As a spiritual consultant and professional writer, Jen serves humanity as an Akashic Records Reader and spiritual teacher. Jen offers personal Akashic Readings and 1:1 virtual learning sessions in which she teaches individuals to access their personal records and to read the Akashic Records for others.

She also channels her 12D Pleiadian Ascended Master higher-self Scarborough who delivers Pleiadian Messages from Jen’s Akashic Team and The Pleiadian Ring of 500, The Pleiadian Council of Light and The Galactic Alliance.

Jen’s 9D oversoul is known to humanity as Master Sarah, the master of Collective Unity Consciousness. Master Sarah’s channeled messages are titled Being Sarah.

Brighid, Celtic Goddess of healing, poetry and smith craft, is Jen’s 4D oversoul.

You can also read Jen’s personal account of her spiritual journey and how she accessed her own Akashic Records for assistance through some of her toughest times and darkest struggles by reading blog posts on this site titled My Akashic Journey. These chronicles illustrate how you can ask questions within your records to understand your soul purpose and soul contracts, and even heal situations between yourself and soul group mates on your personal soul journey.

About the Pleiadian Ring of 500

The Pleiadian Ring of 500 is a group of 500 light beings (250 pairs of twin-flame soulmates) who formed a soul group that volunteered to incarnate in multiplicity as human beings within the Earth Matrix. Their primary mission is to share their great wisdom and knowledge to help raise planetary vibrations. Their most dedicated purpose is to assist humanity with the various shifts and expansion in consciousness and the ascension process.

Some of these light beings are currently incarnated on the Earth plane (Jen is one of these incarnate souls, and has several other soulmates from this ring who are currently incarnate.) Some of the ring members are currently light beings or they are multidimensional beings, like Peter, who serves as an affiliate for the Pleiadian Council of Light and The Galactic Alliance.

There are many other Pleiadian Rings out there that intersect with The Pleiadian Ring of 500 to assist with soul-group missions and soul evolution. The Ring of 500 is primarily made up of teacher and artist soul types who have incarnated many times on Earth. They are a loving bunch who wish to help the human race ascend into higher vibration and consciousness.

Quick Links to My Akashic Journey Chapters

Chapter One: Seeking Truth

Chapter Two: The Family Feud

Chapter Three: Reversing the Curse

Chapter Four: One Powerful Connection

Chapter Five: Kicking and Screaming

Chapter Six: The Unexpected One

Chapter Seven: Timeline Whores of the Multiverse

Chapter Eight: Multiple Timelines and Simultaneous Lives, Oh My!

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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    Thanks for your great blog. I started to learn how to read the Akashic Records using Linda’s method and it’s great, inspiring and motivating to read about other people’s experiences working with them.

    I have a question about reading the Akashic Records for objects and documents. Linda ‘s book ‘How to read the Akashic Records’ provides the Pathway Prayer for myself and other people but I have not yet come across a version of the Prayer for inanimate objects. As my work (I draft economic policy to help industry for a number of decision makers) involves reading various policy documents to inform my writing and help me form opinions about various subjects, it occured to me that I can read these documents while my Records/the Records for these documents are open for better insight and ideas on what to write in my policy advice.

    How would you advise I do this?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Hello, Gordon. Sounds like you are doing it right! Open your personal records and ask for your higher self and Akashic Team to assist you with the objects and documents, which are most likely in the general hall of records. That’s my best advice. Thank you for your readership. Cheers!

  2. Happy to have come across your twin flame article and debunking myths. I’ve worked hard but my twin has not so I always wondered what happens in this case. You provided some clarity.

  3. Gentilissimma spirit sono Sabrina e ti scrivo dall’italia Ho letto il tuo ultimo messaggio o meglio quello di peter il tutto è successo ma ti volevo chiedere una cosa dal web mi possono conttattare? questa è l’unica domanda che in questo momento vorrei farti
    grazie Sabrina

    • Ciao, Sabrina!

      Tutto quello che dovete fare per accedere al Web dell’Unità / Coscienza Collettiva è quello di entrare in uno stato di rilassamento e chiedere Peter visualizzare il simbolo che è necessario per ottenere l’accesso. Poi, quando si è pronti (cuore centrato e in alta vibrazione) semplicemente immaginare il simbolo Pietro vi ha mostrato, e si dovrebbe essere in grado di ottenere l’accesso. Simbolo di accesso di ognuno è diversa per motivi di sicurezza. E ‘stato codificato nel vostro DNA dal vostro sé superiore.

      Buona fortuna a te, e più brillanti benedizioni!


  4. Così sopra così sotto è quello che ho intuito dal simbolo ricevuto stamattina leggendo il messaggio urgente di Peter , Io mi chiamo Sabrina e scrivo dall’italia vorrei cortesemente sapere se la mia intuizione è giusta il simbolo l’ho visto anche se avevo gli occhi aperti l’ho visto con la mia mente potete per favore aiutarmi ha capire meglio?
    grazie Sabrina

    • Ciao, Sabrina!

      Sono così felice che si è collegato con Peter. Mi ha spiegato che ogni individuo starseed riceverà un simbolo diverso (per motivi di sicurezza) che è stato codificato nel loro DNA dal loro sé superiore. Andare avanti e dare il vostro simbolo una prova e vedere se siete in grado di connettersi! In caso contrario, chiedere Peter di nuovo, e forse vi mostrerà lo stesso simbolo o uno diverso questa volta. Utilizzare qualunque quella che ti dà, ma, proprio come con internet, mantenere il simbolo del passaggio privato, in quanto è solo per uso personale. 🙂

  5. HELLO, I’m Tracey from England , I wonder if you have any ideas about the following …
    My partner and his son have both experienced a flame of light bouncing Up and down next to the bed during the night . It makes a slow bouncing sound and it moves around the room . As its Christmas the camera has been out and we noticed an orb but I cannot think what this flickering bouncing flame is doing ??? Any ideas or links would be great xx

    • Hi, Tracey. The very first thing that came to me is that it is Arch Angel Zadkiel and his violet flame. I don’t know that this is true, but it was the first and most confident thing I felt about it. AAZ is the angel of joy and happiness.

  6. Hi Jen,

    I am inspired by the messages. I had a question, because I want to help people be informed, but feel they will shut me out if I say Pledian. I have good intentions, and have tried to make a group dedicated to changing the current financial system. I am not trying to make their words my own, but wanted to know how you felt. I will shut down the group and rename it if that is what you wish. Thanks!

  7. I am so happy to read about your talents and whee your mind is at. Im a 25 year old male and I can tell you I believe in everythimg ypu say because i believe in everything you’ve posted. I think i too am of pleiadian connection. My family is from El Salvador, and i was born in NJ. This year with the solar storm and changes, I have changed as well. Ive become very intelligent very fast, my memory is insane, and my vocabulary has evolved. I cant explain or know why its happened to me, but ive connected with many people that have gone through these same changes. I hope to speak to you or write to maybe see if you know of something of me. My name is Victor A. CRUZ, BORN JAN 3 1986. MY FATHER DECEASED NOW WAS BORN JUNE 3 1960, MY MOTHER MARIA OCT 3 1960. CONNECTION? I THINK SO. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. I SUBMITTED MY EMAIL, SO YOU SHOULD HAVE IT. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SIS. 🙂

    Ps: i left NJ on March 30th. I disconnected from all negativities of my life and am traveling the world as we speak. Money will never control me as i know and am very skilled in everything. I hope you can help me find my purpose. I dont know where i am going or where i am headed, but i let my spirit and soul guide me. I have traveled through the midwest, north, northeasr, west coast and by myself through the mountains and waters. I have seen spaceships allover. I hope they come quickly, becuz the government has prepared for intergalatic war. I have video proof from everywhere. Hope to speak to you soon.

    • Hi Victor! I believe you to be Pleiadian, my brother. As a Pleiadian, your purpose is to share your love and light with others to help raise vibrations and take care of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Share your video footage far and wide. Post here any links to your uploads on the Web. Love, light and blessings to you, my brother!

      • Thank you so much. Love back to you and I’ve been waiting patiently for your response as I know your a busy person. How can I experience knowledge like how you did? How can I contact my own ” instructors”? I would love more info on this and how to go on my own Akashic Journey? Please let me know.

  8. Hi Jen- I commented on your “My Akashic Journey” page early this morning. I got an email back asking for my confirmation to follow you. Going through the steps I received the following message”There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” and Windows advised me not to continue. Just letting you know.

  9. Hi Jen,

    I just “stumbled” on to your site. I’ve been following various sites concerning acension (Andromeda Council and others) and the shift. You seem to be a real spirit-worker. I’ve always had a small sense within myself that “there must be more to it than I can see”. Life starting and ending as describes sounds way to easy for me. I guess 911 was a bit of a wake up for me when thinking of it today. Cause the way the twin tower came down, the minor debri at pentagon and the airlainer that crashed into the ground with almost only a trace in ground and not much debri either! It was just so hard to imagine someone doing stuff like that and against there fellow countrymen???!!!

    Then I think there is a reason for everything. At the moment I’m working on Astral Projection which is soo exsiting!! I’m asking for help by my guides as well. For the last two days I’ve been boosted with energy allthough sleeping less than normal? So there are things happening underneath the surface and around us.

    Greetings, and love and light from Sweden with no Icebars on the streets.. ;o)

  10. I am Peter, your star brother from the Pleiadian Ring of 500. http://www.freerspirit.com Jen
    Hello Jen Freer,
    It is very exciting to go up and down through you Site Web.
    I read your channeled message from the Pleiadian ring of 500.
    I do not know if PETER can explain us more about the pleiadian ring of 500.

    I’m Siegfried.

    • Hi Siegfried!

      The Pleiadian Ring of 500 is a group of 500 light beings (250 pairs of twin-flame soul mates) who are of Pleiadian origin. Over 700 years ago these light beings came together and formed a ring (or soul group, if you will) that volunteered to incarnate as human beings on Earth with the mission to apply their great wisdom and knowledge to help raise vibrations on the planet and assist with the various shifts in consciousness. Some of us are currently incarnate on Earth (I am one of these incarnate souls, and I have several other soul mates from this ring who are currently incarnate.) Some of our ring members are currently light beings or they are multidimensional beings, like Peter, who serves as an affiliate for the Pleiadian Council of Light, The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command. There are many other Pleiadian Rings out there that intersect with our ring to assist with soul-group missions on Earth and soul evolvement, as well. The Ring of 500 is primarily made up of teacher and artist soul types who have incarnated many times on Earth over the past 700 years. They are a loving bunch who wish to help the human race ascend along with the planet.

  11. Finally someone with a sense of humor and truth! You are very refreshing and just what I needed. Thank you so much.

  12. hahaha! I just left a very long (well written…. IMO!) comment on your “go time” channelling- all about how much I resonated with Peter’s message, and the fact that Us lightworkers seem to have a serious problem with getting side tracked with arguments about who’s right and who’s wrong, who’s channelling whom, ….. yadda yadda. It really was quite a well informed and eloquent comment….. but My computer ate it and , well, I just don’t have it in me to try to summon my inner Shakespeare again :>) Suffice to say I really enjoyed reading Peter’s words and we’ll leave it at that, lol. I did have a question I wanted to ask- in private if possible?
    Much light to you!

  13. WOW! one of the best channeled messages I’ve ever read! (via american kabuki) thank you Jan, than you Peter and the Pleiadeians! I am so grateful and happy to have found you! Love, light, peanut butter and blessings! Valerie Gilbert, NYC

  14. Hey Jen
    I found one of your posts on Facebook today, can’t even remember now where.. but I just want to say that I love what Peter has to say, I think its great that he is so direct. I’ve posted both messages on my blog and shared them on FB. You’re a talented writer, and I’ve read everything on your blog.. I’m getting the courage together to schedule an Akashic reading with you…(soon).

    Life sometimes sucks in this crappy dimension, and I’ve just been kicked in the provebial ‘balls’ again, but Peters message today helped me to remember once again that I signed up for this because I am one of the strongest and bravest souls. And for that rememberance I am deeply grateful.

    I want to say also that 2012 is requiring truck loads of TRUST, that we will not only make it but come out flying at the other end. I intuitively know that you and your twin flame will be together soon. Trust that.

    Love & Light


    • Debbie,

      Thanks so much for your intuitive message! Fingers crossed!

      Thank you, also, for reading everything I’ve posted and the compliments. Very much appreciated!

      I will be very happy to read your Akashic Records when you are ready. (It took me a full month to work up the courage to read my own, so I understand your hesitance.)

      Also, thank you so much for posting both of Peter’s messages on your blog and FB. There is lots more to come, so stay tuned!

      Love & Light!


  15. Hi Jen,

    I am a new comer to your site, I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and promising to hear the message from Peter. I have been on fast track on my spiritual journey because” I can feel coming in the air”. So I have been open to all the readings and books that resonates with me. This really hits the high notes for me. I am currently on FB on a page called Daliy Sisterhood. Which a tour-d-force of women from all over the world come together to lift, edify and stand by each other. I go there daily for spiritual nourishment and socialize with like minded women. So the reason why I said all of that is to tell you this LOL… I am witnessing so many awaken people to these heart opened ways. It is so uplifting even as we watch it all coming crashing down our feet, knowing all along that the new world is so close. Just a heart beat away. Blessings!!! Kimberley

    • Hi Kimberley!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! So glad to hear you are witnessing so many awakenings! Definitely an awesome time we’re living in — among the strongest of the strong!

      Next time you’re on FB, cruise on over to the FreerSpirit Akashic Readings page and give it a LIKE! 111th LIKER gets a free Akashic reading in March! And feel free to share the link to your sisterhood group’s FB page on my wall. I’m sure many others will be interested!

      Love and light,


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