Pleiadian Message from Peter: Shut them down.

Greetings to our ground crew and Earth brothers and sisters. This is Peter, and I do apologize for our long delay in communication. We have been very, very busy, as you can probably guess. As you know, we are the surveillance crew – the hunters and gatherers of intel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command and a few others who have joined us at this time.  We pretty much snoop around the satellites and intercept what the cabalists think is “top secret” and “highly confidential” communication. We assure you it is not. We have extremely diligent code crackers, and, of course, we speak all languages – even the very obscure ones that they try to use from time to time.

So, yes, we have been busy filtering their whirlwind of communication, and we can tell you that they are most assuredly in a panic over all the recent bank officials resignations and other financial blunders that are all now out in the open. And they have been in this panic for some time now. As you have been hearing for some time now from many other channels, they know that they are defeated. Some of them are still trying to hide out and prolong their own arrests, but we all know their exact whereabouts, and, in time, with the proper warrants in place, they will soon find themselves completely incapacitated.

We know you all loathe the “soons,” but we cannot give you exact dates, otherwise they will know exactly when, themselves, and they might try to pull another fast one. It’s not their “escape” that we worry about. They can never escape. It is their ability to do harm to others that we worry about.  We’re not talking nukes and missiles. We assure you that the big guns have been disarmed. It is the smaller arsenals of weaponry they have stockpiled all over the Earth that we currently can’t do anything about.  There is still free will. And they are still being given the option to use it to either make good for themselves or to buy themselves a one-way ticket to no-man’s land. We ask you at this time, out of the goodness of your hearts, to focus on them making the right choices for themselves.  Send them light and love and this will encourage better behavior. At the very least, it will ensure the safety of innocent people in their path.

You have all become very, very powerful in the past few months. Collectively you have been combining your energies and powers in extraordinary ways to create magnificent changes on your planet. Excellent work. We applaud and commend you!  We are quite sure that you are feeling the improvements already as you incorporate more and more of the positive energy that is being gifted to you and Mother Earth.

Many of you are discovering that there really is nothing to fear. That you are actually far more powerful than you ever thought yourselves to be. You are learning that when you join together in loving ways, you can change things in a positive way without force or violence. You are learning that love is all there is, and, when you apply it in liberal amounts, it can soften even the hardest of hearts and harshest conditions.

Now, for those of you who are impatient about the financial situation, we have a suggestion for you. Nothing “new” will ever come to you until your current system completely fails. At this time, many of you are still paying these very thugs who control you. And you are completely funding their control over you. Do you realize that, dear ones? Has this thought crossed your mind at all? How many credit cards do you have in your wallets? Consider the department store cards, too. Who is the real financial institution behind those? Don’t know? Look into it. You will find that many of the larger world banks are the owners of your debts, and they are still benefitting from your monthly payments on all of your loans and credit cards. If you are still paying them, you are contributing to keeping them afloat. So now we have to ask you…


Why are you keeping them afloat?

The financial system won’t fully collapse, dear ones, until you collectively say “no more.”

That’s right. YOU are the ones who hold that power. YOU are the ones who must collapse the financial system.

If you want your new system RIGHT NOW, that is.

We have watched you collectively organize global meditations. We have watched you gather in huge numbers to protest all over your planet. And we have watched you continue to struggle.

Look, standing up for your beliefs and protesting, that’s all well and good, but, at this point, we see it as wasted energy when you can all just very simply – but it must be collectively – just stop paying these people who control your world.

If EVERYONE stops paying, we ask you…what could they possibly do?

Go take a look right now at all your amounts due this month to loans and credit cards. Total it up.  What is the amount? Wouldn’t that be put to better use putting food on your table and funding YOUR efforts to make this planet a better one? Or, perhaps, you can help out a family member or friends who are struggling to meet their own basic needs.

So here is your mission, should you choose to accept it, ground crew. Organize an enormous collective to stop paying monthly bills in the month of June. Just STOP. All across the globe. Worldwide. Shut down the banks. Stop funding their control over you. Stop paying them and render them powerless.

Do this, and you will have your new financial system (or non-financial system) by July.

Again…it is all up to you.

What are you waiting for?

I am Peter, member of the Pleiadian 500 and affiliate of the Pleaidian Council of Light. We love and adore you, and we implore you to empower yourselves at this time. We are behind you 100 percent.

Please spread this far and wide, but do not alter any of the communication, and please make reference to

46 thoughts on “Pleiadian Message from Peter: Shut them down.

  1. Well, the calls have started again and I am still ignoring them. I am considering “Shutting them
    Down” for another month and would really appreciate some guidance from Peter on this and
    besides, I just like reading his words…please…know you are busy, but… Thanks

    • DJ, I just posted a channel of AAMichael by Ron Head that I feel justifies shutting them down forever. Lots of news of big banks failing and arrests. I am ignoring the calls as well. I only continue to pay for my house and my car, insurance and utilities. Credit cards and student loans have been cut off by me and will never receive another dime. Hoping the debt forgiveness we’ve been promised will happen soon. I keep getting “by August 15” from Peter on that. Let’s all believe it and manifest it on through! It’s the least we can do for each other, right?

    • Number two, right here! I told Peter yesterday, as I was getting inundated (yes on a SUNDAY) with annoying calls from creditors (not even 15 days past due yet on most!!!) that he BETTER be right about this. He says he is, and that the weekend saw many battles fought and won by the light on the financial front. “NESERA” (or something like it, anyway) “is on it’s way,” according to Peter. And check this out:

      • I can tell you that I have been receiving at least 5-10 calls daily for the past 3 months, all of which I snorted at and did not answer. They usually start at around 8:30am…have not had even one so far today!
        Oh Peter, I bet on you and ME with no fear, and I so hope others did as well !(don’t think it’s
        too late to start now!)
        Great article, by the way!

  2. All Corporations must become co-operatives, which can supply peoples needs through much the same way as corporations do. In South Africa we are looking at the Mines as the Biggest Accumulation of Mineral Wealth. The Gold will have to be put back into tyhe ground it needs to be removed from Fort Knox and put back to balance the frequencies. I Repeat ALL corporations must be taken over by their employees and Run democratically and environment Soundly. All “profits” will be used to clean the Earth and fix what has happened. As opposed to a voilent Revolution, transisional Legal agreements must be created to bind the Power of these co-ops. From that point we can begin to decentralise Currency and Move to Resource Based System. From that transition we can shut down dangerous toxic production and transform corporations and Institutions into entities which can evolve as opposed to what they are now, propping up profit motive as their only ends. In such a climate we can begin to find sustainable ways to exchange or even enter the gift economy. Energy companies will switch from Fossil Fuels to free energy co-ops. This is the Strategy. Practical Answer to Transitioning into 5d possibility.

  3. Please don,t think I am this Donna Lynne, I am Donna Jean Eddy…you sent me an email for
    her and I agree, we do not need her negitivity. maybe when I reply again, I will use DJ from now on. Have a great day!!!

    • My apologies, DJ. I did reply directly to DL’s comment, so I am not sure why you would receive an email, unless wordpress automatically emails all commenters when a new one is made.

  4. Hmmmm….Maybe.

    But not because you said it, to be exact.

    I was already fighting a Title Loan sent down upon me for “intimidation” purposes from the school loans administration. I chose not to agree to any contract.

    Instead I am disputing it in its totality. I frankly do not remember assigning my signature to a bonded contract either…the original paper they provided was a xerox copied verbal agreement. It wasn’t even a real contract to start with.

    Needless to say, using the law itself as well as common law I’m fully disputing their claim. No attorney(no color of law attorney needed) and in fact, it is so crystal clear I wish every citizen would start doing this.

    Just write to your debt collector and inform them you are flat not paying the debt, and to cease contact or have the submission dismissed on a technicality. In my situation I was already fighting it, but I realized just how defenseless the paper tiger is…..

    If most people would take similar actions & put their debt collector on notice, this entire scam would collapse like a house of cards. That just donned on me, so perhaps, perhaps yes.

  5. We have been told over and over again that it is up to us to make the changes we need for our freedom,that we can not depend totally on other beings, no matter how loving and powerful they are. This is something I can and WILL do! By my figures, I have paid back my loan plus 20,000, so enough is enough ! Here’s a poem I wrote :
    Ashes to Ashes……(and all that)
    What happens in between ?
    Are we just slaves to the MEAN?

    WAKE UP!!
    Why are we here!!!
    To do 9 to 5?
    Taxes and just tryin to stay alive????

    WAKE UP!!
    Claim your life and say NOOOOOO to STRIFE!

    WAKE UP!!

    no more sleeping
    no more weeping

    Ashes to Ashes….( it’s more than that).

  6. the thing most dont understand is that the banks have their money from you in full allready they get this through your strawman yes they are paid in full they dont tell you this cause it gives them full control over you and your property plus there is no such thing as lawfull money its all debt we have not been able to pay a debt since june 5 1933 with HJR 192 its all smoke and mirrors we are not a free country we think we are but we are not the UNITED STATES has been a corporation since 2/22/1871 we are not a Constitutional republic since then and what do corporations do make money and you are a 14th amendment citizen an employee of the federal corporation that is even what it says in tax law the only persons required to pay tax are federal employees and how do you become a federal employee? take privilege from them drivers license food stamps ect
    you are not the under a republic form of government look up title 28 3002 you will see the tip of the ice berg go listen to the Creacher from Jekyll island and the federal reserve act of 1913 and the trading with the enemy’s act of 1917 what has been done to us is insidious you are a slave to the corporation you cant own land you think you own land but look on your deed it says you are a tenet on the land don’t take what i say a truth go look up what i say and see for your self you give them power cause you think they have it we still have it there is still a republic form of government it was abandoned in 1871 sien die that means without day to return to lawful congress but it was returned to last year my presidents name is tim turner the other guy we know as president is a ceo of the corporation formally known as the united states that is why they do everything through executive order rather than go through congress wake up people your freedom has been removed one civil liberty at a time look at nada the food modernization act sopa start paying attention stop watching american idol get up do something hit me with questions and most of all pray!!!!

  7. Something in me about 9 months months ago just said “enough was enough” and I stopped paying. The only things now being paid are basics, and the big one our mortgage, but wish I could stop that one too!! All I can say is I no longer care about my credit score, or debit collectors, or fear. It has been the most freeing experience in my 52 years of life, besides my wonderful 19 years spiritual journey.

  8. Sounds like a good idea. In Iceland the people already stood up for themselves. They fired the government, arrested the criminals responsible for the mess, nationalized the banks, and decided not to pay the debts. See
    But how do you coordinate this? We are dealing with millions, even billions of people. Usually people only unite when there is an emergency situation.
    For me it won’t make any difference. I have no debts. I lead a simple life. I have little money on the bank because I spent most of it for poor and needy friends. I never participated in these games of greed that uphold our modern society.

  9. it sounds like a great plan! set a date and to accomplish this. let me know and i will cooperate on this effort.

    • Hey, Nathan!

      Peter suggested we do this in the month of June, with all of our June bills (loans and credit cards). This would drive the final nail into the elite’s coffin. Not sure, exactly, how many of us would need to cooperate to make it happen, though.

      Thanks for your willingness to participate! 🙂


      • I agree Jen. I stopped paying my credit card bills 3 months ago. The banks have done nothing except try to ring me up, but I don’t take their calls. Be brave everyone as I’m sure this will work.

  10. yes brother! we give them the power we always teach people how to treat us so if we let them run over us they will and we do not have to be violent to accomplish this just stop giving them power people will say “they will take my house ” or “ruin my credit” that is how they keep you lined up like the sheeple we are we are lemmings walking to the cliff so if we all stop participating in the federal reserve system they lose power that includes the tax system the collection agency for the federal reserve and the imf

    • hmm .. this is an amazingly impactful channel, yet the silence surrounding it is deafening. I think we all know in our hearts that Peter is right, yet what would it take to actually do it? Just thinking about it brings up all kinds of fears, the kind robbyc101 points to. That can be a good thing in and of itself, exposing our fears so we can clear them. Kudos to you, Jenn for posting it, I can only imagine that doing so must have taken some internal fortitude.

      Interesting that we can bring ourselves together for global meditations, even sit-ins, yet doing something like this, where “they” can actually take things from us for lack of payment, well that’s putting the responsibility squarely where it belongs – on each of us. And I admit that it doesn’t feel so good. Singly it won’t have much impact, the system can easily respond to individuals. How exactly do we go about forming a coalition to pull off such a thing?

      • The banks really cannot do anything to you until you’re 90 days past-due, so one month of missed payments is not going to hurt anyone. If it works, awesome. If not, save the money aside and double your payments the next month (if possible).

        One of the best ways to organize is to get some of the Occupy folks on board with this. Give it a snappy title that everyone understands means “the banks and credit cards get no money from any of us in June” and create a fb page with an event invite to participate in the month of June. Stress that RSVPs are necessary so we can get a head count on how many we have participating.

        I would love to take it on, but I am currently working 11-hour days and conducting Akashic Readings in my free time. If anyone feels passionate about taking this on and has the time, I’m sure humanity would greatly appreciate it. But it definitely needs to happen by mid-week this week in order to spread it around fb like wildfire. Hitting the Occupy sites with it will be key! If anyone has some graphic design skills and can make a poster-type meme thingy for this event, that would be awesome, too.

        Thanks to any and all who want to organize a group to take this and run with it.

        Please respond with any ideas you have for a title for this event. My brain is not cooperating at the moment.

        Peace, all.


      • Jen, thanks for your responses, you have a very practical, cool-headed beingness! I wonder if an envelope to each creditor with no payment enclosed, but instead a letter stating purpose would help? I know most of us pay bills online, and I’ve not seen a place for “comments” in that process, hence the thought to send snail mail.

        Love the video, though I wish it had acknowledged and linked to your site.

        Steam is building, can’t wait to see what form the explosion takes!


  11. Most folks are so afraid of losing what means of survival they still have, that they will fight tooth and nail to the bone to protect that which indentures them. I have found that man scoffs at the idea of equality to allow for this “Dream” of having every material trophy possible. I’ve tried to convince people that by allowing the PTB to control the value of our money, they control “Our” value, or more to the point; our perception of it . Make the value of every dollar on the planet equal to one person hour. When you work for anyone, you get a person-hour dollar on a one to one basis. Our time is the only tradable thing of value we have. In that time; labor, teaching, building, creating, feeding, housing, ect..anything anyone does will be treated as equally important to anything anyone else does. If it were not for the guy digging the ditch or picking up the garbage the doctors would not function. If it weren’t for carpenters, the government would have no where to discuss the future. If it weren’t for mechanics, the billionaires would have no means to transport to us our addictions at profit. Wipe the slate clean. Make everyone’s time equal. Stop our theology of constant consumption and replace it with economic and resource sustainability. Eliminate anything that is “FOR PROFIT”. There is plenty of resources to sustain the worlds population if we stopped trying to profit from it. Minimum levels of good food, shelter, education, healthcare can all be sustained worldwide forever if we could wake up and realize what we have let happen. This is the time. This was not possible before the internet. If you give me a chance, I would like to hear anyone’s reasons why we can not do this so that I can change your mind…

    • Where is the detailed transitional plan for basic survival for the masses, if we stop paying ? Nice idea, but not practical when you factor in the years of chaos that will ensue. Yes, it will bring about the NOW one world , one currency world. Now , if Peter would download one million dollars into everyone’s account so we could survive the following seven years of financial chaos, then I will stop paying my bills. I wonder how all these channeler’s can request an action, without a replacement plan in place. Since most Channelers are from other worlds that very left brained and are not concerned about protecting the psychical body with water, food, clothing and shelter from the elements.

      • He very clearly stated that the NEW financial system (or no financial system — meaning a moneyless society, which we are clearly NOT ready for with all of the ridiculous fear) would be in place within a month. And this is NOT NWO. He has already discussed the new financial system in other channels in which he stated it was nearly ready to go. Of course, the negative people in this world are the ones holding up progress, so, with your “gimmee, gimmee” attitudes, we will never see the light of 5D. Money isn’t everything. LOVE is. Clearly there is still a problem with people not clearing their crap.

      • Ok one month, we will wait and see what the detailed plan is. I have heard thes words “soon, ready to go” before.

      • I think an important thing to remember here, is that from a cosmic standpoint we live in a free-choice world. WE, the human beings of this planet, have to accept our own responsibility in the matter of our own future, including the financial sector. The fears that hold us back, individually and collectively, that prevent us from standing up to this tyranny are all about fear of loss. Fear of losing our homes, our possessions, our health, our standing in the community, our credit rating, the love and acceptance of our friends, families, associates. The list goes on. We could even include fear of losing our sanity!

        All that fear is external to us, yet we accepted it through years of believing that someone else was responsible for us. They aren’t. This includes parents, teachers, organizations, governments, businesses, religions .. and yes .. banks. It’s time for us to release those fears and get back in charge of our own lives.

        The ETs and non-physicals also are not responsible for us. They will provide assistance, guidance, programs, technology. They have been doing this – unseen and unacknowledged – for millennia. We just haven’t been listening. “Like trying to get someone’s attention by shouting through a hurricane” as one source put it. Make no mistake, the ETs and non-physicals are, have been, and will continue to do everything in their power to help us succeed in taking back the Earth. But we’re the ones down here on the game board, it’s up to us to play our parts.

        So Peter’s suggestion is for us to take responsibility for eliminating the financial tyranny by acting – doing something tangible – together, such that those in charge of the power structure cannot possibly counter. Something that speaks so loudly that everyone, including them, will hear it. If we can pull off such a move with great enough numbers (who can say what numbers that would be), it would be extremely effective.

        How would you feel – and what would you do – if you saw a big burley man beating up on a little child? If you were alone you might consider twice whether to intervene based on the likelihood that the big burly man might retaliate against YOU. But if there were a large number of others there to intervene with you, significantly reducing the potential for individual retaliation, *then* would you act? Far more likely.

        But even if we don’t act on Peter’s suggestion – an eventuality I’m personally unwilling to embrace – Peter (et al) has provided a great opportunity for us and them to gauge how much of mass consciousness is accepting or willing to take responsibility for themselves at this moment in time. How close are we to being able to accept full responsibility in this one area of our lives, let alone all of them?

        The real opportunity is to confront our fears and push through them. The other option is to continue to fall in line with those fears, to continue to look somewhere else for solutions, instead of where we should be looking – in the mirror. Are we going to pick up the rope and help pull, or are we going to continue to stand on the sidelines, watching and hoping that someone else picks it up? The choice is ours.

    • Since, you are human, I just assume that you will be able to prove to your readers, that you personally have
      followed Peter’s advice and stopped paying your credit cards and if this new currency is LOVE, how that is working for you. Does your employer pay you in LOVE? How about your website bill? How do you pay your internet bill ?Do they accept LOVE in payment? I will wait and see. Is Peter going to beam down free replicators, so we can eat? Oh, please direct me to Peter’s previous message with the plan, I must have missed it. Thanks!

      You say… believe..My concept of belief; Experiential knowledge ALWAYS trumps a belief having no basis in my actual experience.

      • How is your negative attitude working for YOU, Donna Lynne? And why are you here, bullying me on MY site? One more, and you’ll be blocked. No one here cares what you have to say. Especially me. And this is MY domain. So off with you…off to your world of darkness and despair. Buh bye, now. Buh bye.

    • ~GOD~ SO HAVE I~ I~ONLY BEEN TRYING TO SAY THIS~ IN WORDS~ FOR US TO ACT ON IN VAIN IT SEEMS~ I am SO HAPPY~ to know in this DENSE EXPERIENCE I AM IN at this time~ I am NOT alone vehicle of trying to SPREAD THE FACT OF THE SIMPLICITY~ OF A SOLUTION ~ so many only babble on about wanting~ THE FACT IS~ which is hard to except is that~ WE MUST ONLY ACT THIS SIMPLE TRUTH as I have~ alone~BUT MABE~FOR OTHERS too GRASP THE SIMPLICITY~ OF THIS SOLUTION THEY WANT~ WITH WORDS SO BAD! It’s NOT HARD~ WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN ALL theknowledge & ABILITY~ WE NEED TO RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM & WE TRY & EXHAUST TRYING TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE~ BUT~ I am finally having to except that~ THERE ARE JUST SO MANY THAT WIULL not budge! &~ Will always seek to complicate a SIMPLE situation ~ as THEY ARE GREEDY ,SELFISH,SCARED,& MOST LAZY~ & ~ TRULY DON’T WANT WHAT THEY SAY~ AND ITS TIME NOW~ FOR US THAT TRULY DO~ To act togethor and join for MABE JUST MABE others would follow if they had an example of which to follow to~WHICH WE CAN SET & IN TURN~provide a placefor those whom will never act ~ to join ~ as MOST JUST WANT IT DONE FOR THEM~ &~ Waste all their energy arguing over when the ET’s will do what we MUST do~ for ourselves that’s the whole point isn’t it~ to make mistaes~ & learn from them~ to set the examples for which the others whom choose can follow ? I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD~ the species I AM~ BUT THIS FEELS LIE A MOMENT OF CLARITY~ E-MAIL me if u want anyone~ if you wish to discuss this ISSUE OF SUCH IMMINENT IMPORTANCE any further? Or any lie minded people whom are ready to be the ones to LEAD~ HUMANITY TO WHAT THEY SEE~WE ALL WANT~FREEDOM~PEACE~ & the BEST WE CAN BE!


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