Honoring my Twin Flame

Look at that love.

It was five years ago today, on May 5, 2007, that I met my twin flame soul mate. A blinding light flashed when our eyes first met, and I immediately knew this was a sign. The short time we spent together was amazing — the highest vibrations I’ve ever experienced with another being–and our chemistry was out of this world. Losing her felt like dying, but the loss changed my life in so many positive ways.

If I had not lost her,  I probably would have never walked my spiritual path, and I would have never discovered the Akashic records, where I learned more about our other lives and our mission together in this current life. As members of the Pleiadian Ring of 500, we have loved and lost each other so many times in the linear, physical world, sacrificing our spiritual bond to help teach those around us what unconditional love truly is and that true love has no boundaries.

For this experience, we (our higher selves) have agreed to come back together to combine our creative talents and twin flame energies to help raise the vibrations on this planet for the greater good of Mother Earth and the collective. So today, on this 5-5-5 Supermoon Saturday, World Liberation Day, I honor the fifth-year anniversary of meeting my twin flame — the greatest love of all. If you can spare a moment on this day of the supermoon energies, I ask, if you would be so kind, to please envision the two of us reunited for the greater good and doing our work together as post-2012 healers (as stated by my Akashic Records).

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Let’s remember to focus on the positive today and envision the kind of world in which we wish to live. I will be envisioning global peace, freedom, abundance and unconditional love for all. Here’s to World Liberation and our ONENESS.

Peace. Love. And light.

17 thoughts on “Honoring my Twin Flame

  1. Soley. Are you the runner or the chaser? Please share your story! Also Kerry if you don’t mind. How the hell did you spend 23 apart? Did the connection fade for several years?

    I think of mine most days- then dream of twin. I’ve been told the dreams are possible scenarios to push me to grow. We are almost always a couple. In one, both of our families were celebrating together- I think it was Christmas. Runners run, because they are scared of getting hurt and being betrayed by the one they love the most.

  2. Any followup on the reunion with your twin flame, it has been almost a full year since your last post?

    I have recently reconnected with my via the internet after 23 years apart. Even though we have been chatting almost nonstop since Jan, we have yet to be physically together but we can feel each other all day long.

  3. I met my twin flame on 1/11/07 and am still waiting to reunite, it has been torture and i have learned many lessons and have grown spiritually

  4. Have you come back together yet, or is it too soon for me to ask?

    Forgive me, but I just lost my twin flame as well. Your little blurb above touched me, and reminded me about my own hope that mine will find her way back to me as well. I want nothing more than for others to find the happiness that a twin flame can bring, so I send you what love I have left in my heart in hopes that you will reunite.

    • Thank you! We are slowly coming back together. I feel it’s going to work out, but there will be some challenges ahead for us to tackle. I really appreciate the energy everyone has been sending. We do have a bit of a difficult road ahead, but hopefully things will continue to get better for us.

  5. Really wonderful that you have come here together. This is not the easiest world or density to bring Love into. Being with your Twin Flame is a Gift to All.

      • Sorry I misunderstood. But I am happy you have such a clear communication with her. This can be a tough world when you feel alone. Of course we never are. Remembering and re-connecting to Source seems to be not only the Greatest Challenge in Duality but also the Greatest Reward.

  6. Jen, how said about your loss but also how lovely to have discovered your twin flame. Wishing for you your reunion. May you be together in the Astral tonight during the special full moon.

    I was hoping to see the full moon but extremely thick blanket cloud cover will prevent this. Maybe you will be able to see it.

    Much love, Kay

    • Thank you, Kay! We have some cloud cover at the moment, but it is only quarter til two in the afternoon, so I’m hoping for a clearing before my friends and I gather for a special World Liberation Day/Supermoon ceremony. Good to hear from you, my friend!

      Much love and light!

      • Hi Jen, how did it go yesterday? Reading your story again, I was wondering if your brief time together was meant as a trigger for you and your amazing work. I was hoping to see a glimpse of the moon but the cloud stayed. Usually we can see the moon during daylight hours (when the sky is blue) so I was hoping to catch a glimpse today as the full moon is supposed to be around for tonight also, but it is still too cloudy, shame. Hope you dream happy tonight. Much Love, Kay

  7. I am visualizing you and your twin flame together in the bliss of full consciousness, joyfully working together in the many projects you created to assist the people of this planet and beyond with their ascensions. And, it is so.

    Love and Light,

  8. I am visualizing you and your twin flame together in the bliss of working in full consciousness together on the many projects you enjoy, as your contribution to the ascension of the people of this planet and beyond. Love and light to you both.


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