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follow-your-heart-web1Scarborough (Sarah) on Free Will

“Free will is always given. About 80 percent of your life is free will decision making, but remember that most of this is done with the mind. The heart, however, is steady on the predestined path. Those who tap into their hearts and follow their hearts are in tune with their higher-self guidance and following the pre-destined path. One hundred percent of the time the heart is followed along with higher-self guidance, mastery will be gained as well as satisfaction and success, not to mention an overflowing abundance of wisdom.

Remember that it is the ego that wants “freedom” or “free will.” The ego is the rebellious teenager who believes s/he is invincible and knows everything. The higher self is the guardian who has “been there” and “done all of that” already. In short, higher self is the true guru who truly does know everything and really IS invincible.

This is why it is called Earth School And, yes, a lot of the time it is very much like junior high or high school with so many egos running rampant and demanding “free will.” Some souls are very new to Earth School (preschoolers and kindergartners) while quite a bit are middle and high school level. There are still more, however, that are college level, both graduate and undergraduate, and, fortunately, a good 25 -30 percent are at the PhD level. That may not seem like a lot, but it is more than ever before here on Earth, and these are the leaders who are heart centered and leading the way for the others. Lightworkers and wayshowers and spiritual teachers.”

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  1. Bless your Heart, Thank you,
    yes its only through thinking with our Heart, feeling what is being done and making a choice either to accept or reject, for we have come here to experience free will … when we start to feel, we then have the chance to heal ourselves of the conditioning, mind conditioning, and clear all the past, Nothing is as it was, is just so true and to experience this, the mind has to be rebooted ;O) with the information and the Learning that can only be found in our Heart, the core being then entered and saved … TRUTH ,,

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