My Akashic Journey – Chapter Four – One Powerful Connection

How do you know you have a very powerful twin-flame connection in a dualistic universe? When others are constantly getting in the way and making low-down dirty attempts to keep you apart.

Playing with fire.

When people will say anything and do anything — cross ethical and spiritual boundaries, even — to make sure you and your twin flame will never, ever reunite, you know you have a very powerful connection. One that endures all the adversity. One that laughs in the face of these petty little pawns and rooks who think they can somehow undo the connection or diminish the power with futile schemes and manipulative games.

Word to the wise ass: never, EVER fuck with incarnate twin flames. Or you will, undoubtedly, suffer third-degree burns.

Red-hot spiritual agenda.

Twin flame soul mates don’t incarnate together to have a hot and steamy love affair or the ultimate romantic relationship. They have been together for eons. Yes, they have a very deep, emotional soul connection, but it’s more than just that, even. They’re here with an agenda. A spiritual agenda. One that tests traditions and blasts social boundaries to smithereens. One that challenges humanity to expand their comfort zones and open their hearts.

For my twin flame and me, our agenda has always been to challenge social norms in the relationship department. In other lives, we’ve been interracial couples and same-sex lovers. And yes, we’ve even died for our cause. My twin flame and I have been murdered numerous times for our “forbidden love.” But when one is left incarnate to mourn the loss, we’ve never lost our connection. Through all the pain and turmoil, we are still bound, eternally and faithfully, by an undying, unconditional love. That is our promise to one another as light beings and physical beings. We are attached by silver cords and gold cords that can never be severed. Believe me. I know. I have tried.

Now why would I want to do that, you ask? Well, until I understood these cords could never be cut, I thought I could ceremoniously sever the energetic cords that bound us to stop the deep, constant pain of being separate. A spirit guide then approached and said, “No. Stop trying. It cannot be done.” And that’s when I learned of the silver (past life) and gold (spiritual attainment) cords that bind us as soul mates. And, still later, I learned we’re not just soul mates, but twin-flame soul mates, which is even more powerful.

Scorching synchronicity.

Just how powerful is this connection? Imagine every place you go, you get a synchronistic reminder. Maybe, as your mind wanders over memories of times you spent together while you’re driving somewhere, a song from that exact time (four years ago) suddenly plays on your favorite Top 40 radio station, and a car just like your twin flame’s pulls out in front of you or is driving toward you. It could be as subtle as that. Or it could be way more “in your face.”

For example, when I was dating someone new, who actually knew my twin flame and the make, model and color of the car she drove, we were both a bit freaked out when we walked back to her truck to find the same make, model and color car parked next to hers, TWICE, in two different locations ON THE SAME NIGHT. After that, whenever we were together, we saw at least one car exactly like my twin flame’s either on the road or in parking lots.

I began to notice that any time I was dating someone, even though my twin flame and I had been separated for quite some time, that these type of synchronicities — from songs to similar cars to initials on license plates and logos that reminded me of her — would dramatically increase,  along with dreams of her, telepathic conversations with her, and sometimes even astral body contact. Of course, nobody believes me, but it all happened. Sometimes even with eye witnesses who would then turn to me in disbelief and say, “My god, she still loves you.”

Just a heartbeat away.

I couldn’t deny that SOMEthing was still there. Whether it was love or just energy, I didn’t know. As cool as it was, it also sometimes felt like torture. I finally decided I needed to ask my Akashic Records about it. This is how the session went on Sunday, January 24, 2010:

Where does the energy come from that creates the synchronicities that remind me of my twin flame when I’m dating or with someone else?

The energy comes from her and your connection to her. It is sparked by thought — jealousy, rage, the desire for power and control. When your twin flame thinks of you with someone else, she wants you to remember her. To think ONLY of HER. She sends out thought patterns that create the synchronicities. It’s a form of psychic vampire-ness. When you are with someone else, it is more prevalent because the thoughts of you with someone else are torturing her mind. When you are not with someone, she relaxes and the patterns slow, so it is just telepathy you share.

So she creates these things with her mind alone?


What are the things I am seeing and hearing — are they really taking place, or are they holograms?

Holograms? No. These things actually manifest. If they were holograms, your friends would not be able to see them.

How does my twin flame actually have the power to manifest these things into reality?

She is powerful. She will get what she wants. That is not to say she goes about it in the right or appropriate way. She has tons of magic up her sleeve. This is why she gets the women and keeps them attracted to her. She is enjoying the power trip. This is why you need to stay quiet.

Stay quiet with the telepathy, too?

Not necessarily. The telepathy being exchanged is with her higher self. It is better for you to communicate with her this way than in the physical. Keep her ego out of it. She is on an ego trip when she does these things.

Is she aware that she is doing it?

She is aware of what she wishes, but she can’t possibly know the results.

So, if I were not connected to her, then I would probably not experience the synchronicities?

True. Correct. Your connection to her is not one that can be closed or cut off, however. You are connected by silver cords and gold cords that keep your souls connected, always/forever.

What about the astral travel? Is that real?

Between the two of you? Of course. You’re travelers, and this is something the two of you do well together. It is why she equates to Superman — all the flying dreams she has. They are not dreams. They are actually journeys your souls take together when your astral bodies are free from ego. But this is why she identifies with Superman. The flying. The two of you have been doing this together for many, many eons — in and out of physical incarnation. It is what you will do together when you reunite, too. In many aspects, your souls will “fly.”

Why can I not feel her as strongly or see her astral body like I used to?

Her energy has been weakened by stress, prescription pain medications and sleep aids. They’re weighing her down. It will change when you’re back together. Healing will take place and medications will no longer be needed.

How can I believe in the telepathic messages she sends me when she says one thing and shows another?

You are connected to her higher self. The lower self is the one who is doing the opposite of what her higher self is saying to you.

Will they ever merge and be the same person?

Yes, of course. This is what you’re all striving for. It’s in that final lesson she will learn from the spell-caster’s descendent that she will find her higher self. You have no reason to doubt or be disappointed.

How will I ever be able to date or have a relationship with anyone without my twin flame’s energy interfering?

Why would you want to when you love her? When your heart is WITH HER?

Because I’m still not sure WHEN she’ll come around.

She’ll come around soon enough that you don’t need to worry about dating anyone else.

But I’m lonely.

How? She is right there, always a breath away. Just a heartbeat away. You will notice when she’s there with you. You hear a double heartbeat. That is her. Right there with you. There is no reason to doubt. She’s always been there. Even before you knew her or she knew you in this life. You are twin soul mates. It is like you are sharing the same womb.

So it is okay for me to continue assuring her I love her?

Absolutely! That’s what we mean by “holding the light.” She comes to you because she is seeking to be with you.

Even though she’s with someone else?

Yes. We told you. This woman she is with is nothing. Not a threat. Just a pawn. Your twin flame’s lower and higher selves both want you. That is their common bond. Her energy will never leave you. Not even in death. She wants to be with you. She tells you that over and over again. Do us ALL a favor and BELIEVE her. She travels to you every night to be with you — even when she is laying next to that other woman. Her heart is with YOU. Her soul is with YOU. Her BODY is misplaced at the moment, but will soon follow her heart and soul. No worries. When the time is right, she will return.

I have more questions about the synchronicities she manifests into reality. Is she literally thinking, “Make her see a car like mine,” or “Play this song on the radio now?” Is that how it works?

No. Not exactly. She might picture something in her mind, like driving past you. Or she may be thinking of a song that she wants you to hear, or even just thinking of a song that reminds her how she feels about you or the situation, and then it will play for you.

Resistance is futile.

Although part of me wants to chalk all this up to coincidence or “just my imagination,” the simple truth of the matter is that it’s not. All of this is really happening, and still happening, on a very regular basis. As much as I would like to walk away from it all, and just start a brand new life in a new town where no one knows me at all, I know in my heart the efforts would not change anything. This is why I choose to believe…and trust…and continue to have faith that one day we will be together again. Until then, the situation just really sucks. Well, for me anyway. Especially with all the games being played by manipulative souls who haven’t a clue what they’re dealing with. I know my lesson to learn is to not let ego freak out about these games, but, of course, being human in 3D density makes that a bit difficult 99 percent of the time. I suppose the day that I can observe another attempt by a dark soul to keep us apart and not react to it or worry about it will be the day that I graduate — in faith — to the next level. Believe me, I am looking forward to that day.

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  1. this man was alway stack on me telling me that he feel safe when his with m or talking to me. but me not aware of what was happening to him not attracted to him i just like him as a bother in the lord. me being married & he was single at that time. then he used to annoy me coming to me everyday then I said he need to find himself a wife then he find wife.then he move on with his life he will send me messages at night send me my pic. one day he call me on my phone I’ll never forget that day my life changes sinse dat that i fell so deep uncontrollable love lot of energy . then we meet face to face there was this magnet pull vibration in my whole being .i couldn’t control it it was to much. then I confess to him that i have strong feeling for him then he got scared we both married .but he comes in my dream some time i love him so much but we can’t be together it tears me apart4 not be with him. i wish this feeling happen those days he use to be with me before he got married why it happen now.theres this song comes my dream.that say (I’m like a shooting star i came so far i can’t go back the were i used to be) Ohhhh that song it always in my heart my mind and my soul .one day he came to visit then my next door play it then I was so scared say what is this help

  2. Beautiful post! As you have said the synchronicities of cars mean she is wishing to drive by you and the songs are what she wants you to hear. If you see her name and hear her name everywhere what does that mean?

  3. I met him when I was 15. He was 25. Back then our situation did not allow for true connection as he was my coach. There was absolute professionalism and distance, yet it was obvious to us, and to others the intense connection. I did think I was ridiculous. I cried myself to sleep many nights thinking of him. At this time, I had no idea that this could be mutual. Fast forward 21 years, where he contacts me out of the blue. Exactly a week after I found out my mom was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease). We instantly connected via text (we live an ocean apart). We met a few times over the past 2 years, and each time was incredible. Now, since 4 months we are apart. I fear he has met someone new. He’s very good looking, and a sexual beast:) I hope that eventually I will hear from him again. He is my Twin Flame. No doubt. And I do feel I can connect telepathically with him. I cry at least once a day just from the emotions. Yet… Do wish him to be happy. Not easy… As others don’t come close to how I feel for him.

  4. That explains last Friday, I thought I would “run” into my twin flame. I saw umpteen cars like his, my friend who also goes to the place where I know this person, and the “logo” on someone’s shirt who crossed my path while walking around the mall- all reminders of him. Those synchronicities are crazy trippy. Just like seeing him drive around a couple months ago, when I was trying to keep him out of my head.

  5. If you are lonely find love and move forward. dont let your twin flame sabotage your love and your life. anyone who truly cares for you will step aside and honor your heart choice not try to sabotage every minute of it. a true friends or twin flame would be happy for your new found happiness even though it may hurt them because they want is best for you. so if your twin flame is trying to sabotage your live and ruin your chances of having true love, sabotage your quest to find love i say cut them out of your life and never look back. no one has that power over you , twin flame or not .

    • This was not about my twin flame sabotaging anything; this was about someone else who entered the picture on my end who then went to my TF’s side when she realized I was not going to give up on my twin flame. It has happened more than once with different kinds of people getting between us. It doesn’t matter, though, because I have completely moved on, and my twin flame is free to live her life however she wants… without me. She has made it clear that she will never be happy with me, so… we are done in this life. I wish her well. Sometimes twin flame reunions are just not meant to be when one of the two refuses unconditional love from the other and refuses to love the self without conditions.

      • Ive not written about my twin flame experience before online but i feel the need to reply to your comment, you may need to start wondering why it is you havent reunited, twins seperate for various reasons, its a spiritual partnership that can never be broken. I was the runner twin i told him i was walking away from it with no full explaination of how i felt in the bubble love phase, felt soul shocked when i panicked and ran back to question him and he told me he didnt care, to get slammed into kundilini awakening when i had no idea what was happening to me (i thought i had a seizure) went into the dark night of the soul to finally read up on twin flames, alot of people go ooh i had an electrical encounter with my “twin flame” full of hearts and all that rubbish. The twin flame union is not easy. I would not have wished my experience on anyone but thats what my higher self knew i needed. If she is your twin trust me she loves you with all she is, you agreed to this before you were born, work on yourself too, shes not the only one with issues as she is your “mirror”.

  6. Ive met my twin flame if that is what they called it.. I met him on line the day i first saw him ( english is not my native language) it seemed like i hear the angels singing, and i said to myself, oh god is this one of your 7th angel, michael angelo, rafael or gabriel? Or i look at him as adonis,, from the first day ive met him he never get out of my head 24/7.. The connection was instant.. Ive seen all the signs of a twin flame…i can barely handle the intensity thats why i step back most of the time, maybe i was the runner… I can sense him, feel him and hear his breathing.. I thought i was crazy coz no onecan understand me.. I know him deep down even tho i havent met him in personal..i use to put a logic in everything but this, my head is not functioning… Its too painful i can vision my soul longing for him and ask me to surrender… I had a painful experience from my past thought i get over them Already… I push him harder away coz he can see what on my shoulder that makes me so vulnerable.. Tho i love him soo depth down my soul,i always wanted to be honest with him, say a lot of things and discuss everything ( i use to be talkative) but my tongue twisted, i cant say words in straight, my body shaking, head gets numb, emotions get extremely intense, heart beat so fast, i know he can feel me, we often finish each others sentence… I can read his mind and he to mine.. I keep running and running away , makes no sense in other but i was afraid of something… My life turned up side down because of the intensity.. I feel at ease away from him but i can feel his pain or maybe mine that i abandoned him… it was draining , i can vision his soul longing to be with me. But im already in civil relationship that is rocky .. it has been 5 years of suffering… this is the reasob that leads me to read astro or anything i dont believe to these before coz i grown up with very religious family… So maby people get involved between us… I thought i could ger away from him but the universe bring him bavk at me to clear everything… The separation or cutting cord was very intense… So maby people between us that ate involved… His spirit is so powerful or mine… I dont know i am confused… the day that i cut. All the communications with him, i know he was hurt , i cried everynight and pray to god that this feelings will go away coz it was painful… Ive seen all the synchronize of our connection.. Ive never had that with anyone before,, no wonder i was feeling lost and incomplete wherever i go, deep down on me believe tht i can find my destiny… I love him still no matter what he has done to me lately… I am now starting to face my own issue and healing process… Coz u want him back… I have this faith inside of me… One thing, he remind me of who i really am, i feel safe calm with him i can be me… He reminds me my visions when i was young… We have the same purpose, giving service in the world.. we have deep deep connections,but because of fear of the wierd feelings that made us apart…:(

    • So many people involved between us, many people against our connections he has power in society… no matter what happened, i know him from within… i stay strong and stick to my faith…. i want him back.. even as friends if its possible…

  7. Don’t underestimate the dark side. Much of what has been said on this page is accurate. But make no mistake, there is a spiritual war going on and humanities energy and souls are the goal. Twins have many roles to play in the ascension of this life wave. It is my remembrance that the Twin Flame card gets played, always gets played when the planetary consciousness is so saturated with darkness and self focus, that only an blast of energy the level that twins can hold can shake the planet from its perilous position. Indeed, I believe the catalysing event was the boxing day tsunami for many twins woke up around 2006 onwards. Of course, they were in embedded deep within the fabric of society leading to the break downs of marriages and the transformation of human social relationships. I know that many tf relationships presently appear to be massive failures. Part of the reason for this is so few have done any preparatory work prior to meeting their twin. Thus their initial bubble of profound bliss feel into the hands of their ego and with this, their power was removed and they were separated. I too understand this pain well and it has nearly claimed my life, so deep was the despair. But, like you, I persisted and am reclaiming my power, complete with all the additional knowledge acquired during the initial union.

    All I can reiterate is, keep working on forgiving yourself and loving yourself. You are a might creator being in your own right. Never forget this. You have come here to help a planet, a humanity in great need that has failed at least 5 times before – hence your requested intervention. We can do this if we hold faith and continue to surrender to God, ever ready to fulfil our destiny. The rest will work itself out, as it must. This is clearly a case of the Tao does nothing and yet everything is achieved. If you do not understand this from the Tao Ti Ching, then you still have work to do and it is good that your twin has granted you the space and time.

    If you want to gain more insight into this journey, then read my book called Twin Flames Revelation. Answering the call to save humanity at

    Godspeed everyone.

  8. Thank you so much for the reply Freer Spirit I am really doing my best to detach without detaching if that makes sense lol and raising my vibration. You’re so right and it makes sense that self love will help him too. My main issue right now is he keeps coming in and out of my life. This recent incident is I left him alone completely for a year and had no contact. I cld feel that he was going to contact me and I had a strong feeling what it was about and I was totally right which still shocks me how connected we are that I can read him sometimes. But he approached me not in a romantic way but to work on a company together. We were going along great and got closer then ever. Told him I was starting to have feelings and he was too but said no he doesn’t want me and he’s going to go be with someone else. It hurt so bad but I said I’d still work with him but now he’s disappeared for 3 months without a word. I know he will pop up again soon but do I get upset and walk away telling him I’m done with this? Or do I let him keep coming back? So confused and tired. This connection is the most amazing and hardest thing I’ve ever had happen. Plus I think the dark energies are making this situation harder trying to push me out.

    • I have been told that the dark energies are actually our own… our rejection of ourselves. I dunno. It’s possible that is truth. As long as you are loving with conditions, that could be the very cause of the “dark energies.” Part of it is the questioning whether you’re done or allow him to come back. The main thing is to get ego out of the way. It has been said that true love doesn’t hurt, and I believe that is true. Our minds (ego/fear/attachment) get in the way with the “what ifs” and that is the real darkness. That’s why it’s important to love yourself first and foremost. Love yourself enough to raise your vibrations into 5D, where ego cannot interfere.

  9. I am very grateful for the sincerity and very personal account of your Twinflame story. It doesnt matter how many stories of this subject I read, I am always learning through reading these stories which resonate deeply usually when spirit have done their job of guiding me to read such validating accounts.

    I personally think it is very important for Twinflames to share their experiences if they can (I know it has to be after they realise they are NOT NUTS or GOING CRAZY or OBSESSED) What I am now starting to realise and understand by reading these accounts, is that whilst there is a divine time for full reunion (I say full because I reunited with my Twin 3 years ago and spirit guided me to move to and set up home in another country in order that I meet him for the first time in this incarnation!) We were together for 6 months initially and now have been separated for three years due to interference of a very dark nature placed upon him through a jealous ex. I hope you get my drift. I only found this fact out a year ago. I had gone through hell, miscarried the baby I was carrying, endured a “soul shock’ that left me literally begging for an exit out of here. I had no-one to talk to as where I live TF is an unheard of term and I hadnt even heard the word myself or even knew what dimension I was on!!! (I kid you not) It has taken me three years to fully awaken and to realise, that I HAD to do something about this. Heres the thing that we keep forgetting but is SO IMPORTANT. In this dimension Free Will is respected. Please do not think that this Law is put into and out of action because Twinflames have a job to do here. This is why I feel it is very important that Twinflames share their experiences as it really really really helps to open up our eyes so that we are aware of what is really taking place here on this planet at this time in our evolution.

    I agree that this is not for the feint of heart and you may wish to shy away from this fact and of course it is your choice. What I endured I would not wish on anyone. However, such is the extent that the dark energies will go to to stop Twins from reuniting. When we reunite it is not just about the romantic emotion between the Twins (being love is the their natural state) but it is the POWER that is generated by the coming together of the Twins that is what is so devastating to the dark energies. In some cases Twins together in true harmony without the ego, and just a little knowledge of their task can give off a light that can be seen from space!) The dark energies come in every way, shape, and form believe me please do not be deceived. They are very p***** **F because the more Twins reunite and get to know who and what they are, the more power they generate, and theirs and the planets vibration naturally starts to go up which starves the negative energies. The Twins have been strategically placed all around the globe, ready and waiting to connect and refire up the grid. I have now realised that I am to try to connect with as many Twinflames as I can to at least make them aware of the real task that they contracted to be here for. I can give out the names of some websites that can give you more of an insight into what has gone on if you feel you want to know more. After what I have been through, I am no longer afraid. They have taken the most precious thing from me but I can still hold a smile that comes from my heart.

    I wish you all faith, strength and courage in your journey’s ahead but above all I wish you all love and respect for being here to help.

    • This article was so on point thank you. Angela what you said also hit home. My TF and I miscarried also and like your situation there are dark energies involved. My TF got involved with some dark energies before we reconnected but I feel he didn’t really think it was a big deal until he got deeper into it. Inspite of that we connected and it was powerful and amazing. Fast forward a few years and we’ve broken up made up and now have been broken up for some time although he keeps finding ways to get in touch with me etc. Now I feel that he’s actually taken on a dark energy if you get what I mean. Do you feel TF connection is strong enough to battle that? I mean he already has his own issues to work out but with this darkness now in the mix it makes this even harder. When I’m physically around him though the darkness cannot come around. Do I just walk away because this is so hard. He suddenly stopped communicating with me and I know he will come back around soon just not sure how to handle it. Do I act like its ok or cut him off completely and stop communication? Any thoughts from anyone is so appreciated.

      • Hey, Shola. The advice I keep getting (not just from my own guides, but for others, as well, through their Akashic Records) is that you have to raise your own vibrations into 5D in order to assist your TF. (TF is you/you are your TF, so raising your vibes benefits your TF). You cannot harmoniously reunite until your vibrations match one another, so, love unconditionally WITHOUT attachment. (IF that is even possible; it’s difficult when you are not vibing at 5D.) Love YOURSELF first and foremost. When you love yourself unconditionally, others will, too. Whether or not you attract your TF back to you is up to your TF, whom you cannot control. You can only control yourself (but, essentially controlling yourself and loving yourself is the same as loving your TF).

        I have been told by several others who CLAIM to be “enlightened” that mine will not return. I’ve been told that someone else will take her place. I don’t really get how that can happen, though, and my Akashic Records tell me differently. Time will tell. Until then, I’m really not waiting anymore. I will pursue my own happiness, and if that means I find it in love with someone else, then so be it. I will treat myself right, and, if someone else is also willing to treat me right, then I will share my life with that person. I only have so much time left in this particular incarnation. I’m not going to spend it pining over lost love when there is plenty of other love available to me.

    • I also lost my baby and have tried to heal myself, but it’s not easy, liike my soul is in shock. I’ve had no one to talk to. No one knows about the baby.

      The twin or whatever was working through my twin then hurt me even more, when I have cried out for a hug from him. I can’t say much here, it’s too much.

      A lot of my energy has been stolen from me and used to prop up the twins life. I am only saying what I sense, whether people believe me or not. I am a strong and caring woman, am nobody’s fool. But all this is too much. I would not wish it on anyone. From time to time, as I carry on my life, I just break down and cry so much, for me and my little one and the love unit we could have had.

      There was much love between the twin and I. But he was not strong enough to deal with the huge dark forces around him. I tried to help, but was caught in the cross fire and really suffered. He is now deeper into it than before. Before, he had the love and care in him, but even that seems to be stripping away. He told me he was dying.

      I need so much help to heal myself, I really really do. There is danger I would be sinking into that dark level, but I would not be able to survive it. Something has been stolen from me, and I want my life and joy back.

      Please please just love each other and nothing else. Only love. The female twin is something to behold, to be loved and looked after and nourished.

    • Loved, loved, loved what you wrote! Thank you! It was real and different… what I always hope to find, when I am looking for answers. There is a lot of info out there, but it gets repetitive.


      • I was directing my comment to “Rainbow Warrior” and “Freerspirit”….!!! (oops!) ♡♥♡

  10. Sometimes I really love the internet. I am particularly grateful for the part about speaking to your TF’s soul/higher self and being confused by the disparity between what you hear there and what you hear from the embodied human being. Thank you for sharing.

    My TF and I are parted at this time and I am having this experience: feeling her so close to me especially when I am in meditation, prayer, or ceremony, being able to converse with her soul and having perfect understanding there. But what is happening in “real” life is so different that I am challenged again and again to face my old fear that I am just nuts.

    Thanks for the help in battling this old karmic demon! And thanks, despite everything, for the incredible power meeting my TF in the body has given to my spiritual and emotional healing work. Even in this scorching pain, I see and feel myself growing. Reading this site, I come back to my knowing that this growing is also gifting her.

  11. This is the fourth story I have viewed on this issue. You really did a really good job at covering everything in great detail. I actually learned something from viewing your post, and wanted to just express my appreciation

  12. The stories of twin flames seem to be varied but so similar. I cannot express how much of an emotional rollercoaster it has been since I have met my twin flame. There is not a minute that I don’t think about him. I wondered at one point “am I freaking crazy or obsessed?” But the more stories I read confirms the connection. I have only seen my twin four or five times. We live on seperate ends of our state. My twin flame and I have met declared that we were going to get married…seperated(pure hell)…reconnected(phone calls only)…and now in what seems to be limbo….I am emotionally drained and so often just want to walk away…meet someone else and live happily ever after…but something deep in my soul tells me we are not done or will be together again better than we were before. But in the meantime, I have to work more on self love…and forgive myself for all the emotional mess that came up during this whole ordeal( can anyone relate to that?) I have never ever felt anything like this in my life! What sucks or rocks( depends on how you look at it)…I feel him…when I see his name somewhere I flinch…lol…his car…people that resemble just crazy..however even though we have had our disagreements we still love each other deep deep down. Anyone else going through something similar?

    • Definitely work on your self love, James! That is the most important thing. Until you love yourself, your twin flame cannot love himself or you. So YOU are the most important thing right now. Once you begin loving yourself, you will start to notice positive changes. I promise. ❤

      • Self love is a journey not necessarily easy but very much necessary. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Mantra: Love melts situations that seem impossible.

      • Sometimes I doubt that the person I’m calling. My TF is actually my TF. The rejection at this point is somewhat unbearable. I think at thisv point I surrender what this is to God. If it is meant to be it will be. I just wish he felt the same way. Just gonna walk away its making look like complete fool and /or desperate. What do you thinj?

      • Giving it up to God is a great idea! It doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Just that you are letting go of the 3D attachment, which can often block or get in the way of the proper love flow. Now it is time to love yourself. I actually dated myself. Pampered myself. Took myself out to dinner. Made romantic candlelight meals for myself. Loving yourself first and foremost with raised vibrations will bring him home. Trust me. It worked for me. 😉

  13. My twin is married has been 18 years. We see each other twice a week in a neutral place, a place where we can’t let on our true feelings. We have been intimate twice. We went to the same high school and 2 years ago, crossed paths again in this neutral setting. It is very intense and now we have “broken up” a few times, because I couldn’t handle his situation but I wanted to share with you that you are not crazy. I see his prefix off his license all the time, I even saw it this morning in the Starbucks parking lot. This is after I broke it off with him again yesterday. I am also even beginning to see vehicles like his, same year/make/model, new ones, old ones. You actually shed some light on this subject for me…I thought it was because I was thinking about him incessantly that I was the one attracting these things to myself, but reading what you wrote about your twin, I had some new insight that I intuited before…that his energy is very, very powerful, somehow magical. When he looks at me in this setting we frequent, he doesn’t have to say a word…he looks at me and I know he is communicating to me, or casting a spell over me, as I have seen him lock eyes with other females in the place he may be attracted to. I feel that he knows he has this power over some women and is operating from his lower self, seeing if he still “has it”. He often goes out of his way to make me jealous by showing other females attention in my presence to try to get a reaction out of me. It drives me insane with jealousy, so I know this is an area I need to work on within myself. But I know he is using them to get to me. He does some very unevolved things, but it still makes me love him no less. I know he is frustrated because of where he is and sees no way out. He is a poor communicator when it comes to me, but his look tells me all I need to know and trust, I know how to knock him down a peg or two when that ego gets to be out of control. If I ignore him, making no eye-contact, he makes it a point to enter my personal space or stares all night, his body constantly oriented in my direction, and always looking around until he spots me. But, unfortunately I have grown weary of this repetitive cycle where it seems nothing changes, except when I let him go and he tries to come back, our bond appears strengthened. But then, he uses the good energy I give him, takes it home and I feel like it feeds love and life into his marriage until I take it away, he always comes back for more. When I let him in, he gets what he needs and then keeps me at a safe distance to pull energy from me. He sounds like a psychic vampire, doesn’t he? But as you explained so eloquently, it is his lower self doing this. I will be so glad when the to merge, because I am now at the point where no matter how much it hurts, I want to teach him a lesson no other woman has taught him before…you see, my twin flame is a womanizer, although sweet as he can be. He definitely feels he has complete control over his emotions, over everything and everyone..but like I said, I know the power I have as his Twin. He has no idea of the concept consciously, but he knows there is something intense about what we have. Thanks so much for your insight!

  14. Wow, this is my story also. Maybe one day I will post a reply about it. Here is a website that explains the dynamics of Twin Flames and why they separate. For all of us that yearn for our Twin Flames, may we find forgiveness & unconditional love for self so we may rejoin with our beloved Twin Flames in this incarnation. Namaste.


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