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Thank you for choosing FreerSpirit Akashic Soul Readings for your personal journey through your Akashic Records.

Written readings will be sent in PDF format to you via email on your scheduled reading date. Please choose from one of the following written-reading packages:

Soul Mate Reading ~ $65

It’s true that we have many different types of soul mates who come and go or stay seemingly “forever” throughout our lifetimes, but did you know that there is ONE
type of soul mate who is literally the “other half” of your soul? This type of soul mate is known as your Twin Flame Soul Mate, and the Soul Mate Reading answers two questions for you:

  • What is my soul connection with this person? (include current full legal name, DOB and current relationship with the individual)
  • What is our soul contract with one another for this lifetime?

By asking these two questions, your Akashic Team will let you know what type of soul mate your person of interest is to you and what your souls intentions are for one another. This is a very quick reading that you can receive answers to within 24-72 hours of payment received. Readings are scheduled in order of payments received.

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Read more about Twin Flame Soul Mates here.

Read more about Twin Ray Soul Mates here.

Personal Akashic Reading ~ $100

Ask any questions you wish! This reading fee covers up to five of your most burning questions you have for your higher self and Akashic Team.

How to format your questions for this reading

Remember that Akashic Soul Readings are intended for personal growth and your soul’s evolution away from ego, into the higher self and Divine Will.

Though it’s not a game, accessing the Akashic Records does come with a set of rules. For example, records for anyone under the age of 18 may not be accessed. There are also rules about what kinds of questions you can ask. For example, “should I,” “when” and yes/no questions are not allowed, but hat is not to say that recommendations won’t be made, dates won’t be given or that a yes/no question won’t be addressed within the context of the answer of another question that is properly posed according to the rules. Your guides know what you need from them, and they will freely give it!

Properly formatted questions begin with the following words:

  • How
  • What
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want details, you must be specific and give some background as to why you are asking in order to receive the kind of answers you desire. This is about your personal growth and soul evolution, so please as specific as possible. Please also include full legal names, dates of birth, and your relationship with people you ask about. Also please note whether they are living or deceased and if you have met them in person or not.

Readings are scheduled in order of payments received.

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Past or Parallel Life Reading ~ $200

Do you feel connected to or fascinated by a certain era, event or public figure of the past? Have you had vivid, detailed dreams of the past or the future, or even present day that seem so real you cannot shake them? Then this is the reading for you! Get details from three (3) specific past or present/futuristic parallel lives of your choosing. Simply choose the era(s) or describe dreams you have had and your Akash will provide the details you seek. Feel free to mix and match past with parallel life questions for this reading.

Readings are scheduled in order of payments received.

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Schedule an Akashic Soul Reading with Jen

As of November 10, 2020, there is currently a 2 business-day wait for a Personal or Past/Parallel Life reading. Soul Mate Readings will be completed within 48-72 hours once payment is received.

Reading fees must be paid in advance to secure your reading date (readings are scheduled in order of payments received). Payments are accepted via Google Pay or debit/credit.

Return clients receive discounted follow-up readings ranging from 3-7 questions. Email Jen at for further information.

If you do not receive an email confirmation to your submitted payment within one business day, please email Jen at: