Pleiadian Message: Bounce, bounce, bounce!


Message from Jen

Wow, wow, WOW!!! I am floored by the overwhelming response from readers all across the Internet to Peter’s “It’s GO Time!” message. Ariel DeAngelis contacted me one day after publication and told me the message had gone viral in less than 24 hours. Amazing! Thanks to all who helped to spread this message far and wide! Peter and I are both feeling the love vibes freely flowing at this very moment!

In her note to me, Ariel also said: “Please know how very deeply appreciated your efforts as a Lightworker are!! We (GFOL and Ashtar Command) are so proud of the awesome job that you and your colleagues are doing!! Keep it up and these raised vibrations will have reached critical mass in a matter of days…and then who knows what wondrous things might follow!!! We feel the change in vibration very distinctly and profoundly! It’s wonderful!! Thank you again with all our hearts!”

Keep the love vibes flowing, my friends! You’re doing most excellent work!

Peter has a new message for you all today, so take it away, Peter!

Message from Peter

Congratulations are in order for all of you who worked so hard over the past couple of days to help raise the vibrations on and around your amazing little planet! This is a wave we need to keep going, my dear ones! Doesn’t it feel good to be joyous? Doesn’t it feel good to be loving? We applaud you for your efforts in pulling yourself up out of the doldrums and rising to the occasion. This is not a one-time request, however. This is how it ALWAYS needs to be! It is challenging, is it not? Maybe not for a select few, but we do know that some of you are still struggling. So we want to try to help simplify things — especially for those who have a hard time unplugging or turning off their minds to “meditate.”

My dear friends, meditation does not need to be so difficult. Let’s break it down to three elements. In order to meditate successfully you must:

  1. Be in love or joy.
  2. Be in “the now” moment.
  3. Stay focused on “the now” moment and allow your vibrations to flow.

I know, I know. You are now going to say, “But HOW do you MEAN, Peter?” Or, as Jen calls me, “Pita!” (I am not a flatbread, Jen.) Oh, I can already sense it. How does Peter know what flatbread is? Do Pleiadians eat flatbread? What DO Pleiadians eat, anyway? Oh, but I digress!

Are you laughing now? You should be. Because that is how we express joy. Do Pleiadians laugh? YES, WE DO!!! We laugh long, loud and often. Why? Because we LOVE life! And loving life is joy and laughter. Which is what you all need to be doing MORE of, my dear loved ones!

Just as the dark ones feed off your fear, Mother Earth, Gaia, is energized and rejuvenated by your love and laughter. So this is all we are really asking you to do. Focus on the funny. Focus on anything that makes your heart melt. Puppies. Kitties. Bunnies. Children. Whatever it is…yes, even sex! As long as it’s GOOD, healthy, loving sex…the kind that makes your heart sing and keeps your face cracked open in permagrin. Hey, why not? As long as you’re staying focused on the FEELINGS, you’re good. If you’re thinking, “Oh, God, when is this going to END?” then it is most likely not good sex anyway, eh?

Separate the good from the not-so-good and the bad. If there is any thinking going on that doesn’t pertain to the happy-joy-joy you’re supposed to be focusing on, guess what? You’re not doing it right! For example, if you are playing with your kids or your pets, your focus should be right there, and only there, in “the now” moment. Once you’re there and really focused, you will know. Because nothing else exists. And time really flies, too, does it not? What is the saying? Time flies when you’re having fun? Yes. Yes, it does. And this is how you will know you just succeeded in sending out love vibes to Gaia and her people. Good work! That is what we call meditation. Whatever brings you absolute joy!

Consider this your new job. Go ahead. Call into work joyous! “Sorry, boss, can’t come in today. I’m too joyful to concentrate on anything mundane. Nobody can stop my love train!”

But, seriously, if you MUST still go into work until your new financial system is available…we are sorry.

All kidding aside, though, see if you can somehow maintain it. The love vibes. If you love the work you do, then that is an added bonus! No worries! Keep your spirits up as much as you can. Enjoy whatever you’re doing. This is how you take your power back. If someone or something lowers your vibration, you just focus on your happy-joy-joy again…you know, puppies, kitties, bunnies, children…or maybe it’s music. Maybe you have a favorite song that can help you raise your vibrations again? Listen to it, and bounce right back up. Bounce, bounce, bounce!!! Tell the soggy wet blankets to ride YOUR train for once! After all, you have every right to be joyful if you choose.

And this is, ultimately, what will get you to 5D. Making the choice to change the channel from drama to comedy. From tragedy to triumph!

Have you ever noticed that love vibes are contagious? When you see someone smiling, does it not make you smile, too? When you hear laughter, aren’t you curious? Don’t you want in on the fun? How about when someone has a case of the giggles that wont quit? Are you smiling now? Good. Keep it there.

Meditation is simply focus. Focus from the heart. It does not have to be serious or silent in an uncomfortable position chanting “ohhhmmmm.”

Again, we are just asking for raised, loving vibrations in “the now” moment (no interrupting gloomy thoughts or guilty feelings) as often and frequently as possible. In short, we are asking you to be serious and strict with yourself about being loving and joyful as much as possible. Consider it your new assignment. You must now do what you LOVE. No exceptions. How do you like OUR rules?

Yes, your mission, should you choose to accept is to be loving and to be HAPPY. We’re serious. It will completely suffocate what is left of the cabal. Now isn’t that WORTH it?

As the hipsters say, “Peace. Out. Duuuude.” As Pleaidians say, our love and light to you, dear ones. And now Jen is saying we should take the sex references out, but we are telling her that she is being a fuddy duddy. And there is just simply no room for fuddy. Or duddy, for that matter.

Smile! It really IS contagious, dear ones.

Please feel free to share this message far and wide, and please reference in case anyone has questions for Peter or the channel, Jen Freer. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Pleiadian Message: Bounce, bounce, bounce!

  1. Omg Jen, Pita is a hose! Flat bread haha! I adore him and I can’t wait to meet other Pleiadians.. they resonate with me totally! Yesterday…mmm I started off my day exactly as Peter says, in the doldrums, miserable because things are not happening fast enough to my liking.. A walk amongst the gorgeous trees in Mexico City and a visit to a peaceful and serene church helped lift my vibration. I must tell you that for the first time in my life, a tree called to me, no kidding! I felt this huge old tree beckon to me and I simply put my one arm around him and leaned in for some comfort and wow was I blown away by his gorgeous energy, I wanted to go to sleep just being there against his rough bark. Oh yes, my vibration lifted alright! Last night, courtesy of Jo Dunning I received a Pineal gland activation that was astounding and I felt my energy lifting beyond anything I’ve ever known. This morning I received word that I am to leave in the next week to follow my bliss! I’m going to be working with children in a shelter in Southern Mexico, sharing my Light with them and teaching them that Love is All There Is ♥ I am so blessed to know you and Peter. I am forever grateful for his wonderful uplifting and humorous messages ♥ Blessings sister :)♥

  2. I have had a bad cold for about a week. A very dear friend sent me your last two channels. The best medicine in the world. Thank you so much. I would like to be on your mailing list.
    Thank you so much keep up the good laughter and joy. I am originaly from that part of the universe. And it feels like home.
    Thank you again

  3. “Consider this your new job. Go ahead. Call into work joyous! ‘Sorry, boss, can’t come in today. I’m too joyful to concentrate on anything mundane. Nobody can stop my love train!”’

    But, seriously, if you MUST still go into work until your new financial system is available…we are sorry.”

    LMAO!!! I was in stitches reading what Peter had to say…..and just today I was thinking of just how FREE we really are and how EXCITED we really should be…..I AM EXCITED!!! He is so funny about working……thank Goddess I don’t have to work right now…..and really haven’t had a full-time job for quite a few years…..temped here and there….but OMG….Peter is great when he mentioned the part about thinking about puppies, babies, kitties and bunnies……babies get me sooo joyful, along with puppies & kitties….they work wonders for upliftment!!! YAYYYY….may the joyfulness continue!!! Just make sure when you come in contact with ppl who are still in the mundane everyday existence of the “old”, just lift them up with hope, excitement and the TRUTH!!!

    SMILE & Laugh everyone!!!

    • I know what you mean Karen! I gave up the mundane boring job years ago because I wanted to be FREE!! I’ve been broke ever since but by some miracle I’ve made enough to survive on. It was worth it because I’ve never been happier in my entire life nor have I ever been closer to my true self and my Creator :)♥

  4. Oh man!!! Boy I do feel that this msg from Peter was totally directed at me because yesterday I was inquiring about meditation, you have to be kidding me!!! I’m even smiling now as I read this – tell Peter I said thank you!!!!! I will spread my love, laughter and joy as much as I can! I have a question for you or Peter though, how can you deal with someone in your life that is a negative nelly – what is the best way to diffuse a potential negative confrontation without abandoning the person you care about. Also, when will the pain in my heels stop and my tingling in my hands go away, and the zaps in my head when I do not take my Paxil???? so many question, so sorry, just very curious and excited

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