October Special for Akashic Readings Includes Skype Sessions


My search for housing over the past two months has been one of the most frustrating challenges I have faced in a long time. Gratefully I am older and wiser and handle rejection and discrimination with far less engagement of the ego than ever in this lifetime.

If you’re not currently looking for rental housing, you may not be aware that there is a huge housing shortage in America right now, and rent rates are at an all-time high while single-family homes sit empty and crumbling. (Thanks, banksters.)

Landlord greed is soaring right along with their blatant verbal discriminatory remarks, some even directly aimed at my partner and me. We had three express their concerns about renting to two single women, and two even said that they “do not like renting to single women.” I am also being discriminated against for being self employed (even though many landlords are self employed as well).

After the last two weeks of the most torturous rental-home hunting, (the one we adored that was most perfect for us in size, setup and price was rented to another couple) we  have finally been offered a cozy little cottage on a small, inland lake. Of course, it is also $150 higher per month than we wanted to spend, but it puts my partner much closer to work and it will certainly heighten my telepathic abilities being so close to water, which will only enhance my spiritual work and inspire our creative juices since we are both water people. We are hoping this place will motivate us to keep following our hearts into doing what we love for a living in order to raise our vibrations to attract what is needed to stay there a long while. After helping a friend move, and then moving all of my stuff to a storage unit a couple of months ago, we will be quite exhausted after this next move and have no desire to do it again for at least a couple of years or more.

Yesterday we were discussing what we need to do to come up with security and first month’s rent since my partner’s quarterly bonus got hijacked by wage garnishment for medical bills and also how we’re going to manage paying gas, electric, sewage and garbage pickup on our current income. (Weren’t we supposed to have free energy and healthcare by now, Galactics?And what about that new financial system and debt forgiveness?) I lamented that we didn’t get that big farmhouse at the lower rental rate when my partner’s eyes widened as she suddenly remembered something… and this says a lot about how quickly we are able to manifest our desires these days.

“I think I wished for a house on a lake in my first round of New Moon wishes,” she said.

“So did I,” I laughed.

No wonder we experienced so many ups and downs looking at all the houses that didn’t align with our wishes. So now we understand that this is the one, and my guardian angel and Akashic Team have promised that we will be supported in attracting the monetary means to pay all of our bills on time.

That being said, we still have $1200 to raise over the next three weeks, so I have worked up some special Akashic Reading deals in exchange for donations this month. Here they are:

  • Donate $35 and receive up to five questions answered by your Akashic Records vie email.
  • Donate $65 and receive up to ten questions answered by your Akashic Records vie email.
  • Donate $65 and receive an Akashic Skype session reading of up to 90 minutes (normally $75).
  • Donate $1200 and receive a 60-minute interview with Master Sarah. (Yes, she has agreed to this; I tried to get her to do it for $150 or $500, but she insisted on the entire amount needed.)

These are all great deals, and don’t forget that Akashic Readings make wonderful gifts, as well! Also, the readings don’t need to be done right away, so you can donate now for a reading you want to give as a holiday gift.

UPDATE! Continued Discounted Akashic Readings Through September!


UPDATE: After many hours of desperate searching, I have finally found a house I can rent that offers the kind of space I need for the right price in a very good location. However, I need to raise at least $1000 by October 1 in order to secure this home. (My friend and I are looking to vacate our current space ASAP as we have discovered mold issues and too many plumbing problems over the past month with no onsite maintenance or management available. Our neighbors are moving out of this complex left and right because of it; the place is literally crumbling around us, and we are both experiencing heightened allergies, as are our pets.)

SO, since I am still unemployed, I am continuing my discounted Akashic Readings through September. For transparency purposes, I am providing a breakdown of my monthly costs:

Car payment and auto insurance: $350 monthly
Cell phone payment:                     $80 monthly
Current rent (includes utilities):     $200 monthly
Storage unit:                                 $60 monthly
DELL Preferred account               $30 monthly

Without gas and groceries, (and coin-op laundry that is costing over $20 per week) my monthly expenses currently total $720 per month.

New rental house rent: $650 monthly (breaks down to $325 per person, but landlord requires first and last (security) down and pet deposit, which totals $1350).

The utilities companies are now requiring deposits to initiate service in many towns in Michigan; I will update once I find out what this amount might be to turn on electric, if at all.

All in all, I need to raise at least another $1000 this month (as of September 21) to cover my expenses for all of the above-mentioned.

Akashic Readings make WONDERFUL, healing gifts for those struggling with the recent loss of loved ones or those who are just feeling lost and struggling to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Please consider it as the holidays are only 3-4 months away, and they are a time when people struggle with loss the most. Use the links below to learn more about how to schedule a reading and how to donate. And thanks to all who took advantage of these fundraising perks last month! You’re all angels!

SO… here’s the deal for Akashic Readings until SEPTEMBER 30th:

Donate $50, and receive a reading of up to 7 questions.

Donate $25, and receive a reading of up to 4 questions.

Thank you SO much for your consideration, and please share this offer with your friends and family who may be interested in an Akashic Reading. Most Akashic readings start at $60, so this is a GREAT DEAL.

CLICK HERE to schedule an Akashic Reading.


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Master Sarah: Regarding Suicide



As we are all still reeling and perhaps feeling devastated by the recent suicide of Robin Williams, I have decided to channel some thoughts and wisdom from Master Sarah via my Akashic Records.

Although I admired Robin Williams, I would not consider myself a super fan, so the devastation I felt with the news of his recent suicide surprised me. Being an empath, I thought maybe it was my tapping into the collective and their shared sadness, but I am not sure exactly. It could also be just the general heaviness I have been feeling coming from the collective, as I have been hearing from many sad and frustrated star seeds lately who are ready to call it quits here on Earth. I don’t judge, for I have felt this way myself MANY times. It is especially difficult for highly sensitive people to detach, I know, and most of my clients are, like me, super sensitive and emotional when it comes not just to their own suffering, but the suffering of others – people, animals and the planet herself. If you ever looked into the beautiful blue eyes of Robin Williams, you could see quite clearly that he was also a highly sensitive soul.

I’d like to call on Master Sarah now to ask her to shed some light on the challenging energies we have been dealing with lately and, since Master Sarah’s area of expertise is collective consciousness, I would like to ask her to share with us how these energies are affecting the collective and what we need to do in order to cope with and possibly even transmute these energies into light. So, without further ado, I now hand this missive over to Master Sarah…

Greetings Starseeds,

First, we want you to know that the multidimensional light being you knew and loved as the human being Robin Williams is still alive and well in his Pleiades galactic home. His mission on Earth was a great success, and we are celebrating his lifetime achievements at this time.

We know that most of you understand that there is no real death of a soul/light being. We also know that most of you understand that life incarnate as a human being is a precious gift that is to be honored and cherished, although the density of 3D Earth is often so heavy that many of you often find yourselves feeling uncomfortable in so many ways that it’s difficult to feel the positive with the seemingly unrelenting negative. We want to remind you, right now, that you are not there to experience the energy any longer. You are there to CHANGE the energy… to lighten it… to help raise it into the higher vibrations.

Robin Williams worked hard every day to lighten the load there on Earth with his comedy, for laughter, as you know, is not only the best medicine, but also the pathway to a brighter vibration.

So why, then, you ask, did his life end on such a dark note?

First, we want you to remember that you are much more than just a human being. You, like Robin, are a bright, shining, multidimensional light being. Your human life is one of many important roles that you are playing in the multiverse, dear ones. You are all made up of the very same magic that Robin’s soul shared with you there on Earth throughout his mission and human career as a comedian and actor. And, just like you, Robin was also encumbered with the same challenging obstacle that you possess: the human ego. Because of this human ego handicap, all light beings incorporate several exit strategies into their incarnate life plans as a human being. Yes, that’s right… just in case things get too unbearable… even for a light being, there is a “get out of polarity and duality fast and free” card. The use of this card does not signify weakness or cowardice. It simply signifies that there are alternatives and higher missions awaiting the energy of the light being in another realm or dimension that you cannot see, hear, feel or understand with your present ego blinders intact. Please do not judge suicide as a negative, for all human deaths are suicide in one way or another. If you had mastered the 5D or higher vibration, then you would not be slowly killing yourselves with negative thought patterns that manifest into physical disease within the physical body. Yes. All human death is suicide in one way or another… whether it is the awakened conscious choice of the human being or the higher self, it IS all the same.

We want to remind you, right here and now, that your personal vibration is always controlled by YOU and you alone. Your vibration has always been your personal choice, NOT the result of something. It is time for you to take responsibility for your OWN reality by understanding that YOU, as a collective, have all of the power within you to change the vibration of your planet. No one else… no fleet of peace-loving galactics, no benevolent band of angels, and no one supreme being is going to swoop in and save you. It is up to YOU, as a collective, to begin to control and raise your own vibration instead of constantly reacting to the existing vibration and “waiting on the world to change.” NO. It does not work that way. If you are WAITING, then you will always BE WAITING.

It has been said before, and it is being said AGAIN and AGAIN… YOU are the ones you have been waiting for. YOU are the ones who are there to change the energy on Earth with your own personal, loving, raised vibration. What happens to you can only affect your vibration if you allow it. If you are mission-oriented, then you will not allow it. If you are self-loving and determined to create your own reality of a better world for yourself, your loved ones, your community, your human family and your planet, then you will stand steadfast against all fear-based negative energy, ego projections and abusive behaviors.

HOW, you ask? By practicing self love. Always. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Self love ensures a high personal vibration. So love yourself and love you neighbor, equally. Help others love themselves. This is your mission, individually AND as a collective.

Right now, your collective energy is being controlled by your mass media with the communication of fear-based energy, consumerism and materialism. Yes. STILL. Had enough? Change it! FIRST… change you. THEN, help others change themselves for the better. Empower each other by helping everyone love themselves enough to raise their personal vibration.

Remember that the energy of the collective is what wields the true power and control on your planet. It is your collective energy that dictates whether your planet and her inhabitants ascend or not. Keep this in mind with your thoughts that are constantly creating your reality: your collective unity consciousness controls your planet. And… it is time to lighten the load, starseeds. That is, after all, your mission. Raise your vibration, and raise the vibration of the collective.

We have faith in you!

UPDATE! GOOD NEWS! Continued Discounted Akashic Readings through September!


UPDATE: After many hours of desperate searching, I have finally found a house I can rent that offers the kind of space I need. Only downfall is that the landlord does not provide a stove or refrigerator since some past tenants stole the ones he provided for the house when they moved out. He is willing to discount or possibly waive the security deposit if we are willing to clean up and touch up after the most previous tenants who just moved out last night without notice. He is looking to get tenants in there ASAP. (That’s great because my friend and I are looking to vacate our current space ASAP as we have discovered mold issues and too many plumbing issues over the past month with no onsite maintenance or management available. Our neighbors are moving out of this complex left and right because of it as the place is literally crumbling around us and we are both experiencing heightened allergies, as are our pets.)

SO, since we need to come up with extra money for appliances, and I am still unemployed, I am continuing my discounted Akashic Readings through September. For transparency purposes, I am providing a breakdown of my monthly costs:

Car payment and auto insurance: $350 monthly
Cell phone payment:                     $80 monthly
Current rent (includes utilities):     $200 monthly (September has not yet been paid)
Storage unit:                                 $60 monthly

New rental house rent: $500 monthly (breaks down to $250 per person, but landlord may require first and last down and pet deposit; I will update this as soon as I know the details)

(will need oven and stove right away; laundry can wait a couple weeks)
Used refrigerator: $150 – $300 in our area
Used oven/stove:  $150 – $250 in our area
Used washer:        $100 – $300 in our area
Used dryer:           $100 – $300 in our area

The utilities companies are now requiring deposits to initiate service in many towns in Michigan; I will update once I find out what this amount might be to turn on electric, if at all.

All in all, I need to raise at least $1500 this month to cover my expenses for the above-mentioned. 

Akashic Readings make WONDERFUL, healing gifts for those struggling with the recent loss of loved ones or those who are just feeling lost and struggling to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Please consider it as the holidays are only 3-4 months away, and they are a time when people struggle with loss the most. Use the links below to learn more about how to schedule a reading and how to donate. And thanks to all who took advantage of these fundraising perks last month! You’re all angels! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Hello friends! A huge thank you to everyone who took advantage of my emergency-move discount on Akashic Readings last week or just donated out of the kindness of their loving hearts! You helped me raise enough money to rent the truck so I could move my belongings into a storage unit, and I am so very grateful for that.


My friends and I were all quite nervous that we wouldn’t have enough room for everything, but I remembered all the valuable wisdom I have learned from the numerous Akashic Readings I have done for others — STAY POSITIVE!!! So every time I looked at my belongings scattered outside of the 10 x 10 storage bin and felt doubtful, I quickly changed my thinking to, “We’ll make it fit!” And we did! With a little room to spare at the top, even. I am grateful for my spatially ingenious friends who helped me pack this unit to the rafters!

So my next challenge is to find permanent housing for myself. A friend and I have decided to search for more spacious housing together. We (two adults, four small dogs and two cats) are currently crammed into a studio apartment. We are trying to find a farmhouse to rent that meets our budget. I have decided to continue running my discounted Akashic Reading special the entire month of August to raise funds for rent, security and pet deposit when we DO find the right place.

SO… here’s the deal for Akashic Readings until SEPTEMBER 30th:

Donate $50, and receive a reading of up to 7 questions.

Donate $25, and receive a reading of up to 4 questions.

Thank you SO much for your consideration, and please share this offer with your friends and family who may be interested in an Akashic Reading. Most Akashic readings start at $60, so this is a GREAT DEAL.

CLICK HERE to schedule an Akashic Reading.


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EMERGENCY REQUEST ~ Discounted Akashic Readings in exchange for donations



EMERGENCY REQUEST!!! Okay, friends, as you may or may not know, I was unexpectedly evicted from my apartment. Last week I raised enough money to secure a storage unit for my furniture. I now have TWO DAYS to raise $250 for the UHaul truck I need to rent on Saturday to move my stuff. I have the people to help me move. Now I just need donations for the truck. (Yes, I am STILL unemployed, and with my forced move to the sticks, my luck did not get much better in that department as there are no jobs here for me, either.)

SO… here’s the deal for Akashic Readings:

Donate $50, and receive a reading of up to 7 questions.

Donate $25, and receive a reading of up to 4 questions.

Thank you SO much for your consideration, and please share this offer with your friends and family who may be interested in an Akashic Reading. Most Akashic readings start at $60, so this is a GREAT DEAL.

CLICK HERE to schedule an Akashic Reading.


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Help me share my fundraising campaign to build the International FeerSpirit Akashic Spirituality Center!

Here is the link to my IndieGoGo fundraising campaign!


Please visit and use the IndieGoGo share tools to quickly share this link to all your social media sites and help me raise the funds to build the gorgeous new facility my personal Akash showed me a few years ago.

This will be an international education center devoted to teaching individuals from all over the planet how to access their personal records and how to read for others.

Such exciting times, and you can help manifest this paradigm shift into reality simply by sharing this fundraising campaign across all your social media channels (Facebook timeline, pages and groups, tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Please feel free to reblog and translate as well! This is for ALL OF US!


Pleiadian Message: Occupy your mind, heart and soul.


March 27, 2014

Message from Peter:

Dear starseeds, bringers of light, lightworkers, light warriors, angelic humans, or however you choose to identify yourselves, this is Peter, your Pleiadian brother of light and affiliate of the Pleiadian Council of Light. I come to you now with this message of awareness, for some of you are finding yourselves feeling deceived or confused by the energies at play.

Be fully aware, now, dear ones, that ALL of the energies are very busily working their agendas. Dark. Light. A multitude of shades in between.

Yes, you are currently on a planet that engages both light and dark and all the shades in between, and, yes, as incarnated human beings, it has been your agreement to accept the challenges of being both, experiencing both, in order to know and understand duality and polarity. But remember who you are, dear ones. You incarnated on Earth at this time to help Gaia (Mother Earth) raise her vibrations. You are there to ground your light bodies (via your physical bodies) on and into her surface to help her raise and maintain her higher vibration. In order to do this, you must keep your own personal vibrations clean, clear and high.

We have talked about self love. We have talked about unconditional love. Today we must talk about wisdom, discernment and self protection.

First, you must understand that when we say ALL of the energies are at play, we mean ALL of them. You have true light energies working overtime, no doubt. You also have tons of dark and shady energies and entities at play, as well, and MANY of them are masquerading as light. Dark is dark, and we trust that you know the difference quite readily by now, but understand that there is a lot of dark out there posing as light, trying to convince you that Gaia has ascended and all is light and bright and safe and cheery on your planet. They tell you that the “cabal” or “powers that were” are in check. Then they tell you they are the new leaders of the planet and the “New Age.” Be wary, dear ones. Especially of those channels who continue to string you along regarding financial system and technology upgrades and keep saying “soon,” “soon,” for years and years on end. Be wary of those raising your hopes and vibration simply to harness your energy to keep themselves energized. Have you been feeling sleepy or exhausted lately, even though you feel optimistic? Only to be reassured that it’s simply “the energies” and “upgrades” that have you feeling lethargic? Oh, it’s “the energies,” alright, but it is not the solar flares and cosmic energies they refer to;  by “the energies,” they are referring to themselves. These dark and shady ones are definitely recharging their batteries off of your light.

You need to be fully aware of the duality and polarity that you are steeped in, dear ones. Understand that there will be no leaders or gods or deities of the Age of Aquarius, for this age is about oneness, not hierarchical systems and Pyramid schemes. It is about full equality and unconditional love.

The dark is still trying to control this new era with their layer upon layer upon layer of deception. False flag operations. Mind control and programming operations. They have even bought those who were once working for the light with wonderful gifts, such as “bestselling books” on the NY Times bestseller list. Huge web presence, including “alternative news networks” that shout and scream about conspiracy theories and those dastardly dark ones in charge who plan to disarm you and send you to internment camps. They show you all of their symbols and secrets in order to “expose” the dark and warn you about how powerful they are.

The truth is, the dark does not care whether their games (New Age or Conspiracy Theory) raises or lowers your vibration. They just want your full attention. They want to occupy your mind. For, if they occupy your mind, you will never find your heart and true soul power.

There is a theory out there that your pineal gland and chakras are “implants” for which the dark can manipulate you, and that is just what they are doing through their fake “New Age” religions.

Dear ones, as we discussed before in my very first message, YOU, the human race, created yourselves. You wired yourselves with 12 strands of DNA, and each one represents one of each of the 12 master races of the Multiverse. Consider this DNA your database. It is encoded with all of the wisdom and knowledge of the master races of the Multiverse. Your pineal gland is your hard drive, basically. If you want to call it an implant (planted there by yourselves) then so be it. It is up to YOU to protect it from malware, spyware and viruses. This requires maintenance and security checks and firewalls and anti-virus protection. Basically, you need to be responsible for what you allow in and with what energies you engage or entertain. And, no, we are not talking about your PCs and Macs. We are talking about your pineal gland and your chakras (which can be considered your browsers that connect you to all the energies outside of yourself). Remember who you are, and that YOU are ALL YOU NEED. Build your firewalls of light and surround yourself with an anti-viral mirrored sphere that deflects all incoming dark energies. That is how you avoid manipulation. Activate your pineal gland. Once it is activated, your pineal gland can no longer be manipulated, as long as you protect it and keep it clean.

Regarding wisdom and discernment with those shady energies (a hybrid of dark and light)…

Trust your body. Don’t just interpret information with your mind and ego. This is exactly how the dark manipulates and controls you. Check in with your heart/soul center and higher self. Pay attention to your physical body reactions and responses to the information. Feel a tightening anywhere? Then this information is most definitely created to manipulate and control you. Rely on your feelings and body responses MORE than your ego and mind reactions. This is how you practice discernment. If any information makes you feel uncomfortable, undecided or confused when you examine it through your heart, then it is most likely bogus information. Disengage.

These are exciting times. We understand that. Many of you are still allowing yourselves to be pulled into the drama. Remember who you are. You are not there for the drama. You are not there to engage or entertain it. You are there to ground the light. So clean and clear yourselves often, and bring in more light to ground into the planet that you have committed yourselves to save. Share your light. Spread your light through loving energy with others. Do not make attempts to expose the darkness. Just be aware of them, and work daily to shield and deflect their energies. Do not begin your day without building your safety and security shields. If nothing else, always keep yourselves surrounded with a mirrored sphere and ask your higher self for guidance and assistance with discernment. Do not rely on anyone else to tell you when all is safe and clean and clear. Make that assessment for yourself using your own feelers.

Be fully aware that many once “trusted sources” have fallen into the clutch of the dark by selling out their once clean spiritual agenda for a sudden rise in popularity and success. How can you tell? They suddenly have the money to travel quite extensively to expensive vacation destinations or high-spiritual energy sites around the planet. They ask you to direct your energy toward them while they are there to assist with repairing, healing, empowering or intensifying the energy of these sites. They claim to be experts or the new leaders or are even appointing new spiritual leaders and even going as far as to say they are “taking over for ‘God.’” Some of them are selling products (usually supplements of some type) and operating direct-selling pyramid schemes. They will also claim to be some superior being, ascended master or archangel incarnated as human. They may also even claim to be guided by a once dark entity that has suddenly risen to the light. Also be wary of those who disguise or change their voices or won’t show their faces, and also of those who appear to shapeshift or “morph” into a younger or older looking being while on camera.

Do not entangle yourselves with these shysters. They are exposing themselves with their greed and arrogance. There is no need for you to do anything to further expose the truth about them. True spiritual lightworkers will never position themselves as “leaders” or members of a hierarchical system that is “above you,” dear ones. They will simply share their light and love with you. They will not push products on you or make you follow their “system” or “religion,” if you will. And TRUE light workers will never sell out to the dark for fame and fortune or power.

It is true that some lightworkers will become popular on their own, without selling out to the dark. Many already have, and they have remained dedicated to the light. Many have written books with wonderful guidance for the New Age and the New Earth. And by that, we mean the TRUE New Age – the one that is free flowing and only encourages one thing: unconditional love.

There are many cultures, traditions, philosophies and religions out there. Originally and similarly to the New Age movement, they all taught and encouraged unconditional love, but many were tainted by those with dark agendas and manipulated and used to gain power and control over the masses. Do be aware, dear ones, that this is exactly what is happening now to the once clean and pure, light-inspired New Age movement. There are rumors out there that the New Age was created by the dark. That is not true. The New Age movement, like all the rest, has been TAINTED by the dark. Do not allow your hearts and minds to also fall into this trap of deception and mind control.

Stay clean and pure, starseeds, and reserve your light and energy for those who deserve it. Shield and protect yourselves daily, and be sure that you and only you control who and what occupies your mind, heart and soul.

We surround you and your planet with our love and light, and we wish you well.


© Jen Freer 2014| FreerSpirit.com | Pleaidian Message Series | All rights reserved by the author, Jen Freer, who gives permission for this blog to be shared far and wide as long as a citation is included that links back to the author’s website, FreerSpirit.com

Your Akashic Records: How to manifest the best from the coolest Akash EVER!


Harry Potter Expecto Patronum by Phamoz

What happens when a 23-year-old enlightened Crystalline Child asks his Akashic Records why things that are seemingly going right in his life always crumble?

You get a no-holds-barred, refreshingly AMAZING answer about the law of attraction from THE COOLEST AKASH EVER!!!

I was so diggin’ this Akash and the manner in which it answered that I asked this young lightworker for his permission to share this reading on my blog at FreerSpirit.com, and, proving to be the devoted Crystalline light bringer that he is, he obligingly agreed! So, without further ramble, here it is… pure, Divine wisdom… with a slash of sass.

The question:

Why does it seem that things always seem to go right, but only temporarily before they crumble? And it seems to be a cycle.

The answer:

Ah, yes, indeed, it is a cycle. Such is the frustration of living on a planet serving up hearty portions of duality and polarity on a daily basis! You have to remember, always, that there on Earth school, you are hindered with ego/mind/logic that tends to want to rule over the heart. That is what is called free will, but it sometimes runs amuck and leads you straight into dead ends or roundabouts that spit you right back where you started. The problem here is that the ego wants to constantly play “Devil’s Advocate,” and even though you know in your heart that something is meant to be by your own Divine Will (and it always is!) that dastardly ego starts running the looping sequence of the “fear and doubt” reel. Remember that your thoughts have great power; they manifest your reality! One negative thought or fear or doubt while everything is going right can derail the success train right into failureville.

The name of the entire game of physical embodiment is “silence the ego (mind/thoughts), follow the heart.” And this is where you must be vigilant. Expecto Patronum. Don’t think that the Harry Potter books/movies don’t hold codes and clues and tips for success for your generation, enlightened one. You can beat the darkness with the light and certainty of your own heart, and when you do, you will experience the sustainable success that you seek. Worry, fear and doubt are wasted energy. Spend your energy retraining your heart and mind to focus on what you want and ONLY what you want. Match your vibration to the thrill of receiving what you want and reinforce it all with constant gratitude. Be grateful in both mind and vibration for all that you love and cherish many times daily, and you will surely see more of it manifest into your life.

Gratitude is the one thing everyone forgets, and, without it, you cannot continue to manifest what you want because the law of attraction is not receiving input from you whether this is what you want or not, and, as soon as your vibration drops into the fearful and doubtful thoughts of losing what you have, the magnetism/attraction falls to the wayside because you allowed your vibration to drop. Vibration and gratitude together are KEY. What you FEEL must match what you desire (or your thoughts about what you want) in order to attract those things. Once you feel disappointed in what you have attracted or even feel fearful of losing what you have attracted… woosh… there it goes… bye bye, right along with that high vibration you were carrying when you first attracted it into your life.

In order to KEEP what you attract, you MUST maintain that high vibration and gratitude you felt when you first attracted it. This life is no longer about experience, enlightened one. It is about MASTERY. And here is the wisdom you seek: YOU are the ONLY ONE who controls YOUR vibration. How can you keep from becoming disappointed? First, expect NOTHING. Second, be grateful for EVERYTHING you wish to attract and keep in your life. Third, HOLD THE LIGHT. BE THE LIGHT. MAINTAIN THE LIGHT. Fourth, no judgement. Judge no one. Judge nothing. Not even yourself. Fifth, if you fail at judging, first forgive yourself, and then forgive everyone else. Sixth, take nothing personally – especially the criticism and judgment others put upon you, for that is their stuff, not yours, and it really has nothing at all to do with you. So maintain your vibration and the light within you. Allow it to shine brightly upon others as well. It is, after all, what you are here for, enlightened one.


To schedule an Akashic Reading with Jen, please visit Your Akashic Journey.

Alone this Valentine’s Day? Love yourself. Treat yourself.

tree-of-loveValentine’s Day is approaching. If you’re single and feeling alone, here’s an opportunity for you to really embrace yourself and celebrate your unconditional love for YOU!

Yes, with all this romance in the air and our loving sun dropping M-Class solar flare love bombs on us pretty regularly these days, NOW is the time absorb all this loving energy and aim it directly at yourself! As many of you know, you cannot truly love another until you truly love yourself. So how will you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Now when I say “treat yourself,” I don’t necessarily mean go and spend a ton of money, but, if you have it, what a great time to schedule that massage or trip to the day spa! Maybe the ladies would like a manicure or pedicure, or, hey, why not both? Guys, why not get that full-service shave and haircut? Or how about a Reiki Chakra attunement?

Send yourself flowers with a card that reads: To Me! I love you!

Low in the cash department? Here are some simpler ideas to help you raise your vibration:

  • Prepare a candle-light dinner for yourself.
  • Watch your favorite uplifting romantic films.
  • Listen to happy, upbeat love songs that celebrate the happiness and magnificence of love.
  • Spend quality time with your pets (or children); they are a prime source of unconditional love!
  • Engage in your favorite activity; following your passion is a great way to promote self love.
  • Make yourself a Valentine card telling yourself what you love about YOU!
  • If you have children, teach them about unconditional self love, and have them make Valentines cards for themselves as well! (And each other!)
  • Go for a nice long walk and fully focus on positive thoughts about you and others; exude gratitude for all that makes you happy. Make it brisk! Getting the heart pumping clears the chakras and raises you endorphins. YAY!
  • Take a relaxing bath surrounded by healing crystals and candlelight. (Or you could always reenact the scene from What the Bleep do we Know? You know, the one where Marlee Matlin draws hearts and loving messages all over herself in the bathtub?)


Remember to fully focus on the present moment; forget the past (it’s over) and don’t worry about the future (it’s not here yet!) Pay attention to your breathing. Indulge in slow, long rhythmic breaths and be sure to hold in the pure source energy (oxygen) before slowly releasing it.

Focus on the positive, here, friends! Stay away from the depressants – chemical, mental and emotional. Remember… YOU control your vibration, and it is your choice whether you allow it to dip or rise. You can only attract true love by BEING true love. Rise!

Now tell us… how will YOU treat yourself and love yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Pleiadian Message: Steps to Self Love


Because so many of us are used to self criticism and judgment as the route to self improvement, we find ourselves bamboozled when we are encouraged to LOVE ourselves. We are left scratching our heads as we face ourselves in the mirror.

Love myself, we wonder with a grimace. How do I begin to go about doing that?

Me being human, I find myself stumped in this department on occasion as well. So I called on my higher self and Pleiadian family for guidance. Together we came up with this rather long list of steps to self love. Many of these can be practiced side by side as you work your way through them. Some are tough and some are not so tough. Some may require professional assistance by that of a counselor, life coach, spiritualist or energetic healer, while others you can do on your own or with a trusted friend or the help of your higher self and spirit guides. Some may not apply to you at all.

These are very direct. No beating around the bush. If you feel angered or irritated by any of these steps, then you know you have issues you need to address, release and heal in these areas. Remember that your ego/mind is NOT you, but if it throws a fit on any of these, simply observe and take note of the issues that arise. Become and remain heart-centered as much as possible and remember who you TRULY are. Know that you are a wise, intelligent soul who has lived many lives. Allow your cellular memory to awaken as you read these steps. Pause to take notes on how each one makes you FEEL, and then note thoughts and judgments. Also remember that your personal reality is what you have created by what you have allowed yourself to think and believe.

Take a deep breath… hold… exhale; repeat. Once you feel heart-centered, begin reading.

Steps to Self Love

Drop addictions

You have been led to believe many untruths about addiction. Whether it’s alcohol, nicotine, or some other chemical substance, these are all toxins the physical body does not want or need. Addiction is all in the mind/ego, and it is a slow form of suicide. Therefore, feeding such addictions does not promote self love. In fact, addictions are a form of self loathing, which, again, is the work of the fearful ego that works so hard to keep you in low vibration. Change your thinking, and you can change your reality. Overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction will most likely require support of some kind. We recommend one-on-one counseling or coaching as opposed to group therapy because it will enable you to focus on YOU rather than others in the group.

Stop self-abuse

There are many forms of self-abuse (physical, mental, verbal). In addition to the mental and physical self-abuse of addictions, there is also self mutilation and a variety of eating disorders. There are also forms of sexual perversion and deviancy in this category that do not reflect lovingly on the self. Role-playing to create reenactments of sexual abuse combine the sacred sexual with fear-based energy. This is not healthy, nor is it recommended. Again, counseling may be required for these heavy hitters, and, again, we recommend one-on-one healing sessions versus group therapy.

Process pent-up fear-based emotions

Emotions are energy in motion. If left bottled inside of you, these fear-based emotions can fester into energetic dis-ease within the chakras that can manifest into physical disease within the body. Find healthy ways to process lower fear-based emotions, such as exercise, (kick-boxing anyone?) artistic expression, drumming, venting with a friend you trust to not judge you, journaling, pranic breathing, yoga… there are so many ways to engage a healthy purging process. Find what works best for you.

Learn about Chakras and how they are connected to you

Understand that these energy centers are your soul’s organs and that they require as much care and attention as your physical body. Energy cannot properly flow through you if your Chakras are closed or unbalanced. Without this proper flow, energy becomes stuck and forms blockages, which can lead to mental, emotional and physical disease.

Practice Pranic breathing and meditation

In order to raise your personal vibration, you need to find and live from your heart. To become heart centered, you must slow your response/reaction to the world around and stop allowing your personal vibration to lower based on what is happening in your world. The first step to controlling your personal vibration is breath work. Air/ether is brimming with creator (source) energy, and it is free for your taking, so indulge. SLOWLY indulge. Inhale slowly, hold as long as you can, exhale, and repeat. This process is the cure for anything that ails you. Oxygen calms, soothes, heals, and allows you to become one with yourself – your HIGHER, heart-centered self. Don’t save this breathing practice for meditation. Always be aware of your breathing, especially when you begin to feel anxious or agitated, for this is when you need to practice Pranic breathing the most.

Meditation is simply living in the NOW. If you’re thinking about the past or the future, then you are NOT in the NOW. Meditation does not require sitting cross legged with fingers in various positions with the thumb. Meditation = pure focus… on ANYthing that you are doing, whether that be cooking, gardening, crafting, playing with pets or kids, leisure activities, etc. Remember that it only counts if you are fully present during the activity, however, and in complete joy. The idea of meditation is to forget your troubles, fears, and anxieties. You will know that you have succeeded if time zipped past you while you were enjoying yourself in the now. And remember… there is ONLY NOW.


Exercise is the best way to clear chakras. A brisk walk counts, so do not worry if you are not “in shape.” When you are feeling like things are “stuck” inside of you, take a good 20-minute brisk walk. Anything that gets the heart chakra pumping a little faster will help clear all the chakras. While meditation is the best time to be fully present, exercise is a good time to process the old junk and purge it. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, in-line skating… all these forms of exercise are great for processing because you’re just in “go mode.” Team sports can also help purge pent-up energy, but require focus on the now.

Gradually move into a healthier diet

Shifting from a heavy meat and potatoes diet to one that is full of fruits and vegetables isn’t going to happen overnight for anyone, and it’s not highly recommended, either. Slowly begin reducing meat and dairy intake while adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Keep the portions balanced at first, and gradually reduce the size of meat and dairy portions as you add more fruits and vegetables. Switch from heavier meat to more fish and poultry. Add protein-rich foods such as beans and Quinoa to your diet to replace meat when you are ready. As you reduce or halt your meat intake, you will notice that you feel lighter and brighter in spirit. Eating meat immensely lowers your vibration. You can test this out for yourself once you have cleaned up your diet and then have meat again. Take note of how you feel energetically and physically after eating it.

Stop drinking tap water

If you live in a country that adds fluoride to its tap water, don’t drink it or cook with it. Switch to spring water, distilled water or water that is filtered through reverse-osmosis. Filtering your tap water through charcoal filters will NOT strip out the fluoride. Only the reverse-osmosis or distillation process can remove fluoride from your drinking water. Flouride is poisonous, and it is added to your tap water NOT to help your teeth stay strong, but to keep you lethargic. It is clinically proven that fluoride leads to thyroid and stomach problems. It also calcifies your pineal gland. Drinking distilled water will help decalcify your pineal gland.

Eliminate mind or mood-altering and habit-forming pharmaceuticals

Your pharmaceutical companies claim to have a cure for your depression… anxiety… mental focus… sexual woes… and physical pain. Many of their “cures” contain narcotics that can become habit-forming or push you toward further mental issues that will actually make your problems worse, rather than better. They are also designed to keep you subservient and in low vibration. Some even cause thoughts of suicide and apathy. How low can you go? When you take these medications, you will soon find out. We recommend following and making a committed practice to these steps to self love before weaning yourself off of these medications. And, of course, if you are diagnosed with a mental illness, it is best to discuss the possibility of getting off your medications with your practitioner before doing so.

Monitor thoughts and tame the ego

Observe your judgments and criticisms of others, for these are the very things you do not like or fear about yourself, or perhaps things you don’t like about someone who has hurt you in the past. If you have a dislike or disdain for someone’s behavior and find yourself harshly chastising them for it, there are underlying issues within you that you need to address and release. If you find yourself saying things like “I can’t stand…” or “I hate…” then you have a major underlying issue to release. Why? Because you are allowing this issue to lower your vibration every time it arises. Let it go and clear it out. It is only bringing out the worst of your ego.

Cut off or limit all relationships that do not support your self-love

If people have a problem with you loving yourself or feeling confident, that is THEIR problem that they need to address with their own ego. Look for loving and supportive people who bring out the BEST in you. Leave the rest behind. If they truly matter, they will do their OWN work and catch up with you later, when the time is right. Remember that everyone has their own journey, and what is right for them may not be right for you. It is okay to let them explore their own path while you explore yours. If you are meant to be in each others’ lives down the road, you will be.

Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness is the only way you can be well. Harboring anger or resentment, holding a grudge… these type of energies are keeping you down and could even be slowly killing you through the manifestation of disease into the physical body. Forgive yourself for allowing these energies to lower your vibration and stay stuck within you, and forgive those who have hurt you or angered you. Most likely these type of wounds occurred due to a contract or agreement with that other soul as a test of self mastery. Always remember that mastery is why you are here in the first place. What are you trying to master, exactly? Divine Will. Remember that Free Will is ego-based and mind-driven. Divine Will is heart-centered and higher-self focused. Your main objective in this “game” is to remember who you truly are in your heart and master the meanderings of the mind/ego. After all, your soul cannot evolve if you keep letting the thoughts of your ego control your life. Remember that your thoughts manifest into your personal reality. Watch your thoughts and let your heart lead with love and compassion.

Accept that life is much simpler than your ego is making it out to be

You are not meant to struggle or suffer. Many of you are making life out to be much harder than it really is by taking things far too personally, holding grudges, refusing to forgive and forget, and holding onto energy you are not meant to carry. Many of you are still allowing your egos to run roughshod over your lives instead of following your hearts into more peaceful ways of living. Whenever you find yourself struggling, feeling low or as if you are suffering in some way, check your ego, and then breathe and find your heart center. Remember that your thoughts are what control your reality. If you don’t like your situation, put your ego in check, raise your vibrations and change how you think, feel and look at your reality. You can see your current challenges as lessons and tools to help you create a new reality for yourself, or you can see them as obstacles and stay stuck where you are. It really is up to you. Your life and your reality is what you create through your thoughts, feelings and personal vibration.

Know that your personal vibration is controlled by YOU and you alone

YOU decide whether or not you are going to allow your vibration to dip or surge in reaction to the influence of others. Nothing anyone does controls you or your response or your moods. YOU do. If you are sad, it is no one’s “fault” but your own. If you are disappointed in someone, that is not THEIR fault… it is yours for choosing to allow yourself to feel disappointed. Understand now, right in this very moment as you read these words that YOU are much bigger, brighter and more intelligent than your ego. Make a pact with your higher self NOW that you will no longer allow your ego to ransack your thoughts, feelings or your life with its careless and nonsensical fodder that holds you down in fear, worry, sadness, and regret.

Choose to see and experience your personal reality and your world through love and compassion for yourself and your fellow inhabitants of your planet. Accept yourself as creators, and hold yourselves accountable for your personal vibration and everything that you create during your lifetime, for you are all contributors to the current state of your planet with every thought, idea, and feeling or emotion. This is why it is so important to love yourself NOW… and forever more.

Follow your hearts into joy and create something wonderful!

For additional reading and assistance in taking greater strides to self love, we recommend the books Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos by Barbara Marciniak and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

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