Akashic Readings Scams on TikTok

Buyer beware!

Young ladies are selling “Akashic Readings” for $222 on TikTok. These are not legit readers. They are using fear marketing tactics, saying they are noticing that their clients’ “books” or “records” are missing, or possibly “stolen.”

As a professional Akashic Reader with over 10 years experience, let me reassure you that ALL of your soul’s records are safely and securely kept in your high-heart chakra (the pink chakra above the green heart chakra) and they cannot be lost, missing or “stolen.” Also, please rest assured that NO ONE can look into your personal Akashic Records without your permission.

Please do not fall for this scam. I care deeply about this field, and I want everyone who desires a reading to receive the best quality possible.

My fee for a first-time Akashic Reading is $122 LESS than what these scammers charge, and I have read for more than 800 clients over the past ten years. I have healers, shamans, and other Akashic Readers who trust me with their records. I think that speaks volumes in my work, my credibility and my accuracy.

If you would like to book a reading with me, please visit this link:


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