Imagine there’s no Karma

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Not just the job boards, either. No, I’ve been reading books I never would have picked up ten years ago. Books with titles such as, The Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012, and 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spiritual Awakening Over Armageddon.

They all talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar and various Indigenous prophecies – many of which portend catastrophic events, pole shifts, and your basic hellfire and brimstone type nightmare. And then they talk about the miracles. “The shift” or “the ascension,” if you will. Raised levels of consciousness that will take us all “home.”


I still don’t know what that is, really. My educated guess is that it’s not really a “place” per se. None of these books describe “home,” but, apparently, we’re all supposed to make it “home” whether we are currently living in a higher state of consciousness or not. My guess is that “home” is actually this higher state of being – what some refer to as “light beings.” I’m pretty sure they’re talking about light as in illumination, not fat-free, calorie-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free…although…if we become spherical balls of light, we pretty much WILL “taste great with less filling!” Okay, maybe we won’t taste great, but it sounds as if anything is possible!

Wait…whoa…did they say we’re ALL supposed to make it “home?” Even the dirty bastards who did us wrong?


Here’s the thing. According to this book I’m reading right now (2012 Awakening by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa) that thing ya’ll believe in called Karma? Um, I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t exist…anymore.


Right. It DID exist, but according to Kaa and Raa (via the messenger Archangel Zadkiel) our planet was hit by a mighty “blast” at the millennium. “It was a blast of grace so powerful that it has forever positively shifted our opportunities to consciously co-create,” they say.


So this is kind of like Jesus dying for our “sins?” Because his ass got nailed to that cross we all got to rejoice in the fact that there is no such thing as “sin?” That God loves us regardless of what we do? That we can actually “do no wrong” in the eyes of God?

Tito, hand me that stick of dynamite.

Ooo. This isn’t good. No, no, no. If Andrew gets up, we’ll ALL get up. It’ll be anarchy!

All kidding aside, if this is true (I’m not one to discount the message of an Archangel, are you?) then what does it mean, exactly?

So many people tend to think that karma is for “the other guy.” How many times have you seen “what goes around comes around” or “karma’s a bitch” on someone’s status headline? Come on, now, admit it. In your mind, karma is for the ex who left you high and dry or the bastard who knocked you off course or the abusive person who hurt your feelings. Karma is going to get THEM…not you, right? Hmm.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Karma is for YOU, too. And me. Or it was, rather. Back in 1999. Since then, according to Archangel Zadkiel, we’ve been living debt free.

I’m not saying FOR SURE that this is true. I’m saying…what if it WERE true?

First, let’s examine how this book defines Karma:

“Karma is traditionally recognized as the energetic ramifications of an action. If you create an energetic imbalance through your actions, then you must balance that action in this lifetime. Should the imbalance not be corrected prior to death, then you will be born into another lifetime to complete the necessary balance of energy.”

What they speak of here is often referred to in Numerology as “karmic debt.” It is the debt that you are born with, and it is determined by a combination of your exact birth date, time, place and the letters in your full name. Of course, this is about as scientific as a schoolgirl game of MASH or an online quiz application, but, still…theoretically speaking…many of us ARE born with a chip on our shoulders that could be karmic debt.

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, however, then this theory of past-life karmic debt is shot all to hell, now, isn’t it?

Let’s deal with the present-day idea of karma. Basically most people seem to believe (in simplest terms) that you get what you give, right? The bad you put out will come back to you and so will the good…supposedly.

Well, that seems fair – as long as the EGO isn’t involved and playing Judge Judy at the trial. I mean, who judges what is right and wrong, after all? Should the guy defending his family from an armed robber be imprisoned for killing the robber? What if the robber was armed with only a squirt gun? Or, what if the robber was armed with a cell phone that “looked like a gun?” See where I’m going with this? Fear creates hasty decisions and sometimes fatal mistakes. How does Karma play into all of this? And, if karma really exists (or DID exist) are we better off without it?

Imagine there is no karma.

What now?

Well, I know a few people who will be greatly disappointed that those who have done them wrong will never get theirs, and perhaps they will sulk about that for a spell, disgruntled by the unfairness of it all. But why fret when there are so many reasons to celebrate the fact that there is no more karma?

Bitch, you’re FREE! Rejoice!!

Seriously, you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, and we ALL know GW Bush ain’t perfect, so let’s all be glad that karma is no more.

Who cares who won’t get theirs? Seriously! If you were ill wishing bad karma on someone for doing you wrong, that was a bad idea in the first place because ill wishes come back on YOU three times as hard, dear one. And that is exactly how you hold yourself down, in a drowning pool of negativity. Or in an imagined one, at least (since karma hasn’t even existed for the last nine years.)

So it’s all been…


Yes, habit. Your bad karma has been YOUR habit. Or perhaps your GOOD karma has been your habit. Or so Archangel Zadkiel says.

So now the question we all must face is this: If there truly is no longer karmic energy on this Earth, how will we behave?

If there is no karma, how will we react when someone belittles us? Will we stand up for ourselves? Or will we allow the abuse to continue?

If there is no karma, how will we respond when we stand rightfully accused for a wrongdoing? Will we own up to it and apologize, or will we deny it and live with the shame of deception?

If there is no karma, how will we behave when we are asked for help? Will we assist because we truly care, or will we refuse because there is no guarantee the favor will be returned?

Imagine there is no karma and tell me, what’s in YOUR heart? How will YOU behave from here on out?