Learn to Access the Akashic Records

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Learning to access the Akashic Records — for yourself or others — is a powerful way to add depth to any healing modality service you already offer. It’s also a great way to level up your intuitive skills in the secure zone of 6D (the Dimension of Innocence and Truth) vibration. Once you learn to access the records, you will be in communication with loving Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who offer great wisdom and assistance for all of your healing and information needs.

Jen is currently offering private, one-on-one, live 90-minute video sessions in which you will learn to access your personal Akashic Records (Session 1) and, if you choose to continue, the Akashic Records of others (Session 2).

Session 1 | 90 Minutes – $150 | Accessing your personal Akashic Records

This 90-minute session introduces you to the Akashic Records and provides you with the Access Incantation you will need to open your own personal records. We will access your records together during this session, and you will begin to experience the feeling of the vibrational shift that happens once you open your records. You will learn the correct format for asking questions that will help you know and understand your soul’s purpose in greater detail than ever before, and you will also have access to the eternal wisdom your soul has collected through many lives lived. Your personal Akashic Records are yours – they belong to you, and you have every right to access them.

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Session 2 | 90 Minutes – $150 | Accessing the Akashic Records for others

Session 2 provides you with the Access Incantation you will need to access the records for others, and all of the guidelines and formalities you need to be aware of when accessing records for others (including pets, properties, etc.). We will practice opening the records for someone of your choice (which will require their permission if the person or pet is currently living), and we will also discuss how becoming an Akashic Reader for others empowers you with healing abilities. Wisdom is power!

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Live learning sessions are available Monday – Friday with start times between 9 am – 12 pm Eastern via Google Meet. Appointments are made in order of payments received. Further details about your session will be communicated via email after advance payment is received. 

For more information, contact Jen at akashicfreerspirit@gmail.com