lives. It was almost like they wanted me to stay then and there, and I wanted to but my mind quickly thought of my boyfriend and my mother and brothers and all that I haven’t accomplished yet (I’m only 23 years old) and just as that thought came into my mind I was basically kicked out of that blissful realm. As I drifted out if that realm the being tild me that I need to spread truth. After this I guess I stayed asleep for two days and just had an overwhelming amount of information come to me during those days which is too much to type. It has been very hard for me to feel grounded because I have never ever had any experience like that in my life (I barely have the quiet mind or focus to succeed at meditation lol, although I am spiritual). The very few people that I have spoken to about this think I am batshit crazy, even though it happened and was very very real, I remember small details. I have somehow stumbled upon this website and it seems so relevant to what happened to me. If you are able to help me in any way I would be eternally grateful ❤

  6. I have once meditated (my thoughts upon whom is God) & found myself face to face with an immense being of light whom was wearing a suit of gold armor & whom told me telepathically “I’m your father & I love you”. Any thoughts ?

  7. I have just ordered a Reading.
    I am looking forward to receiving it finding out who is in my Soul Group
    in love light and blessings

    Heidi X

  8. I always see myself on huge bodies of water swimming and sometimes flying on air.I also know that I am usually not alone because I always sense some beings around me when I presumably am alone. I have had this romance with spirituality since I was very young.I would love to read my akashic records either by myself or by someone else.Thanks.

  9. Hello wonderful article
    I have recently read “your key to the akashic records” by Jiayuh Chyan and have been doing her exercises to access my records but i dont know if im in my records or not when i try I see nothing but black then a dot of light appears but looks to be far away then another one beside it. Can you help? Do you think Ive entered and these dots are light beings and that I just need more practice to get closer to them or is it just tricks of the eye/mind
    Thanks for any info you can give me.

  10. What a fabulous read and thank you So Much 😊 I’m composing my questions and might take a couple of days as want to ask the right ones!! Sending much love ❤️ Sammy X

    • I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. Edgar Cayce didn’t work in a lawsuit happy society. There’s no need for you to attack me on this issue. It’s for the protection of all involved.

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