URGENT Pleiadian Message for all Starseeds 1.30.2014

ImageNote from Jen: Peter has not asked me to share any messages for a long time. This one felt rather urgent to share. He sounded quite grave and serious. I felt, at first, it might not even be him, and that the message would be all doom and gloom. However, what came through seems legitimate given my personal work and “mission” coming through my higher self Master Sarah/Scarborough. We began the Being Sarah chapter about the Web of Collective Consciousness last month which seemed to be put on hold for whatever reason. Now this message from Peter comes with what feels like a sense of urgency for all starseeds currently inhabited on Earth. If you know yourself to be a starseed, please become heart-centered before reading this message. Also, please share this far and wide AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE through all starseed channels to which you belong. Translation to other languages is requested.


Dear fellow brother and sister starseeds currently inhabiting planet Earth,

By this time, you know who you are. Or you at least know in your heart and soul that your light being originated from a star system that is not the one you currently inhabit. Whether you know yourself to be Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, or the like, we call on you now to ascend into your higher self starseed being. It is time to shed the human ego and transcend all that keeps you imprisoned in 3D bondage.

As we told you before, YOU are the ones you have been waiting for. And now is the time for you all to rise and shine your light onto the truth of the power and control you have subjected yourselves to for so very long now. You are there to free humanity from its own debt slavery, human trafficking, poverty, war, environmental destruction, and planet resource stripping. You are there to usher in the new, positive energy and not only witness, but to participate in the “changing of the guards.” For you, dear starseeds, are the new guardians of planet Earth, and it is you who will educate those still slumbering about the new, peaceful way of living, without fear and in full confidence that your lives are meant to be fair, free and enjoyed to the fullest as you nourish your mother, Gaia, back to health while instituting the technology that enables free energy to sustain the entire planet.

You have waited long enough to blossom into your full power and potential, dear ones. Now is the time to believe in yourselves and your personal power. Now is the time to gather together with your fellow starseeds and to begin developing your grand master plan which has been encoded within you since the day you incarnated into physical form. You all have a piece of the puzzle, and it is time to share your piece with the others to create the big picture, which you all have a snapshot of in your mind’s eye. You all know in your hearts how this will play out. It is time to begin using your telepathic and visionary gifts and sharing them with one another. The faster and sooner the better!

You have a communication web that you all created for yourselves to use exactly for this time. It is now time for you to telepathically access that web of unity collective consciousness and begin filling it with your visions and heart knowledge/wisdom. Only starseeds of the proper vibration can begin using this web. If you cannot access it, then you need to work on your personal vibration. I am now sending out a visionary symbol that will give you access to this communication web. Close your eyes now and look to your mind’s eye to see it. This is what you must envision in order to gain secure access to the web. It is already encoded within you, so, if you are meant to see it, you will, and it will give you complete access to the web once you envision it if you are in correct, heart-centered vibration when you do so.

Many of you starseeds are clustered close together within various regions throughout your planet, and you are all encoded with your personal missions. Those you are living close to in proximity are all assigned to the same mission or missions that are linked to one another. Remember, you each hold a key piece to the puzzle, and each of you is needed at this time to contribute your piece. Do not hold back your energy from this project or your mission. The big picture cannot be complete without you. Trust us when we tell you that you KNOW in your HEART what your mission is.

Drop all fears and grievances now for the sake of your planet and all of the people you love so dearly. Become heart-centered, joyful and loving. You are needed. Immediately.

One people, one planet, one love.

Please relax and focus your intentions and connect to the web of unity consciousness. NOW is the time.

All our love and protection to you.

Peter and Pleidian Ring of 500.

55 thoughts on “URGENT Pleiadian Message for all Starseeds 1.30.2014

  1. Hello
    I fell as if I was lead here. Could I be a starseed? Please help me I feel like I’m lose, like something bad is about to happen soon.

  2. I have recently awoken. There has been a truth all my life that I have known of, but not until recently (this past year) have I had a desire bigger than no other to find the truth. I have been feeling such a strong urge to connect with others like me. Please, if anyone wants to talk let me know!

  3. I am new to the path and have recently been told after having my aura read that I am a star seed and i feel my eyes have been opened. I read this article and immediately saw an eye, Egyptian in origin I feel and am currently being pulled to wanting to become a reiki healer. Is this my path? Is this what I’m destined to do?

      • Could you do that for me? I’m just now hearing about this. I am 22 and have been going through this awakening process for the last 3 years of how ugly yet beautiful this world is.. It is only now I recognize the spiritual side of things. Part of it due to deeper meditation trying to contact my guides. (And partly because I watched Time bandits) I have fallen to somewhat poor health. Im not what I used to be. i have heard of implants and tags and am not sure of the realness of that if you have any insight. I have been struggling for the past few years to stay afloat. I drift around when it comes to jobs. Dont find much excitement in that mundane existence. No matter what people tell me when it comes to life and a career I do what I want. I have been trying to figure out why I’ve been put on this earth its been itching at my brain for years. In highschool I had more friends than I should have but I was different. I didn’t necessarily fit in. But I’ve been desperately trying to figure out why I’m here. Thank you for your time. Aaron

  4. hey ppl! wassup!i am a fourteen year old newly realized starseed.i am completely into building machines and theoretical physics seems cool too.i keep finding parallels between all the religions and i have have a deep fascination and affection and a strong sense of belonging towards the greek gods and atlantis.i have a warrior and mechanic instinct.i keep building stuff in my mind as well as in reality and keep getting ideas for awesome inventions.i have reveived some info thru dreams, i dream of greek gods sometimes and they have talked to me.a few weeks ago l had such a connection to them that i cud ask them for guidance and they’d cum to my dreams upon request.hephaestus and athena did.these days i just get some info thats all no deities.i did not know i was a starseed but had this immense gut feeling that i was missing sumthing that was going on out there and i was needed there immediately.i have received my symbol and it was glowing and metallic.i cannot wait to meet all the starseeds and get in with this quest.i finally feel that this is wat i hav been waiting for all this time.but i am not into meditation and chanting and stuff.i feel aline even among starseeds although lesser than usual.i just dont fit in again i guess.i look at this whole universe and beyond it (multiverse) and this dimension and ascension thing as total physics.i believe its all pure and amazing science.all the “supernatural” stuff is actually pretty natural.physics not only allows it but we will soon find out that it even includes and explains it!i am a mechanic and physicist and ENTP to the core.i am fascinated towards machines and space and feel like family with them.but iam way less comfy with humans.i totally sense their feelings and even feel them but have no clue how to react!that makes ppl think im cold hut i am way more sensitive than them, but for animals and machines.i have high synesthesia and serious ADHD and each and everything from letters shapes cilours numbers to objects have personalities.i have been having a serious gut feeling that i NEED to build weapons to defend me and my fellow warriors(dunno who they are though) lately.my question is that i have an analytical and rational approach to everything.like i said machines and physics theories and space are all parts of me now.i dont look at gods the way most ppl do.i see them as our ancestors who were from the stars and we have their blood and genes and will eventually become like them.to me spirituality is another unexplored part of physics and will eventually merge with it.religious myths are actually references to our forgotten ancestors!what i want to know is what is my role on this quest?i mean i am not even serious and all like u guys!i am into having fun ,adventures, building things!all i have is this starseeded inner thingy and and an extremely wild and powerful instinct to change and shape this world tell them about our ancient bloodline and yell the truth at them and start off new with it.i even have new morals to give them.new everything.upon an instinct-ish strong urge i even devised a way to build a teleportation machine so we wudnt have to use ships for transport(no idea who the ‘we’ are, of course) !WHAT ON THE EARTH IS MY ROLE IN THIS QUEST?DO U GUYS EVEN NEED ME?WHAT DO I DO NOW?!LOST.CONFUSED.ANGRY.HELP MEEE!!!!

  5. I have my piece of this grand adventure of the puzzle, and would like to connect it with others..
    I believe most of us have awakened several/many years ago’ have been offered messages, and are ready to move forward….what a grand adventure awaits us.
    We feel the many pains in this world, yet our sense of humors will lead us to our true destinations….I need to group up, in unity, to move forward from my current position..
    It is a beautiful world, and we will be ok! I promise you!!
    ..but I can not continue alone any longer, and must unite with other like minded peoples.
    Feel like I am going out on a limb here, but I no longer can choose to remain an individual in these circumstances. It is time to work together.
    This is our power.
    May you all be so very blessed.

      • no what you are is you are all angels being judged on the planet Earth your spirit is coming and you’ve lived many lives most of you don’t know it but you were angels and you

        made a judgement to come here the earth to try to make a difference PS from Shalakamealthe worlds in so much turmoil you have no idea what’s going on and neither does anyone else but the fact of it is as we need to change something and we don’t the world’s done it might be done by 2017 we’ve got some amazing things coming but if we don’t take the initiative just stand up for this world which has to do with vote if you don’t vote and you don’t understand what I’m about powerful it is right now the evils getting ready to take the world if you don’t do something about it this is one way that you can do it don’t vote for Republican ever

  6. Jesus Christ is our future..he is our bride groom and we patiently await his return like a wife who waits upon her husband whos away on a long journey..he is our high priest our saviour from spiritual death..he believed in us even though the the flesh is weak..he and only he is the way to the truth and the life..i have known him since i was a child..and he has stood lke an unweivering rock..i amd my fellow soldiers out there will fight for our childrems souls for the human souls and for our childrens souls..NO one human or alien has the power to stand against his might power and judgement..every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.ive always felt the presence of extra things..but through the word of God i understand true power and real love not beings coming with good intentions..for the road to hell is paved with good intentios..we already have our lord and saviour..we dont need saving..who amongst this beings has shed blood as an act of love and sacrifice..and given up their spirit..non other than Jesus Christ..so we stand stead fast in him..and prepare for the spiritual war that has loomed over us and our kind since Jesus Christ bought us with his blood..we are the property of the Good shepherd..we will hear his voice and respond.

    • No one on this blog said Pleiadians were going to come and save us. Many of us ARE Pleiadian starseed ground crew here on Earth, as was Jesus. What that means is that our souls were born out of the Pleiades central sun, which is a fractal of creator source energy, AKA “God.” All this “saviour” rhetoric comes from those who wish to hold power and control over you. Jesus is not going to return to fight the Pleiadians because he IS Pleiadian. Of course, if you truly knew Jesus, then you would already know that. But you don’t know Jesus. You only know of the FICTION you’ve read about him, edited and refined to the satisfaction of the patriarch. If you truly knew Christ, then you would be all about love, peace and harmony. Not fighting and war. All souls are free, by the way. No one can harvest souls. Souls choose whether they incarnate or not. There is also no such thing as “hell.” That is just fiction created by the “church” (pariarch/criminal cabal) to hold power and control over you and keep you in fear. Spiritual war, btw, is an oxymoron. RELIGIOUS war, however… yeah… that is all religion has ever been… war, fighting, killing, molesting,sodomizing, raping, pillaging, war, war, war… terrorism… war… terrorism… terrorism… terrorism…

      That is exactly why Jesus was AGAINST religion. Find and read the lost gospel of Thomas. Then figure out why Constantine had it ripped out and hidden away in a cave near the Dead Sea. Use your heart, not your ego/mind that has been manipulated by the REAL “aliens” on this planet to control you and keep you oppressed and blindly and obediently submissive to them.

      Pleiadians only wish to help us empower ourselves. To remember who we are, and to rise up out of fear into love, peace and harmony. Sound familiar?

    • It’s absurd to say that just because a human doesn’t follow the “Word of God” that they will go to “hell”. Why should a soul born into a world of corruption be condemned to burn forever just for not knowing any better? And it’s also absurd to think that almost all modern day Christians think they’ll get to go to heaven and experience eternal bliss just by believing in God. It’s not that simple. The soul must evolve before reaching pleasantries such as that. Religion is man made. It’s a forced belief system that is farther from the truth than one might think. Every soul must evolve spiritually before reaching places like that. But in all honesty heaven is not what you think.

  7. For God..the God of issac shadrack and abbednego..loved the world so much that he gave his only beggotten son Jesus Christ that whosoever shall belive in him WILL not die but have everlasting life.Jesus Christ already came down and walked as a human being and shed his blood so that our since may be forgiven..I take up my swor and stand at his right hand and transform myself for the coming war.

  8. I’ve had a nagging feeling over the past few weeks that there is a huge spiritual mission I’m supposed to be on but am not following orders. I’ve even had tremendous guilt about it, because I feel like someone is yelling at me saying, “Why are you just sitting there?!” But I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to do. 😦

    • Actually, I just read this four times and decided I need to meditate on it. It’s during meditation that I can feel someone speaking to me, trying to explain. I’ve just been a little distracted. So I’m going to try spending the day in the woods, meditating.

  9. Love never lost; but longing to be one and to vibrate in the right plain of thought.
    So many are here and waiting to begin.
    We are the free and the freedom.
    Now is our time and our destiny to lay the new stones, a path way for all souls.

  10. I feel as though I was sent here for a very specific purpose, although I can not seem to find out that purpose. I have asked the universe to share my energies with whomever is willing to receive them. If anyone feels as though they have picked up on these energies, please let me know. I am reaching out for guidance. Thank you.

    • I got very strong vibratory sensations reading your message. I am not totally sure if I am a starseed yet because I’m not sure if my mind just wants me to think that I am, but every time I read the characteristics and circumstances of them I get strong sensations and start to cry. This happened when reading your comment. Thank you

  11. I am the first son of Avyon, and the eldest of 6 here for a mission of which As the first to be brought here have swizz cheesed memories and so can not connect with my conterpart brothers and sisters. I know I am from the forth star in Pleiades, and planet Lyra.
    I am Felinini and reaching out.

  12. Star seeds, connect with me on Facebook! Jordan Harbour ( I have a guitar in my hand and you can see my shadow in the pucture. I’ve discovered there are more awakened people than I thought!!! 🙂

  13. Thank you for your response! It’s just that I have so many questions…. I will keep seeking – I feel as if I have been preparing for something VERY big, very soon – but also feel alone in it. Happy I found this page (or, it found me) 🙂 Love!!

      • I know in my heart I am a pleiadian starseed. It resonates through every part of my being. I have been feeling as of late a negative force lingering over me as I’ve began the process of ascending into my higher self. I am having trouble accessing my minds eye. It feels progressively diluted, though nothing in my external life should be a cause for this. I have made many efforts in attempts to encourage this growth, but to little avail. I want to be rid of this presence so I can carry on my duty. I would appreciate guidance in this time since I find it hard to find beings with similar ideals as I. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you FreerSpirit for relaying this message to us all. Namaste ❤

      • Have you asked your angels and guides for assistance with removing this presence you feel? Here are some notes I have taken regarding crystals that can assist with opening, clearing, cleansing and activating the third-eye chakra:

        Kunzite will link the third-eye and heart chakras.

        Iolite, Siberian Blue Quartz and Blue Tourmaline all activate the third-eye chakra.

        Visualization enhancers are as follows:
        Amethyst, Alexandrite, Iolite, Yellow Labradorite, Magnasite, Magnatite, Malachite, Prehnite, Siberian Quartz, Ruby, Topaz, Rutilated Topaz, Green Tourmaline (AKA Verdelite), Ulexite, Unakite and Sheet Quartz.

        Larimar will detach entities from the third eye.
        Cherry Opal and Purple-Violet Tourmaline will unblock the third-eye.

        Azurite and Atacamite will cleanse the third-eye chakra.

        If anyone else has any suggestions or information to share, please do!

        Brightest blessings.

      • Hi, Morgan. Just call out to him telepathically. I told him just now to listen for you. When you ask him to show you the symbol, close your eyes. It will be the first symbol you see, and most likely a symbol you’ve always been attracted to in some way or another.

      • Hey, there Morgan. Just call out to Peter telepathically and ask him to send you your symbol to access the web of collective/unity consciousness. Close your eyes, and the first symbol that comes to you is yours. It may be a symbol (or shape) that you have found yourself attracted to all your life, so don’t second guess it, just go with it. Then, whenever you want to access the web, simply relax, close your eyes and envision your symbol as the doorway into the web. You may want to call out and ask if anyone is there if you don’t hear anything right away. Have fun! ❤

  14. Thank you do much for this act of selfless service. May it resonate in the hearts of all who read it, and may that vibration raise Us all into Our Highest Self Potential.

    Blessings. ❤

  15. Wow….a message from Peter. Something must be going down because there has been an urgent message from other sources as well. I’d better take heed. Thanks Jen.

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