Pleiadian Message: Focus on the best outcome for humanity today.


This message is from the Pleiadian Ring of 500…

Dear ones, we know today is a very important day not just for the United States of America, but for all of humankind, as so many on your planet are affected by what happens on this decision day.

We ask you not to focus on one particular outcome or another, but to rise above a specific political scenario and focus on an outcome that best serves humanity as a whole.

Envision a healthy and thriving planet, with sparkling clean water and air, replenished grasslands and forests, and an abundance of animal life that helps sustain your ecosystem.

Imagine a world in which there are no borders and everyone works together, as one human family, free and sovereign beings, to support one another and your planet in the most beneficial ways.

Imagine equitable prosperity, wealth and abundance for everyone.

No matter today’s outcome, trust that your collective desires and visions for a peaceful and harmonious planet will manifest shortly.

Please participate. Even if only for five minutes. Even if you do not live in the USA.

Make this your mantra today: Green, clean and serene.


Manifest the best! All our love to you!


© Jen Freer 2016| | Pleiadian Message Series | All rights reserved by the author, Jen Freer, who gives permission for this blog to be shared far and wide as long as a citation is included that links back to the author’s website,

3 thoughts on “Pleiadian Message: Focus on the best outcome for humanity today.

  1. Beloved for so long I have held this vision it started as a blank canvass every day adding to and my vision is One symbol for all a rainbow banner with PeLoHa on and equality for all everyone loving one another and truly appreciating one another and allowing nature to be in her Divine Power and allowing the animals to be free rather than controlling we can all communicate with the animals and insects and I have found if you ask for cooperation EG ask the mouse to respect our food in the cupboards and provide food in a place that works for you both I found this was mainly in the winter when the were cold and hungry so food on the hearth all ways worked and I would always remember to thank them Thank you and I have no vision for winner or loser we are all winner if we can focus with open heart and trusting that our vision will be In Love and Gratitude to all for all PeLoHa all ways maryandalan 💛💛💛 >

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