Pleiadian Message: A Global Call to Action

Greetings, dear ones. Thank you for you assistance thus far, raising your vibrations and going within for your own answers. Some of you have begun to telepathically converse with your own star families, and that is smashing success on your part! Trusting our messages and walking away from the computer in complete faith that all will be well and fall into order without a constant watch for it has been a tremendous detachment effort on your part. Thank you. This brings you closer to oneness, whether you believe it or not. Your mind/logic made you THINK you were connected only by your Internet connection, but many of you are quickly discovering that you are closer to oneness when you connect through your heart chakra and feelings rather than mind/logic/seeing. Kudos to those of you who have taken this courageous step. For those of you who have not yet moved out of the shallow end without your flotation devices, it is time to learn to swim in deeper waters. Give it a try! We guarantee you will float just fine, if nothing else.

Moving on to our message for today. We hesitate to say that it is “urgent,” but we do ask for your swift attention and action in helping us help ALL of you. And, yes, by ALL, we do mean those still hitting the snooze button on the 2012 awakening alarm.

Our main subject of focus at this time, throughout this next week, is your new financial system. If you’re doing energetic work or meditative work, lend some positive energy/manifestation to global abundance. More importantly, however, we ask you to begin the conversation that will activate more positive thought toward one global currency. As you know, this is currently a sore subject with many people on your planet. It raises not just fear, but anger and hotly contested opinions. At this time, we wish to give you a list of advantages and the benefits a global financial system can bring to your planet.

First and foremost, and most advantageous, one global currency creates a level playing field and ends competitive dominance of separate currencies.

Secondly, one global currency will require a very high level of transparency, which will put a stop to deception and fraud, as it will require honorable individuals to work in this new financial institution. Rest assured, thorough background checks and strict psychological evaluations will be administered and individuals wishing to work in this new system must meet the highest spiritual standards before they will be allowed any responsibility in this new sector.

Third, this entirely new system will cancel out all old systems. A global reset means a complete and total reset for everyone on the planet. That means all debts currently owed to any lender of other currencies are completely null and void. You will receive many questions about this. Yes, it means money owed for houses, automobiles, credit cards, student loans, etc. Basically, if you owe money to a bank or financial institution (credit card), those debts are completely canceled, as the money lent out to you never even existed in the first place.

Fourth, once all of the cabalists have been rounded up and all their assets seized, their total actual wealth will be evenly redistributed to the people of the planet in the new, global currency. And having one global currency will make this process much smoother and faster when the time comes to redistribute the wealth.

These are the general concepts of one global financial system with one equal value currency. We have no further details at the moment. When we do, we will share them with you. What we ask you to do at this time is to gently plant seeds with your friends and family, asking them to contemplate this concept. If you find yourself meeting resistance, share the four points above and see if that helps matters. It is best to approach this as a “what if,” scenario with them, simply to get their gears turning. What we are doing from our vantage point is measuring the vibrational response to this concept.

That doesn’t mean your new financial system isn’t in the works. It is very much so, and nearly completely ready to go. What we need to do now is test the readiness of the people for this system. And we ask you, our ground crew of light workers, light warriors, star seeds and the like, to please assist us in this endeavor, as we would like to get this project underway as soon as humanly possible. And, yes, as much as we know it pains you…WHEN this can take place IS, once again, up to all of you. And yes, this IS still about raising vibrations. And yes…you still have to believe it in order to see it.

We know this is a tough, daunting task, as money is still a very highly sensitive subject among you, and many of you still have trouble believing that a fair distribution of wealth and abundance CAN be yours. It is the negative and pessimistic attitudes about money that is keeping global abundance at bay. Once the majority of you (51%) believes that financial abundance can and will flow generously for every man, woman and child on your planet, you can bring it all home.

We have faith in you. We have seen what you can do. We have felt your power. We have felt your love. It is immense. Remember that as you gently and lovingly spread this message and encourage your friends and loved ones to envision with you a world rich in abundance for all, where there is NO lack of anything at all. And there is no greed, because everyone has everything they need, want and more.

We know you can do this for us over the course of this week and into the weekend. We are looking forward to measuring the vibrations across your planet as you share this information and engage in conversation with your people.

Thank you for all of your dedicated work and amazing efforts over the past few weeks! We adore you! Continue to be awesome!

Your loving Pleiadian brother, Peter

Please share this message far and wide. Please reference and the channel Jen Freer. Thank you!

46 thoughts on “Pleiadian Message: A Global Call to Action

  1. Why should we pay for anything if we live on earth? The problem with this mode of thinking is money. If we are concentrating on love, then money should never be an issue. No one should have to sleep in the streets, worry about what they are going to eat the next day, or have a “status quo” to follow. Love means letting go of all that stuff…it means doing what is right all the time. If we have no wants, everyone works together, then the whole money thing would go out the window. Any type of money is control. If we have our basic needs met, we wouldn’t need to worry about any of that stuff. We should want to help our brothers and sisters without the worry of not enough to go around…One World Currency only is a back door for more slaves…we need to think outside the box, not in it.

      • The IMF and Iceland thing are a direct result of what is going on Behind The Scenes. They are events which have, suddenly become too big to keep under wraps and are being forced to be reported on.

        And part of it is because the Cabal knows the arrests are coming, some parts of them are trying to look like they’re doing the right thing.

        Something like this wouldnt happen until it was right down to the wire, the cabal sweep is imminent.

        – – –

        Drake said the arrests would take place within 30-45 days, being that he’s an insider and I doubt would give away the real date I would assume it was much less than that.

  2. In regards to the central issue of the one currency in the system of abundance I would argue that we need to erase our memory in such a way the we ear ease all the bad habits from this system. Specially in regards towards the investors and speculators. In a system of abundance do we need a currency??? How do we organize the human function of creating invention, food, housing, transport ion etc. We all think and trade in the way we are educated and indoctrinated. That’s why I would really suggest that the memory is erased. This might happen b y way off the Sun-flares that are bombarding the earth magnetic system and have the Pine Apple glean fired up to clean date from our memory so we can effectually function in the Golden Age of Abundance.
    Just a thought – and crack up the vibration for the Golden Age
    Love you all and thanks to peter to open the thought vibration on this subject

  3. What about the folks who have scrimped and saved , and not purchased more than they can responably pay off? There won’t be a (lottery win) for them. They have lost, because they don’t get a bonus, unlike most others who were carefree, and had a chance to enjoy their new toys, they get to keep them free too.

    I eneded up losing a great deal by the system being rigged, but it can’t be measured in a current mortgage with a bank. I am not a financial person, so took financial advice from a world authoriy, in a layered plan. They were wrong in every stage. It means I have lost about $100,000 to date, lost my regular income and have none , and now have to live in a cruddy apartment building instead of a wonderful Victorian that I owned outright.

    Not all loss by the system, can be measured by current morgages and car payments alone. If this is the way people are going to win personally, it makes me feel like buying a property with a mortgage promptly and buying a new car and have car payments.

    • Yes that is terrible. I dont suppose there is an immediate fix for that. But in the new system and when these changes occur there is going to be a big demand for People to help jumpstart the various Industries – to restore this country (and others). There will be demand for new jobs, and they will be paying good, respectively.

      You can also use Law Of Attraction to create new abundance, unexpected income, or a financial windfall “to restore what you have lost twice over”. If any of that trips on your expectations, I suggest you work on your own beliefs about what is possible.

      I guess what I am trying to say is what happened in the past is a tragedy, but you have the Future to look forward to. For any of us, all we can do is look forward to the future. Each new day brings the promise of new opportunity, you can always say This is the Start point.

      • Is there anything stopping someone from buying a new car now, get on a payment plan, and when/if the “plan” comes into effect, the loan will be erased?

        What is “Conversations with God”?

        Is the timeline that “Drake” mentioned for a new financial system accurate? I sense it will take longer.

        It seems unjust some people who were taken advantage of enmass are more than compensated, and others who lost perhaps even more by the trickery of the cabal, just lose.
        Doesn’t it?

      • Man my head has been spinning the last couple days because this is coming. . . . just constant headaches I tell you!@

        The Conversations With God books were a channeled work by Neale Donald Walsh. It comprises about 3 books, this particular aspect was discussed in Book 2 (and some stuff about ETs in Book 3). Oddly enough it was written in 1994, before much of these things became popular.

        Im not sure, you might get away with getting the car, you might not.

        Buying a new car at this point would be kinda pointless unless you didnt have one to begin with (like me). Because when the Free Energy technology comes out everybody will be trying to get electric cars or convert their current car to run on electric – because they’ll just stick a generator in it.
        Thats why im getting a Toyota Prius.

        – – –

        Drake didnt talk about exactly when this would happen but he did highlight more or less how things would happen:

        1) Suddenly the US will be locked down – all communications out of the country will be blocked, no international travel, even the satellites will be shut down (GPS probably wont work even). During this window of time, about 3 days or so, the authorities will be doing an extensive sweep across the country detaining everyone on their list – Cabal people, including much of the congress.

        During this time the Insiders and the President will be doing their best to make sure the basic services of the country remain intact, such as the power, water, and even the internet to some degree.
        Local Police will be on guard against potential rioting and panic but otherwise will not be doing anything invasive… the only people being rounded up are those with Cabal and Secret Government affiliations.

        (Drake says there will be a viral video campaign 24 hours in advance of the US Lockdown to help reduce mass panic, but I highly doubt this since I dont think they would wish to tip their hand – and risk the Cabal trying to gut us with a massive assault in the meantime)

        2) During that time or shortly after… the Disclosure will take place. It will be broadcast on a number of channels and it will run 24/7, it will also be broadcast on AM radio from what I understand.
        This will detail extensively the role of the Illuminati, what they have been trying to do, how they have set us up, and the great number of things they have covered up and kept hidden (including the rigging of elections – you know, the really nasty stuff). I would be surprised if they do not also reveal the existence of Extraterrestrials in the process, since the disclosure of the Advanced technology will be part of this.

        3) The IRS, being largely a Cabal run institution, will be shut down ***almost immediately*** and will remain in operation only for tracking down assets owned by the Cabal, and tallying up discrepencies. This could take a long time… so we’re not going to have to worry about those boys anymore.

        4) When the dust clears the options for New Currency options will be worked on and implemented. Probably within 6 months.

        From what ive seen the main reason that Drake is getting the message out is to make sure that people who live out in the boonies stock up on some essentials because the stores in remote areas may not get resupplied for some time.

        And also because the Media will spin this thing full tilt in favor of the Cabal, since they’re run by the Cabal. And since its not some Alien Invasion or Martial Law . . . nobody wants people to fly off the handle more than they already would when they find out what is to be disclosed.

      • He says It seems the arrests will start this month and go into May. I’m not sure if the currency evaluations, (he didn’t say one currency), would be introduced before or after that. The entire transition will be a period of 4-6 weeks. When do you think? I think it will start later and be longer…but I am just guessing.

  4. Thank you dear Jen & Peter,
    I will try to be spread love and light of my soul as strong as I can due to shift new financial system ASAP. I CAN NOT WAIT for this shift any more longer!!!

  5. My opinion (I could be wrong):
    Having one world currency is a 3D solution. Monetary system is corruptible. He who controls money controls the world. This can be turned into an enslavement system at any time.

    Can we not right away put in place 4D solutions instead. Anyway 2012 is about reboot. People is ready for a global revolution.

    I thought the Pleiadians are espousing this:
    “But the final solution is still extremely top secret. It will be unveiled soon…after all governing houses are thoroughly cleaned.

    For those of you hanging on Ben Fulford’s word about everything, please stop and think about it. Why would a group of nations who still have cabalist minions working for them be told of ANY new financial system? This is not to discredit Ben in any way. He does great work. He has been monumental in this shift. And his information about countries/nations in alliance with one another and supporting the BRICS new financial system is not incorrect. They are doing that. They are working on it. But their “solutions” are still very 3D and set in the old ways. Don’t waste any of your energy thinking about it or worrying about it. Think of it as a “decoy.” It’s not the real plan.”

    • Norie what you just said is true.
      The actual system that gets used is the one that is being planned in secret. Who knows what it looks like – can you say that it even seems to be a currency system?

      I do believe it will look something like the Venus Project but it will also incorporate a Personal element to it as well. So basically people have money but there’s a limit to how much they can have, in favor of not destabilizing the flow of the rest of the economy.

      This way the overall flow of resources is not affected, but people get to still make alot of money if they want to.

      Again I digress back to the Conversations With God system.

      In that one God explains that any businesses making more than a certain profit margin or individuals making a certain amount – all of the rest of the money is given to The System. And in fact groups and people who contribute willingly to the system are recognized publicly for doing so.

      The Thresholds for triggering that diversion of funds back into the pot would be reasonable, enough that any -Honest- businessman would have no problem with it and would be proud to serve the whole.

      So if they set the limit for an Individual to be something like $20 Million (equivalent) that means if you somehow made $100 Million… everything beyond the $20 Million goes into the federally mandated charity/restoration fund.

      The restoration fund basically would be used by the Global Alliance to issue checks to everybody on the planet every month (redistribution of wealth, through the Living Wage) and to render aid to places where it is sorely needed.

      • sirgalahadwizard I think you are getting close. I don’t think we are ready to abandon the monitary system quiet yet. You could see it like: “You and your best friends want to go to vacation abroad. In order to do this you need to fly. Your best friend is afraid of flying so boarding a plane without him/her overcome his fear would not be a good idea. So the fear issue needs to be dealt with in order to have your friend learn not to be afraid so you can go to your vacation together. ” Now I think it’s the same with the monetary system. People need to feel safe and calm before adapting next step to get rid of the monetary system. This is why the monetary system can’t be abondened just like that in one go… make sense?

  6. I will definitely share this with my friends in the “What if or How would you feel” scenario and see what responses I get, if any, some that I know personally will respond favorably as we are always chasing the dollar for a better life and if it can be wiped out let’s do it 🙂

  7. I have some questions for you Peter and Jen. Why is 5d style moneyless system not the first choice for earth new method of social organization, and operation we have similar concept here on earth called the Venus Project which has been ready to go for years, its only because of a lack of financial resources and social awareness that this plan for an advanced moneyless society has not been implemented. For those in the know monetary based financial systems are primitive even by our 3d standards and I believe only the best is good enough for the people of earth so I can not understand why you would try and “persuade” us to adopt a lesser option It seems like you have missed this rare earth gem.

    The Venus project can deliver material abundance, advanced technology, environmental restoration and a standard of living which is far beyond what most people can presently conceive. This is all possible NOW using earth based solutions, it would be much grander I imagine with the advanced technology’s that you have developed! We can provide all this to people “without” a price tag and without any chance that further down the road people could again find themselves in difficulty. The Venus Project would see most of people freed from labour in the future by the implementation of advanced robotics and automation. Can you explain how the usage of your technology’s will free people from monotonous and repetitive everyday tasks freeing them to utilise their creativity to its full potential?

    • Hi Dane!

      I have a few minutes before I have to leave work for my monotonous one-hour commute home. Sooo jonesin’ for the Venus Project right NOW!!!

      Anyway, the global financial system is a very temporary thing designed to help pull us out of the deep dark depths of despair of 3D and help push us up into 5D. The idea behind it is to raise the vibrations of everyone by taking away all of the worries. The idea of going straight to a moneyless society is felt to be too risky since the collective vibration is still too low.

      The feeling is that the BEST way to raise the vibrations is to give EVERYone the feeling they’ve won the lottery and take away all the worries and fears. Once those are gone, it is much, much easier to raise vibrations even higher into 5D.

      Gotta run for now, but I will try to ask Peter more about this and see if he has a more eloquent response than I. 🙂

    • You’ve got a good point there Dane but I think the Venus project also is founded for a kind of “wake up call” to the masses so they can start thinking in abundance sustainability terms.
      There is a reason for everything I would suggest.

  8. The important thing is embracing the “Oneness”, the unified consciousness, what manifests in 3d is only small stepping stones, and nothing to get that worked up about either way.

  9. In the Conversations With God… god explained that there would be a one-world-currency . . . it would be required.

    In Convo it was also said the currency would be Electronic/Digital so that way there cant be any Paper or Coin money laying around that you can hide.

    And all Transactions will be publicly viewable, even private transactions between individuals or the money you pay for things yourself. The reason being that if all transactions are visible then there is an undeniable paper trail for all money everywhere – no more of this shadow government crap.

    And whats more, by being able to track the transactions of Businesses and Corporations we can keep them straight by threatening boycott if they decide to charge a high profit margin on their services and goods.

    . . . . .

    I would also like to personally say that one of the biggest fears about the Digitial Currency is that everyone would get Microchips implanted in them. But that isnt necessary anymore with the technology we now have… and it would be one big sign that the Cabal was still around if we were being told we had to get chipped.

    More or less you would have an ID Card which had an RFID chip in it, that you just swiped and that was your payment. As if your “money” itself was like a debit card – on your driver’s license. If the universal database was offline in a certain area or a merchant’s card reader lost its connection, they could scan the codes anyway and post the payment at thier first available opportunity as if it was a Check.

    I think personal transactions between individuals could be handled in a form similar to a Check as well.

    Combined with this payment there would also either be a Thumbprint verification or Iris scan – both of which are easy to do these days and accurate to unbelievable levels. And yeah – you can still have a PIN# verification or Password.

    Just like in the movie “Minority Report” we have the technology to scan people’s Eyes and identify them, even at a distance. There is nothing invasive about this.

    Combine those two forms of biometrics together and thats pretty unbeatable, and almost impossible to fake. Voiceprint authentication is another biometric option.

    So there’s absolutely no reason for an invasive Microchip, and anyone who says so either has an agenda or is trying to load more responsibility on the backbone of microchip politics.

    About the only use for a Microchip is for someone who is Mentally Handicapped who might escape from an asylum or some place where they are safely cared for. Just like a lost pet. Thats about it.

    As for having some form of “ID” that cant be faked or manipulated… Microchips can be shorted out using microwave radiation. So that arguement doesnt hold water either. And as for being tracked – you can wrap metal foil around the part of your body that has the chip and they would lose your signal.

  10. Instead of worrying about ‘how’ this will happen or what effect it will have, we need to be focusing on world abundance and using our power to visualize abundance for all. It is up to us to pave the way, to plant to seed, to BE the change that we choose to see happening.
    Thanks Jen and Peter ~ Blessings ♥

    • Thank you, Debbie, for that reminder! This is a chance to be in dialogue with others and “share the dream,” if you will. And, of course, to allow our star brothers and sisters to get a read on our “readiness” vibes. Our work is cut out for us! We need to shed light on the fact that a global financial system with one equal currency is not necessarily an “evil” concept. Yes, NWO had a similar idea, but it was to enslave us, NOT cancel our debts or redistribute wealth. Don’t forget to use the “what if” scenarios with your friends and family and ask them, “What if this new financial system meant debt forgiveness for you?” and “What if the new system repaid you everything the banksters took from you by way of loan interest over the years?” and “What if it means you actually get a share of THEIR pie with fair wealth distribution?” Just some ideas.

      Also, here is a video that was released back in January that discussed a similar concept. It was not well received, mainly due similar fear issues regarding NWO.

      If you go to watch it on YouTube, you can read the comments and see what kind of fear this video caused. SO…gives you a barometer for what we are dealing with. All we need is 51% positive thoughts, though! 🙂

      • PS: The video was shot at the home of Marcus and Sheila Gillette. Sheila channels THEO, a group of arch angels. Somehow I do not think the Gillette’s would support any NWO shenanigans.

      • Most people are Cynical about these things thats the reason that trying to highlight the Benefits of a one-world currency just seems to go in one ear and out the other. Its basically a “yeah right” response, these people are only going to be convinced over time.

        Even with the promise of transparency – and this system and the people running it dont seem so impossibly far away – people will still say “yeah but what goes on behind closed doors…”

        I dont think that the Disclosure of the Cabal is going to change their minds really, it just proves what they subconsciously knew all along but had accepted as the way it is. Alot of people are still going to think that the Cabal is trying to gain a foothold again when the “New Currency” is proposed. . . as if our wonderful leaders that have taken over have themselves somehow been replaced.

        – – –

        Im just saying – these are the obstacles – and these kind of obstacles are not easily overcome.

        But after the Dec 21st event everybody will become inherently more psychic and these doubts would subside quickly.

        Personally I am in favor of a transitional currency like the BRICS to wien us off the old monetary system. And it gives those people who supposedly have secret gold fortunes coming out of their ears a chance to do their part (if indeed individuals like these exist).

        I also believe any illegitimate fortunes the Cabal has stocked away gathering dust just to affect the economy should be confiscated and Destroyed (and/or deleted). Since it was fake money to begin with and having been withheld from the public – it might as well not exist anyway.

        I mean if some guy has 15 Trillion bucks in some account and he’s a cabal stooge – zap that money – it doesnt exist. Its poisoned goods to begin with.

      • Sir…

        You say: “I dont think that the Disclosure of the Cabal is going to change their minds really, it just proves what they subconsciously knew all along but had accepted as the way it is. Alot of people are still going to think that the Cabal is trying to gain a foothold again when the “New Currency” is proposed. . . as if our wonderful leaders that have taken over have themselves somehow been replaced.”

        This is WHY peter is asking us to start a NEW dialogue. Also, Peter did not mention cabalist money. He said “assets.” Which, to me, means goods that are actually worth something. Not paper money.

  11. The point I tried to make to a couple people on a forum is that the Global Currency and Global Government were required whether we ended up being ruled by the cabalists, or walking into the golden age of freedom.

    Its all about the way these things are Used that matters.

    With the Cabal Roundup looming in just a matter of days I expect This Subject is also important to focus on, though I suppose we could wait until that happened. Because there will be quite some time before the chaos caused by this (Awesome and Exciting) transition clears up.

    However even during that time people will be looking for answers. Thats the benefit of meditating and focusing on a solution to this. . . the ideas they need to follow through with the Universal Currency would come to them.

    – – –

    Personally I have -No Idea- how to make something like that work, from an economic perspective. Though I imagine just to be safe we ought to have No Standard for the money to back and the Money Itself should be worth something.

    No more price fluctuations based on what could be the amount of resources a country has. The money always has a fixed value and dar I say would also pretty much remain the same amount in volume.

    As for the bias of the People that bias was put there specifically By the Cabal, who was hoping to slip us this solution ever so gently over decades, while the Fear perpetuated before would hold us back from implementing a Healthy Unified Currency.

    However with the Disclosure of the Cabal at hand, I believe at least half of the battle will be won.

    In the meantime we may need a temporary solution. The BRICS system which has been looked down on might actually be a good way to transition out of this old system, perhaps with the direct intention of switching over to a universal currency in the future. A money system that is familiar to us and operates using the old systems of gold-backing… but at the same time is also on the level and honest.

    Anything to get us away from this dirty old money we use right now – anything. Maybe we can jump straight to the One World currency, maybe not.

    As I write this it is 12:21pm which I believe might be a foreboding sign that perhaps we will pass the Dec 21st event before a Unified Currency takes root. But at least we will be in the process of fixing our problems.

  12. When I think of ONE love, one currency, abundance for all and no more worries as far as things we need to live and BE happy, my heart sings and I feel so much love and hope….so….I will instill in others as much as I can this idea of ONE love, one currency and joy for all people!!! Funny how when I broach this subject to others, how much fear and hesitancy people have around this. We’ve been stuck in such survival mode for so long it’s as if no one can even imagine it….but I will try my best to get across to others that this is something that can and will be done!!!

  13. There is a big difference between this and the new world order. The new world order was to run by the global elite to the detriment of all of us.When sharing with others, I think just begin by saying this is something that counters the NWO and is bringing prosperity and Oneness to All. One needs to trust the Within All will come a knowing that a Loving change is coming to the Planet. Be at peace with the whole change. Those around you will be more affected by the the Love and Peace you are sharing than by any words. There are no mistakes. Everything is perfect and in its Perfect Moment. It will all be Wonderful. Trust that the Creator is bringing us into Light and Love and you will feel your Role in each moment and it will be Perfect.

    • rickwinsor your statements really resonates with me. True abundance is when the monetary schackels are lifted and we can choose ourselves. People are watching this all over the globe.
      Greetings, loven and light from Sweden

  14. Interesting. I’ve been listening to David Icke, and this is something he’s been telling us that’s what’s coming, instigated by the Cabal/Illuminati and he says that’s their way of global domination. I am no finance geek so have no idea if he’s right.

    • Yes, the Illuminati had similar plans for their New World Order, but this is NOT the same thing. This is why Peter was clear in his points to note that this financial system will be transparent and there will be very strict standards individuals must meet in order to work in this honorable system.

  15. Planting the seeds of an alternative one-world currency is, indeed, going to be very difficult, and not necessarily with those who still doze quietly. The awakened ones have been aware for a long time that the cabalist have intended a one-world currency of their own as a major prop of the New World Order that TPTB worked so hard to implement. Now, as they fail, we are being asked to promote just such a currency; albeit a different one with more honourable intentions. However, persuading the true believers that this is NOT the NWO’s scheme ain’t gonna be easy! They’re alert to trickery, unlike the “sleepers” who will probably accept it more willingly as their awareness grows.
    Oh well, let’s see how it goes! :-))

    • I agree It will be a hard idea to sell to people the one world currency system since that is one of the main tools the illuminati needs to implement to achieve their world wide domination by financial means, and everyone in this world already knows about it ! Will you elaborate then on the transparent and strick rules that will make this new world currency system you are proposing here completely “honorable” and fool proof new financial system and not a other tool to be usurp by the dark ones in the future and used agains us?

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