Futuristic sounds on Lyon Lake

I heard some odd noises this morning around 6:45 a.m. I had been up, took some photos of the gorgeous full moon setting over the small, private inland lake I live on…


Full Moon setting over Lyon Lake

… and then I went back to bed. While lying quietly, I heard a very odd sound I did not recognize to be a normal lake sound. Describing sounds is not my forte, but I would say it sounded like a rather robust wooshing sound, similar to a jet engine, but different enough for me to know it was not a jet engine. I admit it did make me go “hmm,” but not enough to inspire me to investigate. So I snoozed some more. Way more than I planned as my alarm did not sound for some reason. So when I woke again at 10:16 a.m., my dogs were pretty anxious to go outside. When I opened the door to let them out, it sounded like Star Wars on Ice. Pew, pew, pew!!! Sounds of futuristic laser guns resonated from one side of the lake to the other. I shot video so you could hear it for yourself. I apologize that the video won’t rotate sideways, but it’s really more about the audio, anyway. I figure it has something to do with the currents underneath the ice, but I never heard these sounds last year when the ice was melting. Give it a listen. Super freaky.

8 thoughts on “Futuristic sounds on Lyon Lake

  1. I realize you are a busy women but I eagerly return to you site to check on any updates you recieve from your higher self, collective, Peter, Jesus. I don’t get messages from the universe. I have my intuition and things get a bit hazy! I trust in people like you to illuminate me! Your blog doesn’t go unnoticed!💕

  2. Hello and very curious on location of Lyon Lake. Are you in Manitoba or Michigan ? Was there an earthquake/ tremor ? -check quaketracker to verify . I follow HAARP, radio freq,military drills, Jade Helm, etc. Please keep following this audio. Lori Bridgeford, Redding CA 530)247-3925. Thanks !

    • Hi Lori. This is the Lyon Lake in Marshall, Michigan (also known as Freedonia Township). No quakes or tremors that I know of recently, but that would make sense. There are a lot of weird currents on this lake, too, and much shifting has taken place since two quakes last spring, making our cottage more and more crooked. I do recall walking through the living room the day before this video was shot and wondering to myself if we’d had another quake because the floor felt even more slanted than ever.

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