Alone this Valentine’s Day? Love yourself. Treat yourself.

tree-of-loveValentine’s Day is approaching. If you’re single and feeling alone, here’s an opportunity for you to really embrace yourself and celebrate your unconditional love for YOU!

Yes, with all this romance in the air and our loving sun dropping M-Class solar flare love bombs on us pretty regularly these days, NOW is the time absorb all this loving energy and aim it directly at yourself! As many of you know, you cannot truly love another until you truly love yourself. So how will you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Now when I say “treat yourself,” I don’t necessarily mean go and spend a ton of money, but, if you have it, what a great time to schedule that massage or trip to the day spa! Maybe the ladies would like a manicure or pedicure, or, hey, why not both? Guys, why not get that full-service shave and haircut? Or how about a Reiki Chakra attunement?

Send yourself flowers with a card that reads: To Me! I love you!

Low in the cash department? Here are some simpler ideas to help you raise your vibration:

  • Prepare a candle-light dinner for yourself.
  • Watch your favorite uplifting romantic films.
  • Listen to happy, upbeat love songs that celebrate the happiness and magnificence of love.
  • Spend quality time with your pets (or children); they are a prime source of unconditional love!
  • Engage in your favorite activity; following your passion is a great way to promote self love.
  • Make yourself a Valentine card telling yourself what you love about YOU!
  • If you have children, teach them about unconditional self love, and have them make Valentines cards for themselves as well! (And each other!)
  • Go for a nice long walk and fully focus on positive thoughts about you and others; exude gratitude for all that makes you happy. Make it brisk! Getting the heart pumping clears the chakras and raises you endorphins. YAY!
  • Take a relaxing bath surrounded by healing crystals and candlelight. (Or you could always reenact the scene from What the Bleep do we Know? You know, the one where Marlee Matlin draws hearts and loving messages all over herself in the bathtub?)


Remember to fully focus on the present moment; forget the past (it’s over) and don’t worry about the future (it’s not here yet!) Pay attention to your breathing. Indulge in slow, long rhythmic breaths and be sure to hold in the pure source energy (oxygen) before slowly releasing it.

Focus on the positive, here, friends! Stay away from the depressants – chemical, mental and emotional. Remember… YOU control your vibration, and it is your choice whether you allow it to dip or rise. You can only attract true love by BEING true love. Rise!

Now tell us… how will YOU treat yourself and love yourself this Valentine’s Day?