I didn’t incarnate to get my ass kicked; did you?

It has come to my attention lately — over the past year or so — that many “lightworkers” have become quite a bit jaded and cynical, even. Bitter, maybe? I dunno. Anyway, this is why I have moved away from posting positive messages from our Pleiaidan Ascended Masters (yes, many of them are from the Pleiades, and, no, I’m not going to argue with all the know-it-all newbs about this fact, which comes directly from the Akashic Records, which I have been reading since 2010, and trust far more than some hyper-accelerated third-wave person on an ascension trip).

Here’s the truth… just because you’re suddenly “woke” does not mean you have all the deets or facts or truth, even. Many of the newly awakened are in their initial stages of 4D consciousness, and they want to say they are 5D, but yet they are still so tangled up with ego that they post comments all over the interwebs that make them seem very troll-ish.

Frankly, it’s a chaotic MESS, and most of the time it seems not even worth approaching because, for me, it’s a waste of my precious time and energy.

Here’s the T (which means “truth” for those of you who do not follow Rupaul’s Drag Race): we are ALL on unique and SEPARATE spiritual journeys. What Tom experiences on his ascension trip (yeah, this is my new favorite phrase for “spiritual path/journey”) is designed specifically for Tom by his Akashic Team (Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in spirit and his higher-self who are in soul contract to assist Tom and ONLY Tom). Now Dick might experience some similar things on his journey, and he might be more of an A(hole) type personality, so he is going to INSIST that he knows EVERYTHING about ascension trips and he may THINK he is “more woke” than Tom, so he is suddenly going to start coaching Tom in a way that is not at all comfortable or even jiving with what Tom feels is going on within his personal, uniquely designed journey.  (Starting to sound familiar? Or do we need examples?)

YAY! Examples! Okay! Let’s say, for Tom, he feels that 11:11 has something to do with the Law of Attraction, and that when he sees this number (everywhere, ALL the time) that is a reminder to him to keep his thoughts and feelings positive so that he can “attract” or, better yet, “manifest” the life he desires. Well, along comes Harry who insists that 11:11 is all about the Twin Flame soul mate who serves as a “mirror” to him to reflect the things he needs to work on (or let go of) in order to surrender his ego and become one with his soul. Dick, who somehow manages to ruin every good thing that comes along for him in the romance department (and blames it ALL on his counterpart, of course) INSISTS that there is NO SUCH THING as a TWIN FLAME, and launches into a diatribe debunking every Twin Flame theory known to humanity. And Dick’s the expert cuz, you know… he’s been there and done that already. Fell down that rabbit hole, which was a quicksand to H E double hockey sticks. Which doesn’t exist, by the way, but Dick does a great job of creating it for himself.

So now everyone is perplexed and ready to just forget this whole spiritual path thing because no one can agree on anything and what it all means. And this is why I have always HATED organized religion and group stuff when it comes to spirituality or… well… ANYthing, really. Creative Writing workshops. Peer edits. Okay, I digress, but you get it. Opinions are like a-holes. Yeah, yeah. Everyone has one. The PROBLEM is… everyone lately is presenting their OPINION as if it is FACT. And this is causing more confusion and polarity than we ever expected possible on an ascension trip, because everyone is looking to others for the answers, but the answers are not matching up or jiving.

Welp, here’s the beauty, folks. We DON’T have to agree. The Ascension Trip is not going to be the SAME for everybody. Yes, we’re going to see repeating numbers as messages. They are not going to mean the same thing for everyone. And, how about this? They’re not even going to mean the same thing every time you see them. How’s that for a mind bender?

I keep seeing “the veil is getting very thin.” Yes, it is. Why? Because more and more people are in 4D consciousness (awareness of spirit) than ever before. Is this a good thing? Well, here’s what I’ve learned about 4D from the Akashic Records and also from exploring it in many, many lifetimes. The fourth dimension is the spirit dimension. There are 12 realms. That means 12 different types of 4D beings. Some are very loving and kind. Some are playful. Some are pranksters. And some are downright mean and nasty. The fourth dimension still holds duality and polarity and the root energies of fear and love and everything in between. Now by Dimension, we are not talking about another “physical place.” In fact, the Akash says that all the beings here are spirits. And they are right next to us, living side by side with us, but, until we are open enough (consciously and vibrationally [okay, so that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway] we aren’t aware of them. Or perhaps we are only partially aware of them, through clairsentience (feeling) or claircognizance (knowing) or clairaudience (hearing) or even by smell, which is a common one. Of course, there are those who can see them quite clearly, but they can’t hear them or communicate clearly with them. And, again, that is because we are all unique and we have chosen which sixth-sense abilities we will have as gifts (natural givens) and which ones we will have to work to develop. Regardless, we are all waking up to our awareness of spirit, and that is a good thing because they can help us THROUGH 4D (we’re not staying to play; this time we’re just passing through) on our
way to 5D.

I’ve been hearing from many of my clients that they have been experiencing psychic attacks by malevolent beings. I have even experienced some weird and unexpected stuff lately, as well. And that is because we ARE being tested. Do we have what it takes? How will we react and respond to negative energy? It’s all around us these days. We thought we were through the woods, many of us, but then we ran into this HUGE WTF situation that has sent many of us reeling ass over elbow. What we thought we could fix with unconditional love, oneness and unity has seemingly… well… stirred the turd, rattled the cages and kicked up the hornets nests. And, I get it, the resurgence of hatefulness has collectively brought us down into sadness, hopelessness and defeat. Some have even decided to “fight back” with anger and resistance. Which is natural. For 3D and 4D conscious humans. We tried. But we’re just not there yet. We’re just not ready for oneness and unity. It was a nice dream. But the reality is…

… well, the reality is that we forgot how to lead by example. We forgot how to resist the temptation to respond with anger. We forgot that our true power lies in our blissfulness. Yes. Blissfulness. No, not ignorance. We are not required to watch the or read “the daily news.” (And we’re not even required to believe it!) We are also not required to agree to the “terms and conditions” of the 3D Matrix. We did not incarnate to play by the rules in this lifetime, my loves. No, we did not. We didn’t even come here to change the rules or create a “new system.” Let’s face it, systems are not inclusive, and they certainly don’t equally support everyone. Jobs are for slaves. Money isn’t real. And power is for the weak and fearful.

Wait, what???!!!

Power is for the weak and fearful? Oh, here we go. Ascended Master wisdom is kicking in.  Here it comes.

Yes. Power is for the weak and fearful. And this is what you absolutely MUST understand about malevolent 4D beings (and malevolent 3D beings, as well). Think about it. If you have love and compassion, that is all you truly need. Power… it’s an ego thing. And what is ego? Ego is fear. People who own guns “to protect themselves” are fearful. If they were not fearful, they would not need guns to protect themselves. And, of course, by being fearful, they are manifesting situations for themselves in which they will need to protect themselves. They will claim by owning a gun that they are no longer fearful, but this would be a false statement. They are fearful.

So this is much like the bully, the homophobe, and the narcissist… we all know that they are insecure and fearful and that is what drives them to behave the way they do.


But yet we still allow them to somehow steal our joy… whether it’s through anger or fear or impatience…

All of those are fear-based feelings.

True. Anything that is not love, trust, joy or bliss is pretty much a fear-based vibration. I get that. So how do we avoid falling into that trap?

It’s simple.

It always is.

True. If it’s not simple, then the ego is involved and complicating it with fearfulness. 

Such wisdom.

There’s this song you listened to as a teen. You were thinking of it a few minutes ago. How did it go? “Girl, don’t go away mad. Girl, just go away?”

Yes. Motley Crue.

And so it’s like that; don’t walk away mad… just walk away. Just walk away. No need to get tangled up in the drama of 3D emotional mindsets or allow them to drag you down into lower vibration (and your vibration is ALWAYS your choice; if you believe otherwise, that’s your ego talking).

Yeah, if we choose to lower ourselves into those fear-based vibrations and put up a fight or argument or whatever, then we’re just spinning our wheels ’round and ’round. (RATT. HA!!)

We’re glad you’re having fun with this.

Yes! FUN!!! That is why we came! To raise the bar, raise the vibration, and help humanity rediscover the JOY of incarnation. I mean, I didn’t come here to get my ass kicked. So why are we allowing ourselves to lower in vibration? Individually and collectively? Over STUPID shit. Aren’t we (“lightworkers,” “wayshowers,”) ABOVE all of this? Don’t we know better? Are we not aware that, despite the chaos of the duality and polarity trickery, we still have wings? That we CAN fly high and still help others do the same? That we CAN walk away without being mad or sad or psychotically charged? Systems are for sissies, and we do NOT need to participate in it any longer. In fact, participating only prolongs the life of the 3D Matrix and it’s insidiousness.


Why would we do that? Collectively, I mean. There are way more of us than there are of them.


But they have weapons. Crazy, high-tech weapons.

Which they are not allowed to use. Starting forest fires with them to make you fear them was a cute trick, but, we ensure you, they are not allowed to use them against humanity.

What about all the poison they put into the air, ground and water.

Oh, the power of suggestion is a curious thing, dear one. 

That’s IT, isn’t it? It’s all power of suggestion.


So bliss isn’t ignorance after all! Bliss is BLISS.


And there is no need to pay attention to the “warnings” because it is ALL fake news and fear mongering that throws us into malevolent manifestation mode.

Now you got it. 

I already knew this.

Of course you did. And so do all the other lightworkers and wayshowers.

So we avoid the trap by walking away from the trap.

Mm hmm.



But what if we don’t see the trap?

You already know there’s a trap. Anything that is not love or joy or bliss or happiness, remember.

BLISSFUL bliss! You’re so right!

Thank you. We pride ourselves on it. 

I know there is a lot more that you can see from your perspective, and that is why I trust you all with the wisdom you share. Of course, I see a lot of people like myself… healers, wayshowers and lightworkers and whatnot… say things like, “Okay, I know that the masters say that, but that is not the reality we are living in here.” So what do you say to those who have sort of given up and resorted to these kinds of statements?

It would all run much smoother and more quickly if you all, collectively, walked away from the 3D Matrix and mindset and created your OWN better way of living (which you do see some brave trailblazers attempting, by the way) but some are still hoodwinked into believing they need governance and systemic structure for fairness and stability.

But none of the systemic structures are fair OR stable!

Well, only for the elites, of course. 


Which you ALL know. 

Yes. I don’t think there is a soul out there who doesn’t realize this.

So why do you continue to allow it? You incarnated with a huge soul group and extensive star family to change that. 

Right. And I didn’t come here to get my ass kicked by a crumbling system that’s on its last legs, either. But this team of peeps you’re talking about. This crew of crusaders… I dunno. I feel like they are waiting for something that is never going to come. Some “event” they keep talking about. Some tsunami of energy that is supposed to wake everyone up and magically make everything better. Well, SOME still believe that. But some don’t believe that at all anymore. Some have even walked away from their light work back into 3D slave jobs. It’s like they had some big romantic idea about this ascension process, but it didn’t happen quickly enough or in the way they expected, so they walked away mad.

We are aware of this. And, as we have said all along, YOU are the ones you have been waiting for. YOU are the galactics you have been waiting for… as starseeds, you came back to save yourselves. 

Why are so many not aware of this, then?

We call it 3D fog. To incarnate into the 3D Matrix, you agree to forget all you know, and you take on the hindrance of the human ego. 

So the higher vibration doesn’t really come from the cosmos, then, right? It comes from us, as a collective?

You do get SOME help from the cosmos. And spirit. Good spirit. And your multidimensional selves, yes. You’re all connected in that way. Once you reach 4D consciousness, you are able to recall both backward and forward, all the lives you are simultaneously living. The 3D Matrix enables you to slow down and focus on just one life at a “time,” but the matrix itself has been corrupted in the most malevolent ways.

And here I thought the word of the day was “gerrymandering.”

[Chuckles.] Yes, malevolent does seem to be the word of the day, does it not? Well, then, so be it. But, yes, the 3D Matrix has been corrupted and that is originally why many of you agreed to incarnate to it (despite the density and destructiveness of it all) as a means to upgrade it to something more meaningful and far less corrupt.

But then the 3D fog takes over and we forget why we’re here, and we fall into the fear-based traps…

True, but many of you do know, to some extent, why you’re there this time, as you’ve all been living awakened lives this time around, and, more than likely, for a few go arounds. 

By “go around” you mean incarnated lifetimes in the 3D Matrix?


Hey, speaking of that, (and not to change the subject or interrupt the flow… )

No, by all means, it’s your blog.

Thank you. I feel this is important, so I want to get your take on it. So there are some “lightworkers” out there who have been selling themselves as experts and making themselves out to be a bit more important than others. Not that this rattles my chain or anything; I mean, we’re all special and we all have work to do here that is important to the ascension of humanity or the matrix or whatever, but what can you tell us about that and this notion by some that there are only 144,000 who are meant to ascend in this lifetime.

Well, firstly, those 144,000 souls (ascended masters) have incarnated in multiplicity, so there are way more than just 144,000.

Okay, so, “incarnated in multiplicity” means one soul incarnated as several different humans living parallel lives within the same matrix?

That is correct. And, yes, you are correct when you say that you are ALL special with important contributions to make, so any one individual trying to sell themselves as “the one and only” or one of the 144,000, (and we are aware that there are many who are doing this) is simply suffering from a bit of egomania and not honoring our code of ethics.

Rule number one of 144K Club is that we don’t talk about 144K Club?

Precisely. We understand proclaiming identity for authenticity’s sake and to share credentials to give others confidence when seeking advice or wisdom, and that is fine. Knowing who you are at soul level is a great accomplishment, and, for those within your soul group you are in soul contract to assist, that is one thing, but to proclaim your identity as a means for power or manipulation, that is simply unbecoming of an Ascended Master. 

I just want to take a moment to say that even though I do know who I am, and I have shared my soul identity with others, I hope that I have never come across as manipulative or power-seeking. I don’t really care about any of that. My main goal is finding and sharing TRUTH. I have been given a number of opportunities to “go big time,” but I have declined. In fact, when I asked my higher-self for guidance on the matter, she said quite simply, “we don’t sell out.” And I was relieved, because I agree with that 100 percent. I don’t wish to be onstage selling “truth” or teaching webinars or seminars. That’s one of the reasons I don’t publish the novels I wrote. I don’t want to go on book tour. I prefer to stay humble and unknown, helping only those I am in soul contract to help. This is also why I don’t channel Pleiadian messages anymore. Especially if there is nothing “new” to share. (Not that I don’t believe in y’all, but you are me and we are ONE.) Anyway, that being said, I know that there a quite a few humble lightworkers and healers who have sort of backpedaled at this point on theories regarding “ascension.” Some are saying now that they don’t believe all of humanity will ascend in this lifetime. So I am curious as to what you have to share with us about that.

All are, indeed, meant to ascend in this lifetime, but it is up to each individual to do the work required to ascend. 

So it’s not an automatic, guaranteed thing, like some were touting a few years ago — some magical “event” that saves us all?

We already told you that you (humanity) ARE the “event.” We know that it is far more gradual than you all had hoped, but ascension can be MUCH quicker for everyone if they simply surrender their ego and move into oneness with their soul. But humanity hangs onto fear-based vibration and ego as if it is their life preserver.

I think the main fear is, “What if it’s not true? What if there is no such thing as bliss or oneness? What if what we got right now is as good as it gets?”

Ah. Yes. But you can never swim in the blissful waters if you continue to cling to the “life-as-you-know-it preserver.” What you’re describing is, of course, fear of the unknown.

Right. And then there is also that fear of getting a taste of it, and then losing it.

The only way you can “lose” your bliss is by allowing yourself to lower your vibration back down into fear. And why do that? For what purpose? Because it’s lonely in 5D? Because misery loves company? Because your comfort zone is the fear zone?

Well, being an empath, I do know that it is difficult to stay in high vibration when everyone around me is feeling cruddy.

So blaze a new trail and invite others to join you. If they want to remain wallowing in 3D, that’s not your responsibility, and you don’t need to wallow with them.

True. I mean, I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I didn’t incarnate to get my ass kicked.

I came to slay.

And by that, I mean, I came to help create something better for ALL of humanity, without fighting or violence or knives in the back, even if it is gradual progress, but slow and steady wins the race, aye?

So who’s with me?

12 thoughts on “I didn’t incarnate to get my ass kicked; did you?

  1. Jen!!! Fucking loved it!! Accurate AF…Truly resonates in me SOL Fam!

  2. Hello there, I’m in a crazy what the fuck head faze trying to get 2 grips with all this new shit thst is pumping me man. Basically thankyou for your truth n guidance on this matter. After trying 2 hose pipe myself months ago in my best fucking car yet!!! What a twatt! This has all been so intense that I have 3ven tried to get myself put back in the mental home I put myself in (after the hose pipe saga!! They wouldn’t let me back in hahaha!!!
    My kids are so damaged by ego they have only just allowed me to go out again! (With my car) bless them! But I’ve had 2 kick some ass 2 show them that muma is back in da house!! N she ain’t having no ego thrown @ her. This muma just wants love all around n guidance to become the best I can achieve for my own self love n kindness. Otherwise how can I be n example or a guide to other’s n help with this planetary fuzzy fog s..t?….
    I can’t so with my help lol! Hehehe!!@ I’m teaching my eggs of nature to try 2 give up on the ego! In a gentle way that only a mother knows how…
    This is all new to me I think?..
    So for now iam choosing to enjoy this journey n teach myself more of what I all ready know but my ego is still trying to give me trickery tests thst I will not adhere to or react to as it gets Mr in big trouble. Example! A few weeks ago I decided after having a bevy n a smoke that I woz going to punch my son’s bestest buddy in the nose coz it woz bent n I love him so it woz my gift to him!! He had no warning of the pitch n left the house after I looked him in the eyes n said ” yep thst looks straighter!!!
    My ego the nxt day woz so excited thst it had reared its head again!
    Until me Julie kicked in n kicked it’s sorry ass back 2 it’s cave where it is still sulking! C me Julie she don’t take no crap! She is full of love for the whole universe n more so now for herself. I hope this connects with you coz I’m still baffled myself. Lol! Iam choosing to continue with my own healing to see how far self love n wisdom can make me be my true purpose in life other than the twatt! Thst had been written on my head well! Say all my life. I’ve rubbed it off now but the t sometimes needs a little extra rubbing as it tries to come back. Bit like a very rubbing a lamp! No clue as 2 why that came out n I don’t really care either. This is my happiest day so far finding this blog! Breath of stagnant air. If any of you wish to enlighten me more on who wrote this blog, I will be even more able to corrupt the world with my annoyance n trickery of self love. Big snogs! To the whole of man kind or woman kind or whatever kind. Juliet. ( the biggest twatt of us all)) hehehe!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I don’t think you’ll believe how serendipitous this article was for me. I have never seen your work, and I found this article by complete accident (although, we never truly have accidents, do we?)
    I had just gotten done fighting with my husband about how enlightened he is. (I know…irony) and then I asked him the most vulnerable question I’ve ever asked him. “How many times have you seen and felt my selfless love for anyone, including you?” To my horror, he said “Just a few times.” And we’ve been together almost 8 years! Imagine my shock and disbelief. I, the world’s most enlightened guru and powerful sage? Being told by an “unenlightened” that I was not loving? Yeah. Lets just say, my ego finally took the knock out punch it deserved for quite some time.
    The irony here is that, after I got out of bed from our argument (couldn’t go back to bed as I was fuming mad), I wrote in my journal all the ways I missed my TRUE soul mate. The one I know I didn’t incarnate with (that I truly have met before) and how all this time, I’ve been alone.
    I wrote about how hard it was to be the only one “awake” in a world full of zombies and bobble heads. And the pain of suffering in vain to give hefty doses of red pills, that the majority throw up.
    But then, a light bulb went off.
    I realized something while journaling. That in 8 years of struggling to wake up a normie (better name than the alternative sometimes), I have gotten ZERO percent more accomplished by pushing him. Constant suffering, on my part, to wake up someone that wants to remain asleep, is agonizing. But I’m realizing, not only is my love not felt by him right now on his journey, but it’s actually lowering MY vibrations and causing me to forget why I’m here. Its draining me of MY joy and happiness to force someone awake. Why did I ever think it was my responsibility?
    That’s when I googled soul mates. I have no idea how this article came up, but it looked very eye catching.
    Within the first few paragraphs, I about s**t my pants. The complete shock on my face, while reading the name Tom was something I wish I’d had a camera for. My husband’s name is Tom. And my name is Dick. As in Dick Head.
    I couldn’t believe how accurately you portrayed the innocent Tom as he is just struggling to get by in his own journey, while the self promoting Dick (Head) wanted to be the one to save him. Tom didn’t need to be saved as much as Dick, ironically enough.
    The Synchronicities were too many to list here. Lets just say, I KNOW that Spirit led me to this article. And I just want to thank you for writing it to give cynical Dicks like me everywhere, a dose of the red pill.
    I enjoyed it thoroughly and I will certainly be keeping this blog in my favorites from now on. Even if all you did was help one Dick, it was worth the time it took you, I’m sure.
    Btw, another synchronicity is that my name is Jen, too.
    Thanks again. Happy Blissfullness to you, friend.


  4. Hi Jen! I just finished the second paragraph and this could already be my favorite post so far. 🙂 Off to read the rest…

  5. Hi Jean, I’m with you, it match perfectly…yes it is so, myself too I stop to send message do collective Medi and so on, I love to work in silence….With Love Luigi

  6. Oh my goodness, that was such a fun article to read. I can totally relate to all that you said. I loved your total honesty about this ascension thing. I must admit I was so excited at first when I started reading about all this a few yrs ago, but then as you said, when we don’t see the changes we were expecting and hoping for, it really does make you question the validity this ascenstion journey we are on. It has been confusing but this article makes a lot of sense to me now. So thank you for your honesty. I am determined to persist in my ascension journey.

  7. Hello Jen! Loved this article very much…I’ve enjoyed your energy with all your writings. Yes, to this authentic and fresh message..which includes this helpful reminder…..”you (humanity) ARE the “event.” We need perhaps to stop looking outside of ourselves so much and turn within, to get familiar with ourselves while observing our selves from an inner perspective. It has been a new discipline for me….after getting my ass kicked by the negative energies that want to crush me. Seriously, the way “in” is not as difficult as it may seem; certainly worth the shift. Love you and your work that has brought forward such a strong and clear message. Many thanks!

  8. Thank you for the truth which aligns with what I know and live PeLoHa all ways maryandalan 💛💛💛

    Sent fromiPad


  9. Hi Jen, What a lovely surprise to find you in my in-box. It really gave me a lift. I have been creating a special event for May 5 this year and your post added some added dimensions to my plan. It is my 90th birthday and I have a hall from 10 to 1 in Oakland. I have been spreading the word to build a large gathering through all my networking channels. A lot of people see my light and are curious. It will be an opportunity to shower some light and open some diversity awareness and healing human connections. I will have some speakers, a black Muslim woman and an East Indian woman someone who is doing prison work…It is still taking shape and has to do with the question “What Defines You” that was put forth in Oprah’s Feb issue. I have no idea where you are but would love to have you there. I am creating this to be quite a bit out of the box. Any suggestions for music with the message. I think one will be Everything Is Change.Feel free to communicate. Your message is no accident !!! Blessings, Barbara

  10. Hi Jen , whew that was some post 🙂 I couldn’t agree more that everyone has a unique journey . WE all came here to clean up years of using this planet as a playground/learning . All of our experiences have been unique as will be our path to ascension simply put clean up your own back yard the best way spirit guides you , your unique !

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