Collective Consciousness – A Call to Balance


The Flower of Life symbol reminds us that we're all connected

I received the following in a spiritual newsletter on Saturday,
November 21, 2009:

The World of Now

“The reality earth plane on which you currently exist is a result of the energy of your participation. In the time line each generation has left an imprint of positive + negative that has tipped quite vigorously into the negative. This is a result of being unconsciously without the influence of the soul.

Most will reply to this vehemently that they have participated religiously within the parameters of their linear consciousness…the spiritual influences being regulated by a confined perspective that places all spiritual power + creation to an outside source.

Our position is that by bringing the soulful energy into the person [it] can alter the imbalance that is occurring.

Generations of incarnated souls have been aligned to place the power of thought outside of themselves. The idea of a god being the omnipotent energy that decides the path of the physical beings that worship him.

Now that the planet’s energy is dangerously askew we implore all souls incarnate to bring that omnipotent energy where it belongs, to the internal thought process by which all of you create reality (i.e. free will).

Your current linear is salvageable, however, the declaration of concentrated thought must be reclaimed so that the balance of energy can be regained. Free will is the claiming of the thought process that saves… so to speak…everything.

Do not feel the linear influence – “Oh I am but one.”

All of you come from unique entity sources designed to bring a balance of perspective to your linear creation.

Participate energetically. Your connection to others may + will influence the mass consciousness creation that has gone awry.

Seize each day and bring your energy to it. It will make a difference. Think.

Be persistent. Be linear while expressing your eternal soul. It is why you are here.

Become the energy of your soul and all will be well.

What if you were the one soul needed to tip the balance to the more positive participation?


This is my response:

Collective consciousness is more powerful than any of us could have ever imagined.

What is collective consciousness, exactly? Basically it is the combined power of the mindset of every living human being on the planet.

You’ve probably heard the theory that you create your own reality with your thoughts – and that you can change your reality merely by changing your thought process. Negative Nellies will, of course, say “That’s bullshit.” And, of course, with this attitude, they will continue to experience more of the same negative results in their life.

It is true that some people fear change. Even if what they have experienced all their lives has been negative, they will resist changing their thinking because negativity is so familiar to them that it is almost a comfort…and it is definitely a habit.

The problem with this is that they are not just keeping themselves down; they are also affecting the balance of the collective consciousness web that controls the energy flow of our planet.

Think of every negative person you know – and include yourself if you know you have tendencies to swing to a negative mindset more often than not. Now visualize of each of these people as a sinker weight attached to the connecting strings within your social web. What’s happening to the web?

I watched the movie America last night. It’s a movie produced by Rosie O’Donnell that depicts the failing foster care system in the state of Michigan, and also in the United States. Many of these kids end up homeless, in prison, or dead after they age out of the foster care system when they become eighteen. These are sad statistics, indeed, and the movie left me feeling quite sad for these kids who have often been abused – physically and sexually – by either members of their own families or their foster families.

I have always wanted to foster adolescents. Of course, my sexual orientation makes that difficult for me to do in the state of Michigan. I also seem to be unemployed A LOT, which makes it even more difficult for me to support the kids I wish to help. As I thought about this after the movie last night, a commercial for antidepressants came on TV. You know the one where the woman winds up the pathetic-looking plastic replica of herself? It shows different clips of her coping with her life and then with her husband and two kids. They are white and appear to be a normal, middle-class family.

After seeing the movie America, all I could think was…what is her PROBLEM? What is OUR problem? Why are there SO MANY depressed people in the world? And why are we so damn UGLY to each other all the time?

I know a lot of it comes from the feeling of separateness. The feeling that we are all alone in this world. Many of us feelĀ  this way because we are putting out negative vibes that drive others away – even if they are negative, too. Everyone has their own set of problems, and no one wants to take on more than their fair share.

Hey, I’ve been unemployed for almost eleven full months now. My parents are dead and most of my family no longer speaks to me. I’ve lost the majority of my friends over the past three years as well. People dislike me because I have written about how this feels – to feel alone, jobless, purposeless, scared, and hated. I focused so much on all that I had lost, that I just kept losing. It became a sickness – feeling sorry for myself and fearing life would never get better. I isolated myself with this attitude. I paralyzed myself with this attitude.

What I’ve discovered is that brooding and pouting about my misfortune is not going to get me anywhere. In fact, it’s only going to get me more of the same. If I keep thinking I’ll never get a job, I won’t. If I keep thinking “I have no friends,” that will always be true.

Whatever we focus on, we get more of that very thing. That is why negative thinking only breeds negative results.

Negativity is often a product of fear. Many times what we fear is what we manifest – because more often than not, we focus more on our fears than we do our hopes and dreams. This is a normal HUMAN thing to do. This is what Veronica means when she speaks of “the linear.” The linear is the physical realm in which we live – in human bodies. For some people, ONLY the linear exists because they do not believe in souls or reincarnation. They believe the life they are living is the ONLY life they will ever live. These are lower-self beliefs.

The higher self, however, knows all and remembers everything about its past lives and past lessons. The higher self is obtainable, but few people attempt to connect with it. The higher self IS the soul. The soul who has lived many lives and understands its purpose. The soul chose to participate as a physical body in the linear/physical world that we all know this dirty, gritty, unfriendly place we call “home.”

We all chose to be here at this time for one reason or another. We CHOSE to be born into the physical. We even chose our parents for a specific reason. We are born all knowing, but we are often nurtured into ignorance about where we came from and why we are here. More often than not, because of the current dark flow of energy in this physical world, we are nurtured into negativity and ruled by fear. It is very rare – especially in American culture – that we are raised knowing and feeling pure, unconditional love and trust.

So, if we chose to be here, why are we so negative?

Well, as we all know, nothing is perfect, and, even though the grass may be greener somewhere else, that “better place” will also have its drawbacks. And, just like medications that are supposed to clear up one health issue, the side effects may create another health risk altogether. Nothing is perfect. Especially human beings. Here’s why: that nasty thing all humans possess – the EGO.

Souls do not have egos. Souls are light beings with energetic chakras. These energetic chakras exist in the astral bodies of the auric field of every human being. Just as every human has a brain, esophagus, heart, stomach, lungs, and reproductive organs, every human also has energetic chakras. Think of the chakras as the “organs” of the soul.

The lower chakras – the base/root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras (red, orange and yellow, respectively) are all directly in tune with the ego and “the lower self.” These are the chakras that keep us grounded to the physical. Basic needs, feelings and emotions, pleasure, power, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging and security are the things these chakras are associated with in our energetic system. These are all the things the ego is attached to, and, when any of these things are taken from us or are threatened, the ego flares, along with adrenaline in the physical body. Fear and negative thinking (worry) can throw these chakras out of balance. When these chakras are out of balance, the rest of the chakras will close. Such imbalances impede the flow of energy and can even cause energy to “get stuck” and cause mental and emotional dis-ease which can, inevitably, lead to health issues or manifest into an actual disease such as cancer.

Yep. We create our own reality. Whether it’s a positive or negative reality is truly up to us. We CAN control our egos by simply living in the heart, rather than the mind. Stop thinking so much and start feeling. Once we start feeling and actually positively CARING, we will start thinking more positive thoughts for ourselves, one another, and our fragile planet.

If our negative conscious thoughts are powerful enough to create our own suffering and disease, just imagine what our positive conscious thoughts are capable of creating. What would happen if every living, breathing human being on this planet focused on global peace and harmony? What would happen if we all imagined clean air, lakes, and streams? A booming economy? Affordable health care for everyone? A loving family for every homeless child? Nutritious food for every hungry mouth? Rain for every drought? What if we focused harder on the solutions than we do on the problems?

Someone once said, “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” and it’s true, but I don’t think we should limit this to our own personal goals.

No matter how “separate” or “alone” we feel in this world, we really are all in this together. Collectively. Consciously. We would all be wise to journey deep within, find our higher selves (soul), live in our heart chakras, and start spreading love. God knows this planet needs it.

Besides…love never hurts anyone.

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