More Exciting News! My novel is now available in paperback!


Yep! That’s my “OMG” face! In this photo I’m holding the proof version of my first novel, but it is now actually available for sale on Amazon in paperback format for those who still prefer paper versions of books! Woo hoo! Click here to check it out on Amazon!

And, wow, while searching for the link to my author page, my sticky note with the the link just magically popped up on my screen. I forgot I had saved it on a sticky note! That’s not the first time sticky notes has popped up on me without prompting when I had a question in my head that I did not speak aloud. Anyway, my author page does link to both versions — Kindle digital and paperback — of my novel.

Happy day!







My first novel is ready for pre-order!!!

once upon a time

More than 20 years ago, in 1994, I began writing a novel titled S.O.B. that I finally finished in 1997. I peddled it around to various literary agents and small publishing houses for a couple of years, got a few nibbles on it, but I did not agree with the revisions requested (it came from my soul!), so I tucked it away, only letting close friends read it now and then. I received wonderful and enthusiastic feedback from my friends, of course, but that is always expected, right?

I decided to dust it off and give it another read in 2013. Amazed at my own storytelling talent from years ago, I made some minor revisions and considered self-publishing, but, chaos ensued, and I procrastinated once again.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough, and it was time to upload it for digital publication.

I’m so excited to share the link to my author page with you! Check it out!

If you’re not a Kindle reader, no worries!!! I am currently working on a paperback version, as well, and it should be available in the very near future, after I review the proof of the printed copy which should be on its way to me as I type. Stay tuned!