This is where it gets weird

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This blog was written in the spring of 2008, before I accessed my Akashic Records and learned I have actually lived a total of 39 past lives.

WARNING: This blog is about reincarnation. If you are opposed to the idea of reincarnation, STOP READING.

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you’ve probably caught yourself saying something along the lines of “not in this life,” or “in my next life, I want to come back as…” or “I must have been (enter adjective here) in a past life.” The question is, do we actually believe we’ve lived other lives or that our souls will regenerate to a new life after we die when we catch ourselves saying things like that?

Well, I can only speak for myself, and I KNOW I’ve lived other lives.

When I was a wee lil unchurched towhead, reincarnation was a totally natural inclination to me. OF COURSE I’d lived past lives! I WAS Huck Finn, yo!! Or maybe I had been Tom Sawyer. Or maybe…just maybe…I was Samuel Clemens, and THAT is how I knew those boys so well. Hey, stranger stuff has happened. How does a seven-year old who has never read either story know who Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer are, anyway?

Aw, maybe my mom had read those stories to me. I honestly don’t remember everything about those days. I just remember my mom was THE BEST story reader in the WORLD. Except those Laura Ingalls stories sure did put me to sleep – FAST!!

I DO remember believing in reincarnation for whatever reason, though.

Since high school I have had this thought that I must have been a real stuck-up wench in one of my past lives because I’ve always had this snooty-girl mentality that even I cannot stand at times. I mean, she’s the kind of bitch I want to smack and say, “BURP if your tummy hurts, Buffy!” JEEZE!! “Loosen the corset, Camille!” Ya know?

Anyway, yeah, crazy, I know. Especially since I grew up in middle-class suburbia and I was the first in my family to earn a college degree besides my dad who never did anything with his teaching degree because he slammed a high school student against a wall as a substitute teacher; I do believe he lost his teaching certificate  for that. Classy, huh? So, yeah, I never really had any reason to be proud or feel privileged.

When I ran away (er WENT) to college in Boston, there was a moment in my college dormitory building that I realized I HAD to have lived at least ONE other life. It was when I went exploring in this old building known as “Charlesgate.” It had been a hotel, a hospital, and it was even rumored at one time to have been a brothel. It was haunted unlike anything I’d ever experienced. EVERYone seemed to have a story of some strange happening or another in that place. Eight floors of eeriness. I thought I’d never get out. Before I learned how haunted the place was, however, I went roaming around, checking things out – admiring architecture and original woodwork. It was when my eyes wandered across an ornate tile decoration that I realized something that freaked me out: I’d BEEN here before. But…I’d NEVER been there before. Whoa. Creepiness. It was like, for a very brief moment, I had stepped into another dimension – one from the past. One I was not so sure I wanted to revisit.

Fast forward 19 years to the present. A few months ago I woke from this dream that I knew should really be making me feel extremely uncomfortable, but it didn’t. In fact, it had the opposite affect on me. It felt extremely familiar and…good…which is odd considering the dream was about an older man – easily in his late 30s to early 40s – and a very young girl who looked to me to be somewhere between 12-15 years old. I understood from the dream that the man was married with two children. I could tell by the clothing style that it was the early 1940s and by the building interiors that it took place in a city very much like Boston. It was still very unclear to me who this young girl was, however. Until…well…the erotic stuff started. I was not in this dream at all, so it made no sense why I was dreaming this…and feeling these feelings. It occurred to me when I woke with these extremely warm, dreamy, VERY familiar feelings that this was no ordinary dream. Nope. This was a past-life regression dream. That fact didn’t really dawn on me until about four hours after I woke up and I couldn’t seem to get the dream out of my mind. It wasn’t until that evening that I bravely sat down and allowed myself to get into a deep discussion with my spirit guide Joe about my past lives. I still have not flushed out all the details of these past lives – I’ve only scratched the surface on most because there is only so much I feel I can handle at once, you know?

I don’t know how many total past lives I’ve lived. I know there are at least five, but three are very distinctive. Most of you who regularly read my blogs know that I feel I have a soulmate – well, not just A soulmate, but THE soulmate – the “forever love of a lifetime” kind of soulmate. I recognized the deep soul connection by the dramatic flash in her eyes when we first met. I learned that I have shared three past lives with this fellow soulmate, the most recent being the regression dream from the 1940s. She was a famous older male athlete (married with two children) having an affair with a young girl – MOI. Yeah. Forbidden love.

The two other lives were also forbidden love situations. In the first of our three past lives we’ve shared, she was a Native American man and I was the daughter of a rich white man (that’s probably where the snooty girl comes from). Our affair produced a half-breed baby boy. One month later, daddy dearest shot and killed my Cherokee lover. In our second life together, I again was the daughter of a rich white man, and we lived in South Africa. She was a hot young African stud with a chiseled chest and a handsome face. Our intensely taboo affair led to another death at the hands of my tyrant father. Again, a child had been conceived. Oh, and, if you’re wondering, no, the famous older male athlete did not die at the hands of my furious father; the athlete committed suicide after we were caught and exposed or exposed and caught – not sure exactly how that happened. Yes, offspring was also produced in that life as well. Anyone see a pattern here?

I was recounting all this newly discovered information with my niece (who is only five years younger than me) the other day, which is a blessing in itself – to be able to discuss something of this nature with a relative and she doesn’t bat an eye – and I jokingly said: “I’m not sure why we’re lesbians this time around; maybe it’s so she can’t get me pregnant?”

Without missing a beat my niece said, “Yeah, and luckily your dad is dead this time around, so he CAN’T KILL HER.”

Now, isn’t that the most precious, but yet the WEIRDEST thing a niece could ever say to her aunt?

9 thoughts on “This is where it gets weird

  1. I firmly believe in past lives/reincarnation. I’m also in touch with my guides (as much as I can be). I was considering having a past life regression session with an intuitive here but I’m not certain I need it. What information would this give me that I need in this life, really?

    • Hi Lindsay.

      I’ve found past-life regression information to be more interesting than helpful, really. I’ve never paid an intuitive to do a past-life regression session for me. I just read up on how to do the meditations to get in that zone where my guides could help me “revisit” the past, so to speak. I do feel, though, that my past-life regression dreams have helped me better understand my current situation and my life/soul purpose this time around. So I guess they have been somewhat helpful in that aspect. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. Hi, I happened across your blog through google and I LOVE it!
    I am also from Michigan –
    In this blog you mention your spirit guides, how did you meet them?
    I had a psychic reading done months ago and she had mentioned my spirit guide.
    That was the first time I’d ever heard of one.
    Thank you for any thoughts/insite.

    • Hi Chelsea. Thanks for loving my blog! 🙂

      Yes, many psychics can communicate with your spirit guide(s) through their spirit guide(s). Some can even see your guide(s), if they wish to be seen, and talk directly to them.

      I have read and also believe that we all have at least one guide, if not many. Your master spirit guide is with you from birth and will most likely accompany you all the way through your life until death. Tertiary guides will come and go to assist you with various challenges and obstacles or projects.

      There are MANY ways to meet your spirit guides. The very first thing to do is to let them know that you know they are there by your side and that you appreciate them. You can tell them this aloud, or telepathically. Most of their communication with you will be telepathically. When you feel you are ready, let them know you would like to meet them. But keep in mind that it takes time to meet them. Only they can decide when the time is right for you to meet them, but if you speak to them daily, they will become more comfortable with the idea.

      If you ever had an “imaginary” friend as a child, this was most likely one of your spirit guides.

      The way I met my guides was through a guided meditation on the John Edward Evolve DVD series — the DVD about Angels and Guides.

      Meditations are usually the ideal way to meet them. Sometimes they will come to you in dreams. Sometimes they will show themselves to you in the mirror if you ask them to, but this takes a great deal of concentration and focus on the area between your eyes. Once you open the door, sometimes they will just show up out of thin air!

      I don’t see my guides very often, but I do hear them all the time. They are usually shy about showing themselves, and sometimes they will only show you parts of themselves at first. For example, my master guide Joe only showed me his Chieftain Headdress at first. My other guide Robert will only show me his eyes and nose in the mirror — the rest is cloudy. Jeremy has always appeared from head to waist. Sometimes he shows himself to me from his most recent past life, and other times he shows himself to me as the Native American Shaman he once was in a previous life.

      I communicate with them daily, so I have come to the point where I can intuitively feel who is talking to me without asking. They each have different voices, but when they are speaking to me collectively, the voice is always male, but more generic than when one of them is speaking to me individually.

      Best of luck to you in meeting your guide(s)! It is the first step of a very spiritual journey! I have found that mine always protect me and keep me safe, so I listen to them and follow their advice.

      Please let me know how it goes! I always love hearing about how others meet their guides and who they are!

  3. Love your Warning! I’ve also just put myself “out there” with my Past Lives Stuff…(I’m on a mission, having just remembered exactly why I’m on this planet at this period in time and what exactly I’m supposed to be doing!)
    and have actually posted it on my Facebook page for all my “not so aware friends” too…also with a warning!
    My Spirit Guides are a couple of pretty powerful Beings at this moment in time…but I’m still struggling with incorporating all the stuff into dense 3D existence…day to day stuff ! Challenges, challenges!
    Great Post! Love your style!

    • Thank you, thank you, MarleMac!

      I am so glad that you’re “on a mission!” I believe all of us who are aware of our past lives are the true lightworkers on this planet, here to deliver the message and to help others align. This kind of information is becoming more and more prevalent every day, and it is a joy to witness so much light illuminating the darkness!

      I know what you mean about the challenges and the struggle to incorporate it all into the 3D existence. Our “humanness” and materialism sure does hinder our “spirit!”

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I will definitely check out your blog!

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