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Welcome to FreerSpiritAkashic Soul Readings.

You’re invited to know your truth!

Your personal Akashic Records are the archives of your soul, and they include details of every physical life that your soul has lived, is currently living, and will live. The keepers of your personal Akashic Records are your higher-self and your Akashic Team which is made up of Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Together, they are energetically and consciously available to help guide you through thick and thin. Think of them as your personal Yodas, young Skywalker.

Access to the Akashic Records is available to anyone with the time, patience and, above all, TRUST to learn the process. Jen has been accessing the Akashic Records since 2010. First for herself, then friends and family, and now, for truth seekers world wide, Jen has conducted over 1500 Professional Akashic Records Readings.

The difference between an Akashic Reading and a psychic reading is vibration. Most psychic mediums are operating from a 4D vibration and state of consciousness. A 4D consciousness is awareness of spirit, where there is still fear and trickery. The Akashic Records take you higher, into the sixth dimension of innocence and truth, where the Akashic Records are archived. The vibration is that of pure unconditional love, trust, honesty and truth. Much healing can be acquired through the information the Akashic Records can shed light upon for you and your loved ones.

What the records can do for us

The Akashic Records can answer a variety of questions for us, that is true. Questions about past lives or current issues, or whatever causes you the most struggle and strife. Many feel that having these questions answered by their Akashic Team has literally changed their lives. It is true that the Akashic Records can bring us great peace and healing. They can also help us remember who we are, why we chose to be here, who we’re in soul contracts with and for what reasons, and what we incarnated to accomplish in this life. Our records can offer us comfort, boost confidence and bring immeasurable amounts of peace to our lives.

Are you ready to know your truth?

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55 thoughts on “Akashic Records Soul Readings

  1. Wow where do I even start ? I believe it’s been 3+ years since I started getting readings from Jen. Jen has become more than just a spiritual guide to me or someone that has the ability to access my records. Jen has become a trusted member of the team of people I care about most in this life.

    With that being said I highly recommend working with Jen. I will admit I did not know much about Akashic records and Jen was recommended by a lady who’s name I cannot even remember who was no longer doing readings as she had just written a book (?) if my memory serves me correctly.

    Jen has shared many important facts from my Akashic team, is generally very supportive of my sometimes bizarre questions and has helped me clear a space that I moved into that was having a load of activity going on. I can say that this is ongoing and Jen has been here every step of the way to help me. I would recommend Jen to anyone interested in learning more about Akashic readings / and just in general. I feel grateful to have Jen in my life and I hope she is able to bring peace to others as well.

  2. I have had 8 (or more?) Readings with Jen, and have recommended her to several family members and friends. All of us are blown away with the answers she provides us and are forever grateful for her ability to connect us to our respective Teams. She has given us insight on many, many situations which have been life-altering and left us in awe. I would never bother to consider going to another AR reader, because I can’t even imagine anyone being more reliable than Jen.


    • Hi my name is Catherine Patrick and I’m sick in your help I’m being community gangstalk with the help of the policeman and the ambulance and we are being threatened everyday but today is the worst one if you contact me by my email thank you very much hope you can help us Catherine Patrick

  3. Hello!
    I wanted to leave a comment because, well I see that their isn’t one that of this year (2016)!
    The best way to describe Jen’s reading is delightful, peaceful, honest, and very loving. At first I was very hesitant to have a reading done, but the better half of me told me “don’t be silly, at least try” so I said “what then hell not?”. At first you really don’t know what to ask, then when you have your first reading you feel like “that’s it? No, I want to know more!” Once you do then you get to the heart of what you truly want to know. Funny enough I come across Jen’s websit because of twin flames and I found myself asking about my twin flame all the time….poor Jen! I would recommend Jen for Akashic reading to anyone really! But for those who wish to know more about the self on a deeper level, more then the human body your wear, have Jen read your Akashic Records, and get to know the REAL you. Then one that loves you as you are and the one who is deeply great full that you are here (on earth).

    With much love

  4. I just wanted to say Jenyou are AMAZING!!! My reading revealed or better yet confirmed everything I thought was happening even though I was in denial about everything. I was so pleased with my first reading that I instantly requested another. The readings are on point and if you ask specific questions and why you’ll get great answers and results! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY NEXT READING!!!

  5. Jen is absolutely a gem that I am so blessed to have found. She is a pleasure to work with and her readings are so empowering and brings so much clarity. I am so happy to know Jen and work that she does is so inspiring! She has helped me beyond measure and she continues to help people through sharing her gift. If you are ever in need for direction or some clarity and guidance I warmly suggest Jen, she will help u as she has help me again and again. I will always cherish our friendship. Thank you, Jen!

  6. I am incredibly grateful to have found Jen. I’ve had two readings so far, and my brother has had one. Each time, we were completely blown away. They were incredibly meaningful, loving, and provided wonderful insight and encouragement. In my case, the reading set me on an entirely new path I hadn’t considered before. Life changing. I look forward to working with Jen in the future! Thank you Jen!

  7. Dear Jen and Donna..

    I hope you both see this. There is no “reply” button after your comments so I can’t answer you individually..and unfortunately, my initial comment to you, Donna, has “vanished”. I am so sorry. 😦 I don’t know what happened. I think, as Jen told me, it’s an issue with WordPress.

    Anyway, I had written several paragraphs to you, but I’m at work on a lunch break and my time is very limited as far as attempting to reiterate what I had asked.  I just needed clarification over how I’m “allowed” to ask questions. I don’t want to do anything “wrong”.

    Per your kind request, Jen, I will just send my questions to you and you let me know if they’re ok.

    Thank you so much to you both. I appreciate it, and I hope you see this.

    • Hi, Jo. I also noticed the reply button was missing on some comments. Not sure why that is. I will look into it with WordPress. Anyway, yes, do send your questions, and I will assist you.



  8. Thanks for your follow up, Jo. Some things just happen for reasons unknown… Perhaps to increase curiosity, awareness, trust , or all 3. I am confident you will find your way,and do what is right for you when the time comes.

  9. Jo,
    I have felt lost, confused, and defeated at certain times of my life as you do now, where nothing seems to help. The hopelessness is agonizing, and the fear of life never improving is paralyzing. Everyone’s journey is different, however, so you will find what works for you, if you can relinquish your fear enough to take the first step.That is part of this glorious process here on planet earth. We all want answers to our deepest and most heartfelt questions, sometimes fearing the answers. It has been my experience that Spirit provides what we need to know when we need to know it. All we need to do is ask.

    It is fear that keeps us stuck, and courage which propels us forward. Have I had a life of complete joy since my reading? No. Life is a constant challenge, with successes and failures, but my reading provided insight, hope, and compassion for my journey from beautiful Akashic Beings who have nothing but my best interests at heart. Love yourself enough to give yourself a break. Realize that you are more powerful than you know… you have just forgotten.

    I hope this has helped some.

    • Hi, Carol…

      I got your response and posted a reply but it never came up. I have no idea why it didn’t go through. I know comments are moderated, but I didn’t say anything that should have prompted Jen not to post what I said, so I hope you get this. I just wanted to thank you and say that I appreciate what you’ve said..especially “Love yourself enough to give yourself a break”. ‘Tis true. We’re always so hard on ourselves.

      Anyway..I’m glad Jen’s reading has helped you. Thank you, again, for your comment. 🙂

  10. I just recently found this site. I’ve long been very spiritual and believe in the Akashic records. I’m interested in a reading, but both terrified and skeptical. Life has not been enjoyable for me for quite some time, and I fear learning things that I may not want to hear. I need to be empowered and motivated, not feel as defeated as I already do. On the other hand, I’ve been “burned” by psychic readings that never made any sense or ever helped.. so I don’t know what to do.. and I wouldn’t want to be told what we already know: that we’re here to learn how to love and to serve and to love ourselves. It may be true, but it tells me nothing specific about what I came here to do. Anyway.. I’m glad others found Jen’s readings of benefit. I would love to hear how others have progressed in their lives since their reading before I determine if a reading could help me.

    • Hi Jo! I am happy to say that Jen’s work opened new doors to me that made my progress in the last 10 months possible. I learned my soul’s origin which helped me to make sense of many, many experiences, passions and character traits I have. I also learned my deeper connection to someone in my life that answered questions I have had for the last 25 years. I learned a portion of what I am to do and how I have been specially equipped to do it. The information I received also made later readings with others much more beneficial because I already had hard data that I could explore more in-depth which led me to more life-changing revelations.

      The nice thing about Jen’s reading is that you choose the questions to ask. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer will be. You may want to take some time to really give it some thought as to what you want to know. I started with writing down 10 questions that came to mind and let it sit for a day or two. Then I narrowed it down to the essence of the specific issues and blocks I’ve had in order to get the most benefit from the reading. The other thing about YOUR Akashic Records is that they are only YOUR records. All information that comes from them is very personal to you. They contain all events of every lifetime you’ve ever had,every lesson, your soul origins, your purpose here, and your true connections to others in your life. They will only answer what you ask specifically, so cull your questions carefully. On a more personal note, if you have a lot of fear about what you might hear, that may be exactly what you NEED to hear in order to be truly empowered and motivated to make positive change in your life. Unfortunately, we can’t run from our lessons. They will follow us from this lifetime into the next until we face them down and conquer them. And chances are that if certain subjects or issues are causing you fear, then they are part of your life lessons. Finding out what, specifically, they are and going in with your eyes open is a great way to be empowered to change them. Best of luck! Jen will open the door and provide the tools: you have a part to play in asking the pertinent questions and then acting on the information given. You can do this!

      • Hi, Jo. I am not seeing your original reply. Would you mind reposting? I would be happy to help if I can!

      • Jo, I am not sure why some of your comments are showing up and some are not. I approved all of them on the days they were submitted. I even responded to one (regarding how to go about asking your questions) that I now cannot find. Must be a glitch with WordPress. My apologies; it is beyond my control.

        If you just send your questions along, I will review them and let you know if I need more details or background info or not. Remember, I am not the one who is influenced one way or another by how much info you share, as all information comes directly from your Akash. Zooming in on detail helps your Akash understand precisely what it is you need to know so they, in turn, can provide more information in detail for you.

        Hope that helps.

        Brightest blessings,


    • Hello Jo .. I suppose the best way to approach your apprehension would be to equate it to learning to ride a bike … people can talk about their own experience, but until we try and learn for ourselves (and fall down a few times ..:o) … ) the reality of our personal journey will not come home to us … if this is not for you, at least you know for sure at the expense of a few dollars … follow what you own heart tells you, and it will not let you down … Love, peace and blessings … Bill

  11. Jen and FreerSpirit.com are a wonderful introduction into your Akashic Records. I stumbled on to this website quite by accident and signed up for a reading almost immediately (and still not quite knowing what an Akashic Reading really is). What a wonderful experience. Having an Akashic Reading has shown me the way to accessing my own Akashic Records and also helped me understand my responsibility for my role in this life. Absolutely empowering! I will definitely return for future readings and I also have already recommended Akashic Readings by Jen for others who have questions they seek answers to.

  12. I’ve been learning to rely on my intuition as guidance and it did not steer me wrong in going to Jen for a reading. I don’t know how I stumbled across her site, but as soon as I saw it I knew I needed a reading from her. Normally, I think things to death, but after reading her site I had contacted her for a reading within minutes. I’ve had many readings before, but the information I received from Jen opened a whole new world of exploration for me. It literally transformed the way I see my life now, much for the better! It has led me to discover new things about myself, my origins, my purpose here and my relationships. I have always felt that Jen has shown me honesty, integrity and love in her work. I plan to use her again, and I heartily recommend her to anyone wishing to truly discover themselves.

  13. I got a couple of readings from Jen and I must say, what makes me come back is her sincerity in delivering messages and the friendly setting she creates for her clients.
    I was stuck in the past and Jen really gave me some good tips to move forward and a reading that really uplifted my spirit!
    I would recommend her to anyone 🙂 thank you Jen

  14. I first found Jen early in into this Journey of mine back in Spring of 2014. And My one simple question provided answers to many questions I had not yet figure out how to put into words. #empathproblems lolz. Again I had yet another reading recently in a time where I felt I was lost in a dark place and the reading yet again not only showed me the light but answered more questions that I had as well. So refreshing to find someone who gives very detailed readings that are so beautifully written such as myself. I recommend people to her 100% and I plan to continue doing so as I feel she is a great person and does a spectacular job at what she does.

  15. i have never had an akashic reading until now and i am totally hooked. I get such comfort and strength from the gentle and loving guidance from my pleiadean family and its so reassuring to know they want the best for me and that they are always with me. I think jen is a very special and gifted person and she is doing such wonderful lightwork. I am eternally grateful to her and feel blessed to have found her. ❤

  16. Ahh Jen is an angel! I’m so grateful for her honest care and willingness to really help out.

    Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect from my reading. I was having a really tough time with life. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Who would have thought one reading could help with so much….. I was so pleased with it. It really exceeded my expectations.

    For the first time in my life I truly understood what I meant to love myself….and how self-love is far more than just new-age hippy talk.

    Each email she sent contained detailed responses and explanations to my questions which were really reassuring. It was nice because I felt as though she really empathised with me and what I was going through.

    I’m glad I was given advice from my Akashic Record Team. There’s no way I could have come to learn what they told me otherwise and they’ve given me great direction for my life. Its like a new chapter for me now.

    Highly recommend it! For such a good price too!

    Thanks a lot once again Jen!

    Lots of love

  17. Hi Jen,

    I just emailed you for a record reading and made a donation. I have to tell you, I was terrified to do this at first for many reasons, but as soon as I hit send it felt like a weight came off of my heart. I just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing.

  18. I hope I can successfully convey to anyone who has lost a loved one (and we all have or will) what a transformation Jen’s Akashic Reading does for you. I just recently lost my husband to illness, and to hear that he is well, feels “GREAT” on the Other Side, loves me still, hears me, and spends tme around me; made my heart soar! Unresolved grief and sadness can paralyze our senses and stop us from moving forward… For me, intuition concerning his successful cross over was insufficient. I needed to hear him talk to me through Jen, for I am unable at this time to do it myself. Now that I know he is well and happy, I can concentrate my energy to move forward, and complete my journey on this planet. Thank you Jen, for helping me heal.

    Don’t be afraid. The process is simple, the cost is more than reasonable for such a life transforming experience, and all you have to do is follow some simple guidelines. My Akashic Team could not have been more compassionate, loving or patient. Their responses to other life concerns were equally as informative and full of “aha” moments.

    Healing ourselves, helps to heal the planet.
    Our time is now.
    Don’t wait any longer.


  19. I came across Jen’s blog through a google search on twin flames, and I was drawn in immediately. I devoured all the articles within a couple days’ time, and felt very compelled to have a reading done by Jen. I’ve never had a reading of any sort, but I knew I needed to have this one. My intuition was correct.

    My reading connected several dots for me… things that had always confused me about the why and how of things in my life. It was very eye opening, and helped give me clarification and peace about some recent decisions I’ve made about my personal life and my path. When initially receiving my reading, I felt such a strong movement in my spirit, and was moved in such a powerful way, that the authenticity of the words were undeniable.

    Thank you, Jen, for sharing your gift with me. Thank you for making my first reading such a positive and pleasant experience. Though this was my first reading, it definitely will not be my last.

    In peace and love ❤

  20. Had a reading done and it was truly amazing. I was at a point where I felt at peace but felt it was going to be short lived and just wanted some clarification and I felt so at peace still even now with reading the response I still feel the high vibration of peace and love emanating. Highly recommend even for the most simple question the results are truly worth it. Thank you sooooooo much Jen.

  21. i found Jen’s blog while searching on google. i became immediately entranced by her blog! i ended up reading her whole blog in a few days! then i saw the “your akashic journey link” and i clicked on it and ordered my first reading.

    i was going thru alot back then (and now haha..) and Jen’s reading really opened up my eyes and i really felt my guides coming thru and talking to me. and i agree that the more readings you get; the more personal they will be and your akash will be more direct and open as well. my most recent reading i asked my higher self where she was guiding me to; and she was very direct and through with her answers! it was like she was sitting me down and saying “hey-listen, you need to do this and this” and all i could think was “yes mam! right away mam!”

    i loved getting messages from my guides. and i even know a lady who showed up to my work place and her higher self is one of my guides! of course the lady dosent know this-but her name and my guides name-have the same name! and the things that this lady says every time i see her its really like my guide is speaking thru her!

    my akash will say things that Jen could not have possibly known otherwise. she is a truly gifted akashic reader. i cant thank Jen enough for all she has done for me. even after getting the reading, if i had questions after-she will email me back; and we end up having these extra long back-and-forth email conversations! she is totally awesome for doing that because some people email you once, and dont want to talk to you after the reading.

    Jen my friend you are awesome, keep up the excellent work, ❤

  22. I asked 3 personal questions for Jen to access my Akashic Records. Her readings gave me the hidden information and confirmation about myself at a higher soul level. I love how fast and detailed she provided me the clear answers! And, I even absolutely love her very reasonable price for providing this awesome service for our spiritual growth! I will use her service again in the future. Cheers~^^

  23. About three weeks ago I felt drawn to this site whilst cruising around the ‘Net. I bought a reading even though I didn’t even know what an Akashic record was. But, I just liked the subtly benign energy I felt from the site.

    One question I asked was who I am as a person at the level of the soul: two labels or descriptors, neither of which I’d ever heard before, came back in the answer by the Akashic Record folk. I had to google and read about them at some length. They provided answers to some questions I would never have thought to ask! I seem to have lived my life in close accord to my deepest values, whereas I have always been made to feel ashamed and/or inadequate for prioritizing truth and kindness at the expense of financial and social success: but when I read the answer to my question by the Akashic folk, I saw that all along I’ve been acting true to my deepest nature. I feel more at peace inside now in spite of the constant criticism (though fame and fortune would be nice too!)

    Another question was answered in a way that felt completely right in the “energy” of the answer but at the same time contained some explanatory terms which sounded illogical: this alarmed me because I couldn’t understand why beings on the level that these Akashic folk were supposed to be, would not have a vast overview of the situation, and indeed didn’t even seem to know who was incarnate and who was not incarnate at this time ……. I mentioned my concern and confusion to Jen. She told me what she interpreted the statement to be, which was different from the literal meaning of the words they (the Akashic folk) used,but which corresponded exactly to the interpretation I had in the back of my mind. At the moment that her reply, my thoughts, and the Akashic reply came together in my mind whilst I was reading Jen’s email, a feeling surrounded me like someone draping their arm around my shoulders affectionately – a subtle but definitely different new feeling, almost a physical feeling …….

    So this, my first Akashic reading, left the impression that though it is not a parlour-game type of reading just for entertainment, if you are looking for insight that one cannot possible achieve from the vantage point of this one brief corporeal lifetime, this type of reading can prove an invaluable resource – and with the price being so exceptionally reasonable and Jen being so supportive and giving, and even trusting your honour and integrity in paying, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  24. Jen was great! I’m grateful to have the opportunity that she’s given me. She presented me with my reading, and I can honestly say a lot of what was said in it, were feelings, thoughts and issues I’ve been trying to handle these past months. It was comforting to hear, that yes, I’m on the correct path – since it made sense of how I’ve been trying to change my thought process to continue on my path.

    She was also very personable and just a pleasure to communicate with. I highly suggest you contact Jen to delve deeper, she’s definitely a great medium in assistance to really open your eyes, mind and heart to any questions you may have.

  25. I got my readings on the 5-5-2012 (5-5-5) and I’m really happy and pleased with Jen’s and her guides work. I did just give her my first_lastname and she nailed my star sign amongst other things.
    All my life I’ve been searching one way or another for some clues about what life is really about. With my spiritual senses fine tuning I now have the feeling that I’m on track since I there is more to life then I ever could have dreamed of!!

  26. Hello Jen,

    I read your first post on the Lightworkers.org website and really enjoyed it. I’d been searching for information on Obama and you helped me gain what I was looking for. I just wanted to add that according to Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll, the Akashic Records are found in our DNA, if that helps you any. Kryon says, “Your whole spiritual record is in your DNA.”


  27. Jen is a real AR reader. I most highly recommend her. She is both humble and generous, as well as accurate. Her guides are full of amazing insights. Get a reading and you will learn so much more about yourself in these times of galactic shifts and transformations.

  28. I’m going to schedule a 1-question reading but now sure what to ask. I don’t have anything specific to inquire about but just want to see what she tells me – any suggestions????

    • hi julskiw

      you could try writing ‘what do i really really really want to know?’ on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge for 3 days before i deciding.. ??

      i ended up asking from which Star System my Soul originated from, if i my twin flame soul mate is incarnate at this time, and a question regarding my work.
      at $10 a question, i figured i had nothing to lose.
      and the answers were worth their weight in Gold.

      my only other tip would be to write your question(s) with the same love, truth and respect with which you would like them to be answered xx

  29. Wow. What an experience.

    Through opening my Akashic Records, Jen was able to connect with one of my Guides (a representative of a much bigger group) whose insights absolutely blew me away.

    Her Love, her support, her answers – have been life-changing.

    She had answers to questions i had been ‘asking the Universe’ for, for years.

    If you are contemplating a reading, just do it! Just be prepared to be amazed 🙂

    Thank you Jen, not only did our email exchange leave me laughing out loud, but i know i have now met a uniquely beautiful spirit, and a much-cherished new siStar xx

  30. In my Akashic readings, I met guides who tripped over themselves in order to come and communicate with me. Jen and I both found that we are part of a “Ring” of 500 Pleiadians, who came to Earth hundreds of years ago to help raise the vibrations. And I learned that I lived with my twin flame soulmate in a previous life, and that she’s here again somewhere! Sure that’s life changing, but if enough people get in touch with their guides, that’ll change the whole world.

    It doesn’t matter what questions you ask, just ask them. That’s how they talk to you. I met folks who absolutely adore me and can’t wait to talk to me. It’s something special to know that you’re loved no matter what you do. And I’ll never feel alone again because I know that they’re always around whenever I ask them to be.

    Thanks so much Jen! I’m proud to be your Pleiadian brother 🙂

  31. I agree with Brenda…Jen has an amazing gift which helps others see more clearly. That she is willing to share this gift speaks highly of her commitment to bring others light. I had struggled with a number of questions about things that had happened in my life that I had felt had no rhyme or reason. Jen provided me with information, from my questions, that had confirmed some things that I had already believed but also provided new insight into situations that I had not considered before. These answers provided information leading to forgiveness and much needed healing. ॐ♥ॐLove and Light to you Jen~Namasteॐ♥ॐ

  32. Having an Akashic reading was like opening a door and finding a long lost friend. A friend that had been pulling for me throughout this life and others, sending me love and guidance. My questions were answered in a loving, encouraging manner by a being who seemed to know me better than I knew myself. Information was given from a perspective that was astounding. Jen encouraged my questions and delivered the answers in a very respectful manner that made me feel comfortable and excited to ask the next one. It was, to say the least, life changing.

  33. I have had the privilege of experiencing a few readings from Jen both for myself and while sitting in on readings for a close friend. I had a reading about my most recent past life in France with my twin flame and 3 children. The details Jen provided resonated strongly with me as I could “feel” what she was telling me was true. No wonder I keep seeing the Eiffel Tower everywhere! I learned what a twin flame actually is, and that mine is now on a different dimension which, for me, explains why I don’t seem to be finding that special someone in this lifetime. This has relieved a lot of pressure, and helped me to just relax about that. Also, it helps me better appreciate the relationships I have had. The readings not only fascinate with details from past lives, but offer so much guidance for living right now, right here, as loved ones come forward to answer questions and give support and love. Jen has an amazing gift of insight into these other dimensions. She’s very casual and delightful in how she presents the information. Thanks for the pink rose Pierre! And thank you, Jen, for sharing your gift. I love you!!!

  34. I have sent Jen vague questions about specific situations and very detailed questions about decisions or situations involving great unknowns that are coming up. The responses and information she is able to retrieve from the Akashic Records may not involve “insert tab A into slot B” directive but they always bring forth information that either helps me in my decision making process or alleviates my tension or anxiety about situations. As a repeat customer I HIGHLY recommend this line of inquiry as I have never been disappointed in its results.

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